A tale of a yearbook ; from the students, for the students

Right now, my cliques are having a major crisis with the year book. We didn`t not garner enough response from our preorder. We need to sell at least 300 books for our down payment and 600 books at least to cover our full cost. Nowk, we have about 8000 people in the university, and selling 600 aint`s suppose to be that hard right? I mean it`s less that 10%.

Look at the figures ;

More than a 1000+ pictures are in the book. And some of the pictures have mulitple person. We covered as many people as we could. Means everyone (or almost everyone) are part of the year book. Why is it when the book is so close to be produce, after everything has done, after all the effort, time and sweet is being put onto this book... is just being wasted by financial constrain.

People keep on procrastinate, I`ll buy the book later. Don`t they get it? if we don`t have that 300 book sales, we wouldn`t have a year book to buy later... We need to settle the deposit before we begin printing. We are now are being push the the pit end. Adrian (EIC of sigma) has reach his thresshold and almost want to give up and propose the possibility of canceling this year`s edition.

Fine... enough with blaming the people.. now it`s our fault. What have we done wrong, what what we haven`t done. Was publicity wasn`t enough? or was the book is just pointless to begin with. For most of the student, spending 45 ringgit for just one picture in the book is just plain stupid. I agree to a certain extend. But, throw away the logic and reasoning, a year book carry memories of that particular year. When you look back at the pictures 25 years later, you`ll see your friends picture, your lecturer`s picture, the parties u attend to, the club ur served....

Maybe, our major failure was our inability to fulfil what a year book should do. We didn`t manage to instill much touching and emotions in the book itself, and definetly not able to convince people to buy the book for the right reasons.

Nevertheless, the crisis is still there, what could we do now? Continue selling? continue publicity? what should we do? If anyone has any idea, the slightest one, please please help us..

-sincerely, very helpless Alex -

Facts about MMU students

They are all fuckers!!!! It`s true.... Ok, I`m making a big stereotyping here..... Forgive me but if you would had to go through what the rest of voices member felt on the last weekend, you probably start saying words your mom never heard u say b4. Saturday morning, I slept barely 5 hours and I woke up to help out in the debate tournament, organized SPECIALLY for the students. We only charge 2 ringgit which inclusive of 2 lunch!! and we didn`t even ask for early payment. We sms them thrice to make sure no one is left uninform of the event. All we want them is to be presence and ready to debate.... 60 people registered, only 7 turned up...

We were like so dissapointed.... we booked 13 rooms all across CLC for the tournament.... We bought food for 60 people... We had our adjuricators, the tab system, everything!!.. in fact, the facilities could accomodate a full scale intervarsity, like the UiTM`s IV debate. And yet, we brought it down to the students who never had the chance to debate. We even filtered out voices member so that they don`t get thrash in the tourney. And this is how they repay us... 7 students out of 60....

Ended up eating 4 packets of chicken rice that day... urgh..

Warning to all would be organizer.... ALWAYS COLLECT THE MONEY B4 ANYTHING.... maybe with cash, they would learn to appreciete...

Another week have passed

*note.. if u expect something from this entry, don`t proceed. It`s nothing more that a personal whinning and ranting. It doesn`t make much sense either. So, just don`t bother...

It seems like yesterday that I just came back from the debate. Now, it`s a week already. I`m now in the peak of the academic calender. The time where events are held like MMU is closing down the next day, exams are held so often that everyday seems to have one... assignment are done as exercise because there is just too much of them, and anything that are not assignment will be regarded as not worth doing (or just plain waste of precious time).

What seems to preoccupy my mine and time nowadays, is all about debating.... One of the reason is because I have to adjuricated for the tournament this weekend. So, wed night was about debating, so was thursday night... And sadly, even after a major tournament, I revert back to my old self in front of siew, jon and the rest. I humilated myself by not making any much sense... I really couldn`t forgive myself for do so badly....

I have begin to question myself a few days b4. I doubt my capability of ever becoming a good debater. I`m pressuring my self quite a lot, but I don`t see a significant improvement. Am I just not fit to be one, or I didn`t pressure myself enough... or whether my lack of knowledge is my downfall.....

