The biggest change in my life

For those who knew me, one would see how passionate I am about the Student Publication Board. I’ve joined the board since week 1. I rejected offer from a public university because of the board. I’ve move in my comp in the SPR because of the board.
I forego the chance of mixing around with my classmates because of this board. I was not active in many other clubs because of the same reason also.

I’ve dedicated my lifestyle towards this society. It brought me so much pain, hate, yet I know that I want to serve this society and this university. I’ve even planned the direction.. on the activity next year.. what are we going to do.. what will be the agenda for the first meeting… I`m prepare to do so many thing for this club. I volunteer myself for every single event, job, task… and I dedicated myself doing it. I hate writing articles cuz I suck at it, but I try again and again to write the best I could… I take 200-300 pictures in every event I cover…. Staying late way past midnight just to make sure that the event is up on Nexus as soon as possible… Staying for meetings even though I have assignments to pass up… (which will take a great toll on me this sem… I will definitely not score a 4 anymore).

And on this very day…. 5th of May. I’ve walk out of the club. Not that because I want to…. But because I have to. For once, I had a taste of what professionalism and politics are. A fight for a better future, even though you have to make a choice not to be part of that future. I wouldn`t elaborate much what happened. What I can do is to pray that the board will still have the ability to function and serve it`s purpose.
Things that I`ll definitely miss in SPR

- Sitting on those red chair while whinning about works to be done.
- Wacking Wilz and Razman with bolster and start a bolster fight.
- Holding SPB`s camera and knowing that I`ll never use that camera to take events anymore
- Staying up late and falling asleep in the room.
- Watching late night movies together.
- Going out for lunch with who ever that is in the room.
- Spamming the whiteboard.
- Will definetly miss porporing, mew chan, yoda and all the other bolster in the room.

Goodbye SPB. I wish for all the best for you.

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