The american culture?

You know when the people say the media is sending the wrong message? I begin to believe that`s true. Before I begin writing this entry, just want to make sure that if there is any American reader out here, pls do not take offence. Tell me I`m good to hear from the other side of the world.

Here goes. After watching quite a number of those US teen movie.. I conclude that


1) They are plain stupid and only think with their dicks.
2) They all play football, every where, anytime... in the hallway, in class, in dorms....
3) They always flung their paper, skip school, head for party and all the matter in the end is lots of sex.
4) If they don`t do they above, the are typical nerd and wear a thick specs.
5) And nerds don`t get any pussy.
6) Even if they do, it`s always with another nerd. (meaning another girl with thick specs and braces)


1) They seems to be the only one in class that a studying.
2) They evil ones are almost the biggest bitch in the world (in fact, in the movie, they are)
3) And they get lots of sex.
4) The fugly (fucking ugly) ones are desperate for sex.
5) The main character doesn not look for sex, but true love... which always ended with sex.

I`m sorry.. this is what I got from those movies.


Terri 2:18 PM  

hey alex, i agree with you. Although not everyone, but definitely majority. We're so lucky to be neutral, able to observe the current world and also being educated in a way that we are able to see things in various ways, ie western and eastern culture.

What life is that? I can feel those people living this way or eastern community adopting this culture because it's just something they think it's cool, that their lives are quite empty. As least from my point of view if i put myself in their shoes..

Alex 3:35 PM  

i wonder if asia will ever be like that :)

Terri 12:01 AM  

probably.. but can already see the changes. We're (not me tho) already analyzing who are virgins and not ,on campus. 'Courtesy' to my roommate. hehe..

Alex 4:58 PM  

lol!! serious... never happen to my case though.. most of my friends are sad. (single, available and desperate). Yet, on the contrary, all my housemates/ includes my roomate, have a gf... and they stay together :) lol...

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