Lost for words

I thought I would have a lot of things to blog... after exam and all. And I had a lot in mind what I`ll write... that till I log on blogspot and suddenly, I don`t feel like blogging anymore. I`m spending my last night here in malacca b4 I head back home for the holiday. And this holidays, is not a mere break. It`s the end of my foundation year... Next year, it`s as good as I just enter.... No friends, no study mates... everyone`s gone to cyberjaya.

It`s time to start a new.. and I don`t know whether I can learn to trust new friends... after what I`ve been through this year. It`s damm damm hard to get true friends... and till today, I doubt I can count more than my fingers of who I consider real friends. Luckly I still had one that I completely trust my life with... or not I just don`t know how I get through this year.

I really wonder what holds for me next year... I have many plans at hands... half of them are thrown away cuz I`m not in those clubs anymore... half of them are yet to realised cuz I don`t know whether it`s can carry out anymore... all that remains are just a few simple plans for the only club that Yi Chong and I started.. the chess club.

I`ve counted.. it`s exactly 360 days since I step in MMU as a freshie. I would say that the experience here it way harder to comprehend that I thought to be. I have no prob adapting to the environment.. only the people... and I sure didn`t. I don`t know whether it`s me who can`t adjust to everyone... or everyone can`t adjust to me.... At a point of time, I thought I was unfriendly, then I thought I was friendly, and I thought I was over friendly... Whatever I do, it seems that I just can`t fit in.... Maybe I`m just not meant to be.

Next sem... I hope it`s all going to change.... being a hard head that I am, it`s hard to gain respect, especially from the elders... (who likes a person who always contradicts them). Another year senior means that I have less elder to be dealt with. Though this is a method of running away from the real problem, it`s the only solution I cling to. Till of cuz, I manage to find away to please everyone, without being a hypocryte and without being double face, and of cuz.. without having to betray my own conscience.

A new academic year, a new experience... but hold it... I`m still on my holidays, and I suppose to enjoy it till the very end.... Happy holidays all MMUians. For those who I won`t be seeing anymore... all the best in your future undertaking. For those who I`ve offended, I`m really sorry and I definetly doesn`t intend to do so. For those whom I can`t seems to forget, I really hope I do and get on with my life. All the best to you and me, as we journey to life and new discoveries. Cheers

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