Exam rants...again

First of all... notice that I haven`t been spamming my own chat box. That`s because I can seems to load it. I dono whether it`s the same for you guys. Can you guys view the chat box? can someone please tell me... I don`t know whether it`s the connection`s prob or the chat box server`s prob.

Now, back to life. Classes seems very pointless nowadays. The lecturers are trying to cancel every class they could resulting in me going to MMU and going back home right after. Even if there is classes, 3 quarter of the ppl aren`t around. I wish I could be one of them but my conscience wouldn`t let me after I nearly 'failed' my physics and applied maths.

The university in itself looks pretty empty but all the library and study/meeting rooms are pack with ppl. It`s like pop culture or something. Everyone let`s study cuz it so cool and everyone is doing it. I personally don`t have a problem with it. BUT THEY DON`T FREAKING STUDY. They just sit down, chat and occupy a whole table making other ppl not be able to study.

Then again, I don`t study... so I have no right to whine. I need some motivation to study.. so here goes... 5 reasons why Alex should study.

1) To get a scholarship - duh.. I still haven`t been offered any.
2) To make mom happy - she seems to be telling everyone that I got 4 for the past few sems.
3) To prove that I can score if I really try - after doing so bad for midterms, I really need to redeem myself.
4) To make sure my lecturer doesn`t kill me - oh yes, I`ve been threaten if I don`t score an 'A' I`ll be...... (courtesy of sleeping too much in class)
5) So that I at least I can bluff myself I`m not stupid - Sigh... but consciece still tells me that I am.

Alex. study.. exams coming... don`t blog so much la.... aiyo...


Anonymous 12:48 AM  

Nothing wrong with your chatter box. Seem perfectly okay to me

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