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I quote myself (from the chatbox). "everyday seems to get a little better" . I was so wrong!!!! Today prove to be argueably another "worst day ever". Starting with my quiz that I screwed up cuz I woke up late to the point where every lecturer wants to mark me down cuz they think I scored too high in the past 2 sems.... everything just went wrong. Even the water today seems a little colder... (which is bad!)

But what really happened is that my phone gave me a problem... again. Just barely a week after I spend rm 50 bucks spent repairing it, another problem occurs. The last one wasn`t too serious.... It was because my phone can`t charge. Yet, it cost me rm 50... (which I`m pretty sure I`m conned some way some how). Then today, with no reasons at all, my phone auto restarst when I charge my phone. What more, it repeats and repeats and keeps on repeating endlessly. It on and off at a frequency of 0.5hz (once in two seconds).

I dono how it happen, but what I know is that I` m dead without my phone. With no means of communication, I would have to stay home without any form of contact with the outside world... And I haven`t even come to the part that I`m suppose to go Wesak walk with Adelene today. Now without my phone, I couldn`t go anymore as I won`t know where to meet her, how to meet her and yada yada. Life without handphone is so difficult that I`m suprise how I survived 15 years without one. Of cuz it`s quite different here as I rely on phone to meet up friends and stuff and we don`t have regular classes so any annoucement is made through smses... and I don`t have a house phone if anyone wants to contact me (not to mention I don`t stay home all the time).

So, due to the absence of my phone, I missed the Wesak walk and the-satay culup-after the walk. I`m sorry Adelene :( Yet, it`s still not the worst. I brought my phone to the shop, they told me that this problem is totaly different from the last problem so they will charge again. Secondly, the told me it`s probably a hardware problem (again!! omg.. it`ll cost more than 50 bucks this time), Third, they told me that tomoorrow is a public holiday so they won`t fix the phone till tuesday. 5 days without phone!! are they crazy? And I stop believing them after they told me that it`s hardware problem again.... it`s weird cuz they said the same thing last week.... Even weirder, last week, they repaired my phone even though I asked them not too if it cost more than 30 ringgit. They say it`s alrigh, if I don`t want to, they`ll just remove back the parts they`ve replaced.

So, I walked out of that shop and went to another one. They told me that I`ve been conned the last time I fix my phone. It`s seems that the 'parts' they claimed to replace had never been replace at all. In fact, there is nothing wrong with my phone the last time, just that the connector is stained and they basically clean it up and charge me rm 50. grrrrr.. (damm i knew it that they cheated my money somehow). This is not the first time though. Back in form 5, I had to go through 3 handphone shops before I finally found an honest guys who not only fix my handphone for half the price, he lend me one of his handphone to use while my hand phone is under repair, and he really fix my phone once and for all. I felt so grateful that I promised that I`m going to purchase all my reload card from him.. And recommend my friend to fix their handphone in this shop.

But since I`m now in malacca, I had no choice but to go to whatever shop here, hoping to find an honest technician in this shop. I proceed to ask them what`s my problem this time. He told me it`s probably a software problem because I can still on and off my phone just that it gets restarted everytime I do so. He then ask me to leave the phone for the night so he can rushed it by tomorrow for me.... It will cost me 30 bucks though the reinstall the whole software in my phone.. Without any choice, I agree... hoping that it`ll solve my problem.

Then it struck me, if I reinstall the software, don`t that means all my current memories will be reformatted. He said yes, and it probably already did since my handphone can`t even on. It was so shock, so hard broken that I couldn`t utter a word.

Imagine.... there is 384 number that is not saved in my sim card as there is no more space in those tiny chips. Anyone who gave me his number after April 2005 (excatly one year ago), those ppl are gone from my phone book. Imagine, I can`t even call my friend out for dinner anymore cuz I`ve lost thier phone number. And if they don`t call me in return... I`ll just lose thier number forever. Not to mention, that the last class ended today.... means I won`t see them again to ask for thier number anymore.

Then, there is about 1000 pictures that I took will be gone into thin air. The pictures of my family only trip to the zoo with my bro, the pictures of my ex classmates, the pictures of aqtar with his formal wear on our SPM award ceromony. the pictures of me working with nick for the first time, the pictures of me and adelene in pangkor, the pictures of my cousins, the only picture of ei leen and me together, jamie, may, and all the rest.. they`re gone...

Gone.. gone.. no where to be found..no tears could bring them back... the only memories now are in my mind. How long will it last...... :(


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