Running away does not solve the problem.

The past weekend was undoubtly the best weekend I`ve had in months. On saturday, I got tumpang my friend from Malacca all the way to KL and I manage to go for the O2jam gathering without even taking any public transport. The gathering it self for super cool. I meet back most of my clan members. Even though they aren`t closed, but they are nice to be with. A blend of every type of person ; geek, nerd, quite, loud, good bad.. everyone is in one clan.. with one similiar hobby.

I manage to get a few stuff from the gathering. A cap, keychain, cds, gift pack, and 600 e points.!! (100 e point for 10 ringgit). Happy happy :) Love o2jam gathering, even though I suck at that game.

Then at night, I went to meet another old friend of mine. See her very very seldom recently. Used to chat which each other after tuition back in secondary school... oh well.. the good old days. Then later, I went to inferno cyber cafe and sure thing, nick, chong and low were there. Played a game of dota b4 we go :) mwahahaha.. totaly owned them :) happy

On sunday, I went to MMU cyberjaya to debate... actually more to adjuricate. I was made chair for 2 debates... (reason - there were`nt enough adjuricators). THe first debate was a rather messy one... it`s so hard to understand what they are saying and I have to give them an oral adjurication. It wasn`t so hard though considering they were so much that they can improve. The second one, was a debate where almost all the debaters there are better than me. And I have to adjuricate them.... lol.. I can recognize who win... and manage to give them some little advice but only to the losing team. The winning team were so good that I have to take advice from them.. lol (they were masters student btw).

And of cuz, at night I went to play dota again... wee!! just too fun... not to mention my mom cook me lamb chop, :P

On monday, I went to play badminton b4 hurying back to malacca. Then it`s back to reality. Piles of homeworks need to be done, academic essay still yet to be written... and I haven`t blog for the past few days :P.

I sometimes wish hols were a little longer, exams a little latter..... and my life might just be alittle happier :)

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