I always try to improve by self.. That`s one of the fundamental reason of why I join the debating circuit. To widen my knowledge, to learn how to accept what other people say, to learn to be open minded, to learn to analyse certain situation and find a sollution, to learn how to convince people.... But am I achieving this at all.. I`m sacrificing time and effort to debate... is it worth it in the end?

UiTM Intervarsity Debating Championship.

If you were wondering where I went missing for the past few days, and guess that I`m dead, you were half right. In fact, I really felt like dying now... severe headache, voices echoing on my head, world conflicts running around my mind..... I`m on a stage of another mental break down.

All this happened, just because of a tournament. Just for that tournament, I read non-stop for hours and hours on issues. Just for that tournament, I have to take a taxi, then a bus, and then another taxi home, totaling a 5 hours journey resulting me reaching home nearly midnight. Just for that tournament, I have to wake up as early as 6 to get to Shah Alam in time, and sleep at 1-2 am after I get back from the tournament.

But a tournament is a tournament indeed. Unlike many competition that I`ve participated before, the reason for this tournament is not to win. A reason more important than winning, and the reason is simply, to learn. Since the all Asians debate is just 35 days away, I need all the experience and exposure I can get to make sure I don`t dissapoint my teamates in that tournament.

So, I`ll began my tale fro, the first day of debate. We arrive there in time for breakfast and waited other teams who were late ( resulting in 2 hours delay). The motion were released, our opponent were revealed, and we are against one of the host teams on our very first round, UiTM 9. The first round went exceptionly well because we prepared this topic just the night before and we totaly trash the opposition team. In fact, we thrash them so bad, that our ranking went to one of top.

Now, before I proceed, let me enlighten you on the strength of the Malaysian debating circuit. MMU Cyberjaya tops the ladder, being one of the best in Malaysia and also in the whole of Asia... and it`s also one of the top teams in the World. And there were many other strong teams like Uitm, and TEMASIK (from singapore) which are recognize as strong teams in World. For the same reason I sign in the tournament, many other teams joined to prepare for the ALL Asians on May, resulting the Intervasity Championship ever held in Malaysia. To top it all, all the strong teams I mention were there, waiting to chop us up if we meet them.

Ok, back to my story. Since we climb up to the ladder so high, we began to face really strong teams, and being extremely new to debating, my team lost most of the debates that follow. Yet, on a close margin. Our adjuricators were in fact suprise that we were debating for the first /second time. However, due to lack of knowledge and experience, we just couldn`t adapt to the tough enviroment.

We whine, we bleed, we were thrash. This is all experience. Even though we lost, we stayed for all the way to the finals. Then it was prize giving. MMU 1 from Cyber take home the first placing (like duh), and UiTM 2 got 2nd. This is the part where I would careless, cuz it doesn`t concerned us at all. So I didn`t pay attention and read newspaper instead. Then a few minutes later, my friends push me to go to the stage.... I was like huuh? stop playing la.... Then they call me just go.... At that point of time, I was like the blurest idiot in the world. I mean, everyone was going there to take a throphy, why am I walking there. I was thinking this might be a prank from my team mates. I walk a few steps ahead, and MMU cyber was cheering for me.... Huh?

I walk to the stage, shake some dude`s hand, and receieve a throphy...... I still dono what`s this all about... Then I look at the throphy.. "top 10 best speaker"... I nearly fainted... Are they F***ing serious... I`m probably the like the worst debater there.... Omg omg omg... And a few seconds after, another of my team mate receive the award. And, if you think I`m jumping with joy because of the award, I wasn`t!!!!

I was scared shit!!!! This is the the biggest mistake they ever done.... I`m sure thier system scrwed up or something... or they jumble up my name with one of the top speakers.. whatever the reason, the award doesn`t belong to me...... NOT ME YOU MANIACS... I was rated top 10 from the back in my last Debate tournament. I`m taking something that`s not mine....Until the day I can justify my win...I`m not going to accpet my title.

