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I have finish another paper today. I realised that the coming week, is a week is probably the best week in sem 3. Why? First, it`s the first week since 2 months ago that I won`t have an exam on that week. 2nd, no assignments to pass up too...3rd, monday`s a holiday, 4th I`ll complete my last chapters for 2 subjects....

2 weeks to rest before the final s begin. I don`t know why I`m overzealous about scoring 4.0 gpa for this exam. Maybe because I don`t want to disspoint my parents after scoring 4 for the last 2 sem. Or maybe it`s for my own personal pride. Claire said,

"I always had this sort of illusion in my mind that straight A's would prove something to people. And it does - oh it does - but after all this time I have just realized that the only person it hasn't been able to prove anything to is myself"

I jsut couldn`t agree more. Why is it so important to score? My only excuse to deceive myself to study hard is that I will get a scholarship if I do score. Yet, after 7 applications with no positive results whatsoever, I give up. I`m tired of going to post office and send those thick application letters with a load of certified forms. I`m tired of filling up and telling grandmother story of what I did in school and I doubt if the people in charge are even reading it... I`m just tired of everything.

Why do I push myself to do things that I`m not happy with. Why do I study? Why do I join so many clubs? Why do I try to learn everything knowing very well that I can only do so much.

I tired.. i`m tired of life....

Life is boring when I`m small, but neverhteless, happy and peaceful. Life is interesting now... with ups that brings endless smile, and downs then bring extreme misery... I don`t knwo which is better.... But I still have to go on......

Battle of the bands

You might think I really died since I didn`t update for the pass few days. Trust me I didn`t purposely let this blog to rot. In fact I wanted to write a very very lenghty post this time. But, I lost the mood after trying to log into blogspot for the past 2 hours for the past 3 days!! Couldn`t get to log on blogspot. Damm server. Or maybe it`s my connections. I dono.. it suxs as much as my life do.

Well.. here goes.. the battle of the bands. I attend it for to sake of attending it. Suppose to be the photographer for the event. Was a little hesistated to go because I intended to study... (which is the biggest form of hypocrisy cuz I`m not studying tonight even though I`m free the whole day.)

Anyway.... I have to sacrifice my dinner to make to the event. It`s not at Mmu this time.... They have to choose a place so far away... The Malacca international trade center . I heard it cost them 6000 plus to rent the place not including the facilities...:'( . However, Im luckly kelvin treat me for a light dinner just before the event. So I have enough energy to do my work.

At 8.30 pm, the event officially took of... bands after bands performed. Most of them are mediocore. A lot of shouts and heavy music.... it a very fine line between music and noise pollution. However some of the bands are really cool.

Among them are,

The guest band.... cosmic funk express.....

Omg.. i swear to you that the guitarist is not playing his guitar... he`s playing a freaking piano..... he played fantasy impromtu, mario and even doraemon song... heard it`s call a double tapping technique. Jealous jealous.

next... PG165... yes.. it`s a band name... ( it`s name after one of the member`s motorcycle)

They perform quite nice.... weird enough.. they didn`t win... sadly.... (maybe the judge dislike their gospel undertoned song)

Well, next on the list,not to be miss.. temporary havoc. It`s a all girl band!!

serious!! all girls... and they can play..... but seriously.. we don`t care if they sound really good.... they look good!! lol (ok `im being an ass here). But one of them do look cute... Photo of her below..

even more photo of her..

At certain angle, she looks really familiar. Looks like some one I used to know. looks like.... nvm.

Well.. some sial fellow manage to take pictures with them... haha..lucky bastard :P

The whole event last till almost 3am. I was dead tired!! imagine being on duty from 8pm taking pictures.. I took around 300 pictures... can nearly die.. and my friends still can go for supper.... i lost my appetite.. but when food comes.. makan juga.

Reach home at 4.... Still have to wake up for classes tomororw.. not to mention I didn`t study. Nvm.. if I fail all my exams.. I`ll go join a band and play music :P

Cries even louder !!

If mid term 1 for exam is depressing.. mid term 2 is even more depressing... I dono how to go on if like this..... I`ll probably just.... die

Entrepenuer in Me

The event promise to give an insight and tips on how to be a so call succesful businessman. Heard that there were a lot of talks by "professional". With high hopes, I went there, hoping to get something out if it.

Boy, was I dissapointed. It turns out that all those talks were just some lengtly talk from different people to promote their company, or products. In other words, a massive carnival of direct selling, insurance and unit trust. Those buggers aren`t hear to motivate you, or to make u successful. They just want you to buy their products or join their company.

