Holiday plan.

With only 2 more paper and 3 days to go, I can`t help but thinking about holidays already. I will take my chem exam in 12 hours and applied maths in 60 and I couldn`t find the mood to study. I don`t know.... maybe I just don`t care already :) Whatever goes, goes I guess :).. Anyway... let`s talk about happy things.... like what I`m going to do in my holidays.

I`m didn`t manage to plan for my whole 3 weeks, but this is what I probably going to do for the next 7 days after exam, beginning from Wednesday 11.30 am.

Wed - Play futsal, bbq at night
Thursday - Watch movie, Ikan bakar at Umbai
Friday - Pack my house and ready to move out, steamboat at night
Sat - Head back to kajang with Adelene and probably hang out with my friends.
Sunday - Go to Sunway Lagoon with my classmates.
Monday - Go around KL.
Tuesday - Go genting, Wee
Wed - Go Mays house and marrathon some anime.. anything goes...
Thursday- Mom`s birthday... celebrate somewhere

Ops, that`s more than 7 days already. And here are some stuff that I want to fulfil before my holidays end.

- Meet up all my friends, especially those who will be leaving for overseas.
- Watch all the anime that I`ve missed.
- Train back DotA like crazy.. I sux at it so bad that I felt like I`m degrading my friend.
- Pick up a new sports... probably Squash.
- Find Aqtar and play badminton with him.. so long since I talk to him.
- Talk to my church friends. It seems that they`ve forgetten my name already...
- Read up books that I never find the time to read.. eg Da Vinci`s code, Memoirs of a Geisha..
- Think thoroughly again whether I want to continue my degree or pick another subject....

Well that`s all I guess. Seems that this holiday will definitely be a busy one.... Hope I enjoy it as much as I think I will. Until then.... Alex must bury his nose on his chemistry notes again.. :(

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