SPM straight A rises 43%

Last year about this time, I was as anxious as all the people who`s took their spm result this year. Similiar as it was, mine was a totaly opposite in terms of result... last year spm straight A results drop 50%.

The huge varians of every years result poses me a big question mark. Are the this year`s student really smart? or the marking scheme becomes lennient. No doubt that students are getting smarter generation to generation. Yet, I`ve seen testimonials that those people who never even passes their subjects, manage to score a bunch of A's..... Now, that`s a little bit too outrages right? A person who fails all year wrong suddenly got an A1.. which put him/her on par with those who have been consistantly scorring 90+. Is the graph being pulled so low that A1 is anywhere between 60-100? Back to my initial question? Does the rise of result really prove students are getting smarter?

On similaritym both years have one thing in common. EST once again manage to squirreled and screwed up many ppl`s life.. The one of the student misses the title of top scorer in malaysia due to 1 A2 in est, even though he has 15A1, and the title then fall to 2 person who score 15 A1 respectively. I recall back the incident where all 4 school in my hometown got a major schock when all their top scorer suddenly get a b3 in their EST...... Sigh.. spm is indeed a living nightmare... The memories of spm will continue to haunts me.....

Interfaith talk 10.

I have wish for the day where everyone (religious leader) to just sit down together, and come out with the answer, alright, we all have one god and there we are all one religion. Yet, looking back at all their past histories, I don`t dare to have high hopes. However, some how, they manage to find a secondary solution which is " we agree to disagree". Not the best solution, but probably the only one we have now. All them have different believe, and all of them know how to respect each other`s religion while keeping firm and true to thier own faith. The only problem I preceive lies with the ability of their followers to do the same.

Back to the talk, Mr Shah Kirit, on behalve of Islam, have delievered and answered all his speech nicely and convincingly. He`s no doubt a very good speaker, and also without doubt, this gift comes from God. He manage to answer quite a number of the students question according to his believe. I, however, felt a little uneasy with his strong sub - propaganda "Muslim is right and other religion is wrong" tone. Nevertheless, it`s his opinion and for that, I respect it.

Despite all this peaceful and harmonios talk, I walk off the hall terified. Very terrified. I have listened to something that maybe I should not know. Just as talk ended, a group of middle east student surround Mr Shah, (the muslim speaker) to have a conversation with him. Since I`m really impress by how he handle questions, I decided to stay back and listen to seek more information. Guess what I heard..

*disclamer, I only manage to listen to his 2nd half of his speech, not from the beginning.

So this is what I heard ' The christians are now very confused, and they try to find thier answers in the bible. And the more they search it, the more they are confused, until they read the quran, then they will find their answer." To be honest, I`m not offended with this... because he said that it`s his opinion... and higlighted that he might be wrong. What horrifies me, is in fact the response of the middle east group student. They were all shouting and saying " No no no, you are very right... " and it echoes through a few of them.... They literally take all his words as the solid truth!! for real!!!....

Now, if just the situation were a little bit screwed up like this : (Muslim speaker) : All fellow muslim, you know that our religion is the TRUE religion and the rest are all worshiping false god... kill them all for the sake of Islam.

You bet that I won`t be here blogging this article.

*another disclaimer - if you really know how to read english, then u wound`t need this disclaimer.. anyway, just in case.. * I`M NOT INSULTING THE MUSLIMS OK!!!! I`M JUST GIVING A EXAMPLE OF A SCREWED UP SITUATION... NOT IMPLYING THAT IT HAPPENED OR WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

At the end of the day, I did manage to capture a couple words of wisdom from each of the speakers. :

1) I congratulate the free thinker because they didn`t follow the religion blindly and just accpet the religion that their parents choose for them.

-true, and it only applies to those free thinker who really try to seek for an answer, not to escape from it.

2) Historical value may not be so important. It doesn`t matter who said this ( words of good deeds and all the positive stuff la). What`s most important that it`s there for ppl to practice them.

- oh yes, go help the poor and sick, rather then just searching who`s god is true.

