Smart? dumb? what is that?

I came across this topic when I went through Terri`s blog. This subject had been running all over my mind since forever, but I never really bother to blog it yet. Maybe because it`s still a grey topic to me. Or maybe because I`m just too stupid to grasp what it really meant. After some serious thinking, I choose to believe, what I believed all along.

Taken from . Here are a few definitions on intelligence:

-the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations
- the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests)

-sorry Terri, for stealing this from your blog-

As a person who`s always being accuse for being intelligent, I finally begin to understand why ppl say so. It`s not the fact that I always score the highest, or ran the faster. It`s simply because I learn faster than all my friends. I play better badminton than them, my academic were a little better than them, and yada yada.....Then again, when I start comparing with people outside my sosial network, that`s where I really stand.... a lowly nobody.

My dictionary of knowledge, talent, and wisdom, doesn`t not comes only from intelligence. In fact, inteligence is only a small factor. All those smart asses, professional sports player... they are not nessacaryly inteligent. In fact, what they have is commitment. No one knows how to play a game without even holding the racquet, no one knows how to do addmaths without learning it in the first place. Inteligence only plays a role when both party have put in equal effort and commitment for that matter. It`s a tie breaker.. not 'the' factor of a person`s ability.

Back to a little reflection on myself. I`ve believed that my achievement on academic is nothing to do with inteligence. In fact, a lot of ppl are similiar to me. I can almost guarentee that almost all the top scorer you see went for kindergardent. We all start early. Maybe even way earlier b4 that. I learn my time tables in kindergarden, when everyone else learn it in primary 3. That is why you see me relaxing in class because I already got a major advantage of time. Yet, when I try to learn something that`s totaly different, like algebra... I couldn`t comprehend. I was so slow in learning that subject that my teacher gave up. And now, my ability to learn have crippled so badly that I need to do 10 times and still doesn`t fully understand what I`m doing. So, doesn`t that make me a unintelligent person... I certainly believe so.

With an additonal sin of laziness hogging me everywhere I go, that would make me even dumber. Smart = commitment + intelligence. If laziness + unittelligence = gone case. And that where I`m heading.

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