The organizer made a smart plan to attract people to listen to those talks. Give loads and loads of couple for lucky draw. The prize... I-pods Nano!! everyone wants them... So everyone endures those talks just for those damm coupons.

After 3 days, the grand luckly draw.... I have a total of 8 ticketc :) I did won something from the lucky draw.... some stupid cheap headphone. And the winner of the I pod just put 2 tickets more than me... lucky bugger... want to kill him.... grrrrr..... will make him belanja makan.... (you know who you are!!!)

I so want an I pod :( :( :( :(

Ice Age 2

It`s nuts i tell you. The whole movie was about a squirrel chasing a nut and some migrating herds of prehistory animals... Its one of those movie where children as well as adult will just simply love it.

A tale of comedy as well as a little rommance.... those nostalgic walt disney movies... (except that ice age is not a disney movie.. or was it?).

Well... at least it is worth my trip all the way to midvalley to watch it. I went up there alone cuz all my friends left at 10 am while I have to stay at church for choir practice till 2. I totaly lost touch with my friends since I went to malacca.... and going out to mid valley for movie once in a blue moon is the only medium of communication left between all of us. Yet... even after the movie.. there`s nth to talk about.... It`s like all of us have our own life and we just go on with it.....

Speaking about friends.... on my way back, I met someone that I never thought I would meet again in my entire life. We left midvalley around 5 after we couldn`t figure out any reason to stay back. So, I reached the ktm station and the train arrived. We entered the first door we saw without looking for any other compartment.

Then.... I saw a girl... A little too familiar. Was a little shock.... then I shouted out... Rachel Wong Mei Yi. She looked over.. stared at me for few seconds... (i bet she though I was some stalker or something).... then she remembers!!... It`s you!!!

Mei yi and I was under the same coach for ice skating for about a period of 6 months. Then, I quit skating and not long later.. the skating rink at mines closed down. After form 4, we never saw each other again.... and I stop icq :P so I totaly lost contact with her. That was until this year where through the wonders of friendster... she somehow manage to trace me back and added me as friend. That`s how I recognize her, through her photo.... and THAT is a amazing feat consider how bad I am in recognizing people.

We talk all the way from mid valley station till she went off at serdang. All of a sudden, 20 minutes seems too short. We talk about how`s everyone... our coach, our friends in skating rink.. memories...

No matter how time and distant seperate everyone... as long as memories still last... the bonds of friendship will still remain.

Surviving with only 90 cents.

As of Thursdayy, I`m financially broke. I`ve max out my Public Bank atm - rm 3000. I withdraw almost all my cash from BCB- rm 300 (left 29 ringgit only) and i use 33 bucks from my wallet.. to pay for my tuition fee for this semester. A whooping 3333 ringgit. Nice figure eh :P

So as a conclusion... I`m down to 6 ringgit. After the Holy Thursday mass at St. Pete... I`m suppose to go for dinner. But then, I remember that my wallet is nearly empty.. I tumpang my friend to go for a lecturer`s open house for free food - yea.. i know.. that`s a little cheapskate.. but I`m poor ok!. That`s how I survive thursday.

Friday seems to be a little brighter as I can withdraw some money out ( public bank allows you to withdraw 3000 per day). So I ate my lunch... rm 2 ringgit only :) and bought a drink for tea. Rm 1.10. Sat for exam and begin my journey back to kajang at 8.00pm

I left with Aaron and friends to sentral.. courtesy of Afifi who willingly fetch us there.. and later on charge us rm2 each for the trip :P hee... There goes another 2 precious ringgit... which leads me to a 90 sens. Since we arrive sentral pretty late... most of the ticket counters had closed. I was quite worried that I couldn`t get back to kajang.... until I heard someone shouted.. bus to kajang.. 9.30... I was delighted.... Never knew that there is a direct bus to kajang..... quickly line up for tickets b4 it`s sold out...

Tried to borrow some money for aaron, but he`s as broke as I am.... so I borrow Hafiz`s instead. Rm 10 ringgit to buy the bus ticket.. which cost rm 10 also.. sigh. Luckly there is an Atm machine nearby.... Aaron and the rest went back to campus because there couldn`t get tickets to their destination. I`m all alone now. Haven`t eaten my dinner, I`m dead hungry... and not to mention, dead poor. After they left, I begin my search to look for an Atm machine. Finally found one at the side of the building. It says... this machine is out of service. #$*(&#(*$&#(*$&(#*&#(*$

right... I only have 90 sens in my pocket... I`m ALL ALONE without food, without water, without friends... The fact that I have 3 atm cards from 3 different bank doesn`t matter anymore.. because the whole building only have 1 Atm machine and it`s faulty.