3) Argue to seek for the truth, not victory.

- one of the reason why I dislike debating

hmmmm.. if the Mr Shah will be the speaker for the next Interfaith Talk, I`ll definitly look forward to it.

It doesn`t matter what religion you`re in... just read

Does evil exist? Did God create evil?

The University professor challenged his students
with this question. "Did God create everything that

A student bravely replied, "Yes he did!" "God
created everything?" The professor asked. "Yes
sir", the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created
everything, then God created evil, since evil exists,

and according to the principal that our works
define who we are, then God is evil." The student
became quiet before such an answer.

The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted
to the students that he had proven once more that
the religious faith was a myth.

Another student raised his hand and said, "Can I
ask you a question professor?" "Of course",
replied the professor.

The student stood up and asked, "Professor does
cold exist?" "What kind of question is this? Of
course it exists. Have you never been cold?" The
students snickered at the young man's question.
The young man replied, "In fact sir, cold does not
exist. According to the laws of physics, what we
consider cold is in reality the absence of heat.
Every body or object is susceptible to study when
it has or transmits energy, and heat is what
makes a body or matter have or transmit energy.
Absolute zero (-460? F) is the total absence of
heat; all matter becomes inert and incapable of
reaction at that temperature. Cold does not exist.
We have created this word to describe how we feel
if we have no heat." The student continued,

"Professor, does darkness exist?" The professor
responded, "Of course it does.

"The student replied, "Once again you are wrong
sir, darkness does not exist either. Darkness is in
reality the absence of light. Light we can study,
but not darkness. In fact we can use Newton's
prism to break white light into many colors and
study the various wavelengths of each color. You
cannot measure darkness. A simple ray of light
can break into a world of darkness and illuminate
it. How can you know how dark a certain space is?

You measure the amount of light present. Isn't this
correct? Darkness is a term used by man to
describe what happens when there is no light

" Finally the young man asked the professor, "Sir,
does evil exist?" Now uncertain, the professor
responded, "Of course as I have already said. We
see it everyday. It is in the daily example of man's
inhumanity to man. It is in the multitude of crime
and violence everywhere in the world. These
manifestations are nothing else but evil. To this the
student replied, "Evil does not exist sir, or at least
it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the
absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold,
a word that man has created to describe the
absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the
result of what happens when man does not have
God's love present in his heart. It's like the cold
that comes when there is no heat or the darkness
that comes when there is no light.

" The professor sat down.

The young man's name was-- Albert Einstein

* I don`t know whether Albert Einstein really said this, but whoever who said those words is truly genious.. wish I can learn to think like that.*

Who`s fault is it anyway...

Yoboy Vedictionary says: u tink still got chance to get at least a A-?
I replied... "are you kidding? I`ll be happy even if I scored a B".

Oh yes.... you didn`t heard me wrong.... I`m saying with my on words that I`ll be contented with a B..... That`s just how fucking miserable and stupid my Applied Maths paper today... I`m on a verge of failing that paper. Then come in the most infamous question... who`s fault is it?

My lecturer will of course point his finger at me because I sleeps in class all the time. I would admit that if I would have pay super attention in class, I would at least scrap an A-. Others : "what!! an A-????". Yeap.. only an A-.

Why u ask? That`s simply because my lecturer is a fuckxxx fuckxxx bitch.... When a exam is hard.... it would be something like very long and very tough that require lots of thinking and recalling on what the lecturer have taught. When you see a question in exam where you can never related anything you see b4 in ur entire lecture..... that`s where ur lecturer sux ass.

Image.. a exam which has only 2 question.. and one of the question applies to the case stated above... how fuck up can the students his class will be.... even the genious in my class, Kevin, couldn`t do the question....... he have to come out with a dono how many page answer just to prove that his angle which he thinks is correct, is correct...

While the rest of the class... are just totaly cluest.... Staring at the question without a single idea where it`s heading to.... This is stupid... I can`t imagine whole class just get screwed like that.... Last sem, we KNEW that our lecturer were quite hopeless, so we did other lecture`s work to make sure we`ve been feeding the proper knowledge... This time, we put our trust in this lecturer, and it back fired.... We`re so doom....

