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Tomorrow will be my English paper. A subject which haunts quite a number of my classmates because it cost them their 4.0. Imagine, in an engineering course, all their maths and science subjects scored an A but for english, it`s either A- or B.

The paper tomorrow will be more on literature, comprises of 5 story; A rose for Emily, Impulse, Liberty Hall, Catbird Seat and Winter Run. Most of the story are symbolic. Have to make sure what the rose really meant and yada yada.

During the beginning of semester, I was reluctant to go through those literature. (if you study the pearl back in form 5, u know what I meant). Yet, I force myself to go read, not wanting to be another number with those who fail to score a 4 because of this subject. To my suprise, I grow to like these so call art. It`s pretty fun once you knew exactly what the message they are get across. This of course provided that the stories are not long and windy. The little sarcasm and jokes keeps you attracted and of cuz the fear from failing the sub. adds as a factor to keep on reading.

After reading each story almost 5 times, I`ll be going to exam tomorrrow :). And just a note to all first year student next year, do not rely too much on your lecturer.... they probably know less than you. Do your on revisions, get your own sources, or find a lecturer that u really really know that she put all her mind and heart into her work. Yet, after all, it comes down to your effort.

Despite the effort I talk so much about, I watch another movie today :P Called Poseidon or something. It`s about a ship that`s sinking and a group of people trying to get out from the boat. To make it simple, it`s a failed attempt to imitate Titanic. Better graphic, better effects, but lousy plot and it`s damm illogical. Don`t bother watching it, especially if it`s pirated and it`s played on a laptop. Spended 2 hours guessing what happened. Just knew explosion everywhere... people dying here and there... and the hero survive! how typical..... They should really come out with some brilliant idea. How about the hero die and everyone else survive. Wink :)

I make a lousy story writer for sure :P


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