No need to panic.. I tell myself.. I have loads of experience of spending with limited and insufficient amount of money. Having only one chicken rice meal per day for 2 weeks while working whole day.... having need to spend rm 50 to survive for 2 weeks... nothing is impossible.

I went around scouting for food..... (remember.. I only have 90 sens). First stop.. the bakery store. Cheapest food - coconut bread, rm 1.00. Short of 10 sens... sigh.. moving on... 7-11. Cheapest food - maggee cup - 1.20. Not enough money also.... (at that time.. i was really hoping I find 10 sens on the floor.. so i can at least buy some bread. Everywhere else sells their food at 1 ringgit.. even nasi lemak cost 1 ringgit.

After 20 minutes of walking.. I found a mamak stall!!... Was so happy cuz I know Roti Canai doesn`t cost more than 90 sens. I sat down and order one roti canai and one ais kosong. Which cost up to a total of 90 sens!! The waiter gave me a dirty look cuz I ordered the cheapest food and the cheapest drink in the stall.. gosh.. I must be a very cheap guy.

At least I had my dinner.... now.. the only problem is... I need to go to toilet... and the toilet there cost 30 sens per entry.... sigh!

* whoever who says money is not everything.... is an idiot


Tuesday was a much anticipated holiday... no doubt I need one.... with so much stress of enduring so many events, responsibility, work loads, not to mention the pressure to score after a near fail for most of my exams. So, Adelene and I went to mp (there is practically nowhere else to go in melaka except mp) to watch movie. Pick Gubrah out of every movie because I enjoyed Sepet. Gubrah is suppose to be a continuation of Sepet.... I was quite disappointed though.

A lot of people still think that the movie`s very nice. Some even mention that it`s better than it`s successor. I on the other hand, feels that Gubrah it`s totally not in line with Sepet anymore... The main theme has jumble up.... It`s no more about a love story between a malay and chinese, but it turned into many other stories, a little bit of everything. At the end of the day, I get almost nothing out of it... except a few good laugh here and there in the movie.

Sad though.. maybe because I fail to see what`s the message it`s trying to convey.... wish that another good malaysia movie will be premiered soon.

A working weekend.

My weekends nowadays, is way buzier than weekdays. I get less sleeps, more work, more pressure.... and to top it all, I can`t see Adelene on weekends (cuz she`s a malaccan and she`s suppose to be a good girl and stay at home more).

As I said in my previous post, I have 2 tournaments clashing on Saturday. I had decided to go for Chess tournament. The event went out fine though. Quite a number turn up. I on my personal account, did quite a few mistake, which results me into getting 5th placed.. sigh.. sad.... I`m jsut too careless...

That`s for saturday. On sunday, I woke up at 7 in the morning to go to klebang. Suppose to have a gathering where all the catholic students in Malacca meet at the beach to celebrate palm sunday. We arrive at klebang around 9.30am. Adrian, Aaron and me hangged around doing nothing while waiting for the mass to start. It was around 10.45 when we were told that the mass is postpone to 3 pm. I would mind though. Unfortunately, I have badminton tournament to run at 2 and I need to get back as to get ready and stuff.

I had no choice but to make a run to catch the mass at St Franxis Xavior at town. (mass at SFX starts at 10.30 btw). So we`re late already... sigh....

After mass, I rushed to heng ann badminton court to run the tournament.... bleh... the results are all so predictable.... teams clearly whoop the other teams.... bored....

Then at night, had a very crucial meeting for sigma... It was fruitful though.. we should have had those meeting back in semester 1....

There seems to be one issue about me circulation among the lecturers... I`ve ask for permission to go for a debate tournament from 6-13th may in Langkawi. The admistration sent an email to every lecturer... and what turns out instead was this... EVERY LECTURER THOUGHT THAT I~LL ON LEAVE NOW TILL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!.... (and some even thought that I was a rotten student cuz good student doesn`t skip class especially towards the finals)..... Now... tell me that the admistration is doing a good job!! MMU.. i tell you... sigh..

Time to blog again :)

If you are wondering why I didn`t update my blog for the pass few days, heeee... there is a few reasons behind it.

