Questions to blogspot.

This is crazy.. I`m blogging consistanly everyday!!! Mwahaha.... qualify to be the next kennysia...(without the ability to blog properly though). If i continue for another 3 days, I`ll be blogging daily for one week. A personal record actually. So much blogging that I really didn`t know time past really quickly. I only knew that it takes an average 30 minutes to blog.. I certainly didn`t realised that I`ve been doing that for almost 2 years already.. (since 2004).

Over the year(s)... I had one big question, what is the space limit for a blog account? I`m getting worried because I`ve properly bloged a couple of hundreds entry and I value every single one of them, especially the first few entries. Not to say it worth anything, but I holds the my memories. I beginning to feel that my brain capacity it`s getting smaller and smaller. Nothing comes in anymore but everything inside is slowly leaking out. I realised that I can`t calculate as fast as b4, I can`t play piano as gracefully as b4, I can`t play badminton as fast as b4, I can`t think as sharp in chess games anymore compare to my sec. school days... I`m de-evolutionizing (is there even such word? see even my english is getting worst day by day).

Worst of all, my memory is getting really bad. I forget stuff I`m holding, I can`t even repeat a sentence my lecturer said a minute ago. I can`t do a question my lecturer explain in classes just 5 hours ago. If everything`s lost, I don`t want my memories to go away too. Even if I die... those will be what I am.

Ok, enough of drama now. Back to the original question. Do blogspot actually have a space limit. Some heavy blogger like XiaXue post tonnes and tonnes of pictures almost daily and her achieve is still fine after so long. I don`t know if she made a special deal with blogspot (cuz she definitely can afford it.. being a blogger celebrity in singapore). Btw, did you know I blog even earlier than them lol!!!! bleh.. my hits are like hundreds of times lower than them... unfair unfair.

Side tracked again. So, the next question, if blogspot suddenly decide to shut down it`s server, how can we achieve all our entries without copy and paste every single one into microsoft words? And the final question. Since we can write and program the page by html, can we just program it into anything we like, (and since it`s unlimited space lol.. u get what i mean right?) hmmm... will it violates the policy... :)

I knew blogspot will never answer me personaly... just hoping some tech-savvy guy who love blog hopping come across this entry :)

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