Paparoti - the father of all roti

Just as you think pensonic is an imitation of panasonic.... you haven`t seen paparoti. It`s name is meant to oppose it`s originator - rotiboy. See, you are the boy, I`m the father... so listen to me or else....... It`s as literal as it sounds... It claims to be the father of all roti... lol.. Come more.. at least use the word bread... then it won`t sound so alike. :P Papabread.. lol... (a little bit spelling error will results in Papa beard!!).

For all those who has yet to come acorss this shop... it looks exactly as roti boy. Their product is ofcuz, the same as roti boy also.. which is the mexican bun. Even their plastic bag looks the same. The only difference is that it`s 10 sens more expensive and it doesn`t even taste as nice as roti boy...

This is just one of the many case of a partnership crisis. Two person originated a company/organization. Two fellow disagree or argue on something. One fellow quit and set up a new store of the same thing just across the streeet. I have countless of it.... and they are proud bout it.. using the (almost) exact name of the original company.

Hmmm.. I really wonder will I face the same problem if I decide to start a company someday.

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