*luckly, this is just a mid term paper..... that explain why I didn`t commit suicide...

MMU idol?

Ok, it`s not as ciplak as it sound. The english language society a singing competition. With the title "the stage", they held the competition at main hall... and the stage does look like a stage. Nice lighting, nice decos... Everything were nicely done. It`s decent enough for a university level at the very least.

With so much preparation, I was a little dissapointed with the lack of talent in MMU... There is around 8k ppl here, but we couldn`t find 10 singers who at least won`t sing out of pitch. Some were quite good.. and it`s quite obvious they won the competition. However, 8k of ppl, I`m just somehow don`t believe that that is all MMU have to offer.

Anyway, despite all being said... congrats Wayne... you performed really well.. Just wanna wish you from the bottom of my heart... :) (even though I don`t know how my words are ever going to reach him :P )

Freedom of speech

"Freedom of speech means one must first be able to tolerate a lot of bullshit"

I`m sorry I couldn`t recall who said it.... though I`m very positive that I have come across this quote before. Freedom of speech is rather a controversy subject. A lot of matter deals with freedom of speech. But at the end of the day, the question is, what`s freedom of speech?

Somewhat in society today, we sort of generalize people into liberal and conservative. The liberal people will bring some material out that they thought is not offensive and the conservative people say otherwise. ( you know what I`m talking about). Then the 'freedom of speech' comes in. I`m not in posistion to justify who`s right and who`s wrong. This is just my humble opinion.

1) Censorship are important, to a certain extend.
2) Freedom of speech should never be used as an excuse to cover your asses.
3) If you offend someone, apologize and don`t over defend yourself.

In many places where people can voice their opinion (almost freely), like the forums, words and thought are being shared. Remember, it`s 'shared', not the "I`m right and all those who don`t agree fuck off". A lot of topic started, post a thread to share or to gain information... For example, one that I came across was about Islam. (yes a very controvesial subject). It was an innocent post in the beginning, until some bastard posted " We hate Islam, cuz they are shit, extremist, yada yada". It`s that`s not bad enough, some one else responded to that post and reply " ALL of you are anti islam, and I`m going to report this to......"

And the flaming war started, the innocent thread is not so innocent anymore.... the moderator is forced to lock the thread. (that`s where censorship comes in). Cause a shit loads of problem, emotions are hurt.... Let me remind all of you again with this quote

"Freedom of speech means one must first be able to tolerate a lot of bullshit"

Are we prepared for freedom of speech? Until people learn not to get piss off at everything they don`t agree with, definetly a NO from me...

Happy Birthday to you, Hitz.FM

I never knew hitz.fm is actually 9 years old. I just knew it exist since the radio exist (or at least since I started listening to radio). Anyway, what`s a birthday without a party. Sure enough, in Malacca, they organize a birthday bash for the radio station. I went there around 3.30pm and the party already started!!.. Hope I didn`t miss much... The party last from 3pm all the way to 12 am. (now, that`s a real partey!!!)

They say picture worth a thousand words..... (it`s more like a thousand byte actually.. takes freaking long to upload). Here goes :

We first went to try all the games available there. Me and Ian took the first move and tried the "rope climbing". I always wanna try one of these. Just didn`t get the oppoturnity. I wonder how well will I fare this game. Hmmmm..

Wee, I`m a better monkey than you. blek

Ian slip and peel his skin off his palm.. ouch.. and the person after me twisted her ankle after she fell from the top. Gah. Won`t let Adelene play this game. Too dangerous.. So, moving on to the next game. I can`t remember what you call it. It`s a game where you use cotton bud to push people of stage....

WOW!! that`s a really oversize cotton bud!

The game is really fine you know. The only problem is that I`m playing agaisnt Sujj.. So, I must find a way to make her fall off the stage without using any force on her.. ummm... That`s really hard you know. The only way I can think of is to let her push me, then I just avoid and she`ll fall by herself...... It really work well.. she push me till to the corner, an
d I was just about to turn around when.....