Firstly, it`s because I`m bz.. (yada yada.. the same old reasons)
Secondly, I wanted the last entry to stay the on the top for as long as possible. hee...
I mean, I took like almost an 45 minutes writing the last entry and it has so many pictures and stuff :) I just found out my readers doubled since I uploaded the last entry :) wee!!!!1

So, after such satisfaction, I`ve decided to blog a new entry again. Though I`m very tempted to blog how stupid the exams were this week, I think that you guys had enough of my whinning and decided to blog about how I nearly lost my handphone instead.

On a jinx tuesday, where everything just went wrong, whether it`s lectuer, dinner, assignments, exams, life.... it just went wrong. I sat down on a sofa with Adelene on the lobby of my faculty for like 10 mintues while reading newspaper. Then I realised I overshot my time and was late to class. I went to class , check my hp to find out how many minutes I missed, and the handphone is not there!!! I was like.. oh no oh no... It`s definetly the sofa... I rushed down back to the lobby, barely 5 minutes after I went up... but the phone is not there anymore... it`s gone in less than 5 minutes!!!

I plead Yoboy to lend me his handphone and I called my number like crazy. Toot toot... no response.... toot toot no response. This seems to go on like forever... I send sms.. no reply also.... Then alas.. after some half and hour of torture, someone finally decides to return the phone to me. Whether it`s intentional that she refuses to pick up my calls in the begining, I don`t know... but I`m really thankful that she returns it to me....

Just a few days ago, I was like thinking, what would I do if I lost my phone. I certainly don`t have the money to buy a new phone. Then again, it`s not really the phone that matters. It`s what`s in the phone..... some are simply irreplacable. There are roughly about 1000 numbers in the phone... which if lost.. some people, who my only source of contact is through sms... will be lost forever. And above all that... there is also almost 1000 pictures... which carries the memories of one whole year... the people i hang out with... my classmates picture which i`ve never seen them after secondary school.. so many memories.. will also be gone if my phone is lost.

Thank you thank you for returning the phone... you don`t know how important it meant to me. And at the same time, I would like to thank those who once pick up my wallet and return it back to me... with every single sen in it.... That`s honesty for you.

TriNite 2005/2006


Well.. hold your excitement. I haven`t begin my routine whinnning yet.

I have to wake up at 7.30 am because I stupidly volunteered myself to attend a talk on behalf of Chess Club. The talk was rather pointless because the topic was suppose to be "Is WTO helping rich country to get richer?" The whole seminar ended up starting 1 hour late and the talk was nothing more but a vague introduction on what WTO is all about. It`s really stupid considering that most of the people there doesn`t know what FTD, GATT, GATS and loads of unexplained intials. Wasted a beautiful morning where I can sleep for at least another 3 hours.

And just as I thought I`ve escape the nightmare of club`s duty, another one have just begun. I have to be an umpire for a badminton tournament.. held by Indian Cultural Society. Simply put, means I have to be in a hall with hundreds of indian and be the only chinese. ( including another umpire, make that two chinese). Not to say I`m racist or something, but I really felt uneasy. The redeeming part is that the committee were really nice and they offer us a lot of drinks and food..... (the stupid talk doesn`t even offer refreshment.... boo )

2 hours before prom
After everything`s done at about 5pm... I went hope to prepare myself. Bath... checked. Slacks... checked. Tie... checked.. Socks.... opps not dry.. (quickly hang by the table fan). Shirt.. checked. Coat... oppss!!!! I don`t have one!! die die die... start calling everyone I know.... after 5 person I give up... All don`t have.. There is only one hope left.... the Student Represensitve Council.... Oh yes... They have plenty of blazers.. I`m sure I can manage to convince one of them to lend me :)

1 hour b4
Knock knock.... anybody home? Arrive at SRC and start negotiating. Walk away with a smile and the president`s blazer :P Wee!!! oh ya.. better hurry..6.30pm d. I`m going to be late.. well b4 we leave..here`s a picture.

Kelvin, Eo, Adelene and me in my house.. all dress up and ready to go :) Ps: Look at my hair!! It`s the first time I wax my hair!!!!

Arrive at the scene.. 30 minutes late...
The lobby were filled with people. No one had make a move to the ballroom yet. The environment were fantastic. Balloons everywhere. Ladies and gentlements with their best cloths and coats... It`s so classy. Not even a wedding is as grand as this...

You guys arrive late.. mwahahaha... we`re upstairs already.. and we going to sapu all the food!!