Look where her knees heading too...
Ouch.. lesson to learn... Never fight a girl.. you`ll never know what`ll happen....

Luckly, It wasn`t too bad.... I manage to avoid just in time b4 any major disaster happen. Phew. No more games for today. On with the party. They manage to i
nvite quite a number of artist here in this birthday bash. The only problem is that I don`t recognice any of them, but I still join in to their pictures.

Adelene, Eolanda, Sujatha, Me and ????? (who is he?)

I didn`t know she`s the hitz.fm only female dj, but I sure know she`s cute. :)

The hitz.fm crew... don`t know a single one of them..

Well, despite so many artist, the performance I really look forward too is from Frequency Cannon. I heard so much about them, but I never really get to hear them play...

Frequency Cannon, winner of Hitz.Fm Blast off, season 1

They are pretty good you know. I don`t see why we shouldn`t support our local artist :)

In between perfomance, there were some games.... some involve couples... I grab Adelene and force her on stage.... Guess what game we played?

What are you thinking! It`s not a hugging game!!!

Actualy, the game is quite commom. You and your partner have to dance around a newspaper. Everytime the music stops, you have step on the newspaper. And the paper will be fold half after every round.
That`s why you see me ending carrying her.. I have to stand one one leg in the last round!! I cant believe I`m doing this.... ON AIR!!! if Adelene`s parents find out about this.........

Anyway, after a happy day, we decided to go back.. :) For my last picture... I present to you.. :)
A group picture :)

Eo, Ian, Sujj, Adelene, Alex and Yichong.

Happy Birthday Hitz.FM one more time :)

OMG, It still exist!!

Remember the times, where you have to worry everytime you pass your report card to your parent. Not only the results screws you up, the teachers usually have another evil scheme to make sure you really get screwed by ur parents ; the student moral and ethnics. However, back in the secondary days, you can still suck up to ur teacher and pretend to be really good and nice to your class teacher (who usually does all the evaluation), and you`ll get all A for those.

So, I graduated from that stupid system, or at least I thought so. Innocent as I was, I roam around my information profile cuz I want to at least motivate my self to do my tutorials by looking at the A`s I score during the past 2 exam. Guess what I`ve found? Student Assesment Report. What the hell!!! #$*(#(*#$( they still have that in University? Anyway, here`s what I get.

Trimester : 2 2005/2006

Student Assessment Report
Date of Assessment: 2005-12-23 00:00:00.0
Date Question Mark(s) Remark(s)
23-12-2005 Motivation / Attitude towards Study 3 good academically but need to stay awake in class.
23-12-2005 Involvement in Co-curricular Activities Active ok
23-12-2005 Communication and Presentation Skills 4 fluent, confident speaker
23-12-2005 Professionalism and Code of Ethics 4 good
23-12-2005 Study Plan / Time Management 4 good
23-12-2005 Attendance in Lecture / Tutorial / Lab 3 ok
23-12-2005 Interpersonal Skills 4 good
23-12-2005 Achievement of Overall Programme Outcomes of the Degree Course 5 excellent academic results
23-12-2005 Overall Assessment 4 keep up the excellent results but need to concentrate more in class.

* Notice that I get a 3 in motivation/attitude towards study and also attendance. And a whole lots of 4. The reason I get 3 for the atteandance is not due to I miss a lot of class. It`s because I was sleeping too much that I didn`t sign the attendance list when it`s being passed around.

Sigh.. this is bad... sleeping is bad Alex... don`t sleep in class......

Sorry guys

I really apologies to everyone who comes to my blog and find it un-updated. I sort of have really really many problems this week. Not to mention it`s been really really bz. I couldn`t even sit down and relax.... I have like classes from 8- 11... 8am to 11pm mind you, I have 5 clubs activity to attend to, 5 events to organized.... gah. I`m really going crazy...

Anyway guys.. I promise I`ll update one entry on friday night.... keep my fingers cross..... sorry again k?

*alex is currently going nuts*

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