Surprisingly, even though we`re late, we`re one of the first to enter the ballroom.... but the event haven`t started because we are all Malaysians. And in Malaysia, events start at least 1 hour late. Bored at sitting at the table ,waiting for people to arrive... Adelene and I walk around and cam-whore a bit.

The ice sculpture last till the very end of the night.... Brilliant... Really feel like eating it
(for those who don`t know.. I have a major crave for ice :P hee :)

Even the ballons are so cute :O we have pink heart shape ballons, purple and beige ballons... all sorts... The decos are so nice :)

My favorite picture.... looked like we`re on a honeymoon! rotflol

I realised I never took picture of myself in full formal.. so here goes....

Wish I were a little taller though... looks short and cartoon
Bleh... being formal and trying to act mature is so tough... I revert back to my childish self for a while....

Balloons!! ballons!!!! loads of them!!.. I want one... steal steal...

About 9pm, the event finally took off officially.... I half skiped the opening ceromony cuz I practicly see the same VIP officiat for most of the events. (if you become a reporter for your uni, you`ll know what I meant). Food for buffet style..... I know it sounded cheap.. but then I prefer nice all you can eat food with not so nice fancy dinner cruisine. Had about 10 dishes, 2 soups, many many deserts to choose from. Somehow, our table manage to hold all of the food available... Let me explain how...in chemistry, you`ll learn about the atom structure. A proton and many orbits around it. So the middle of the table were a lot of buns... surrounding the middle was deserts and one orbit (yes,, orbit) of ais kacang. Next orbital was mushroom soup. The next orbital was rice and dishes.... So imagine... the dishes, soup and dishes were one after another.... Wee!!! too bad didn`t take a picture cuz everyone was bz eating.... :P

Meanwhile.. we were entertainted by some bands playing on stage. I think there were from CF cuz I recognize Justin singing. Pretty good but not many people responded because all were bz eating.. (in malaysia.. food comes first). After dinner.... the artist invited by the committee began making their appearances... Amber Chia sort of co-host the event and did a little cat walk which caught the attention of every pair of eyes on the hall.... Frankly speaking, she`s not that pretty... but her stare will just "kill" anyone....

I couldn`t shake off my habit of being a photographer. So I went to the front and took pictures of most of the activities on that night. At first I looked like an idiot.. being the only guy with coat and walk around as if like a reporter.... but that`s not for long... When Malaysian Idol season 2, Daniel Lee came on stage.....

I saw that I`m not alone anymore..... Photographers EVERYWHERE!!!!

Of cuz... that wasn`t everyone.... Jaclyn Victor showed up (no need introduction for her right?)
Guess what?

Even MORE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! ##&*($^&*#$^*

I bet some of her concert will lose to this one.... Rows of rows of photographer....

Left right everywhere!!! bloody hell.. it looked like a press conference or something....
I`m not suprise though.. For many, this is the first time we`re just a couple of feet from Jaclyn Victor.. I always longed to hear her sing live.... It wasn`t dissapointing.... best of all, Jaclyn and Daniel dueted Gemilang.... That`s was just awesome...

Adelene and I had some fun of taking picture with Amber Chia. Adelene took for the picture because she just love her.. I took it because Adrian love her... lol.. mwahaha.. Going to show my pic to Adrian!! mwahahahaha.. Evil evil..!! (red horns). :P

The commitee promised us that there will be one more mystery artist for tonight.. Turns out to be Reshmonu... :) I`m really impress on how they manage to invite so many popular artist.... Respect respect.

The event ended somewhere around half past 12. There`s an after party in Pure Bar, but Adelene and the rest couldn`t go because they have to be back soon. So we left Equiteral Hotel bringing back memories that I will always treasure. Wish I could have brought back the balloons too :p

Just couldn`t get over those ballons..... :p

Bye TriNite 05/06.. see you again next year....

Terribly sorry

Once again, I`m sorry if you have come to this blog, hoping to see something fresh, and still see the same old article about me whinning. I know I said 1000 times already, but I can almost die with the amount of work load I have to do.

There is actually wanted to blog about triNite today (Yes, that infamous Prom everyone in MMU`s talking about). I promise you the next entry will not be as plain as the rest.... Do come back sometime tomororw or the day after.. I`ll try to blog as soon as possible...... even though I have;

I have 4 assignment deadlines by the next few days,
3 fucking exams!!
1 Debate tournament,
Chess tournament,
and Badminton tournament,
Booth duty for Sigma and Chess,
and not to mention... It`s going to be Easter soon.. means loads of Mass to attend too...

Someone please tell me I`ll survive till the end of next week.

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