What next?

I had my alpha to beta briefing. It`s suppose to be a briefing meant to enlighten the students here so that they can make up their mind on what course they are suppose to be choosing. Turns out that this briefing was as dissapointing as ever. It`s totaly pointless... one of the Deans present slides that were totaly out of topic. Well, I just wasted 2 hours of my life sitting down at the main hall today.

I`ve did my own research on the courses that I might be pursuing. My choices are either Mechanical Engineering or Electronics majoring in Robotics. Really confuse which one to take.. Mechanical or Electronic? gah... It`s two distint subjects, but I can`t really decided... I don`t even know what I like. There is so much to consider. So many question, no answer...... what should I do/??? toss coin?

I`m a genious? roftl

I really can`t take it anymore. My chemistry lecturer thinks I`m some kind of genious of something where I`m really really not. She even start quoting whatever I say and interpret the silliest statement as something inteligent. It all started when.....

(1 week ago)

Lecturer : Hey alex... wake up.
Alex : (blur blur face cuz just woke up) huh.. what happened?
Lecturer : Go solve the question in front of the board.
Alex : Sigh.. why me? (grumble grumbles.. took my calculator and go in front). Hmmm...

after a few minutes, I solve the question.

Lecturer : Wa.. even he sleeps, he still can do..... see class.. yada yada yada.....
Alex : (doesn`t cares and continue sleeping)
Lecturer: (comes close and ask) you always sleeps in class ah..

*before I said anything.. someone else answered... "yea!! and he gets 4 flat everytime"

Alex : (keeps quiet and pretends to be sleeping)

The teacher then begin to throw questions everytime I comes to class. Unfortunate for me, I can`t make myself dumb and just give a wrong answer to avoid all this genious trouble thing. She`ll minus 1/2 mark for every wrong answer on the board.. sigh...

And the calling alex genious syndrom begins... she starts to use words like alex says it`s easy, he`s always one level ahead of the rest of the class..... etc etc.... WTF!!!! I`m just trying to get some sleep.... :'( :'( leave me alone... please.. I`m innocent..

Moral of the story : don`t sleep in class. (and hence, I failed my new year resolution of not sleeping in class for the 3rd year in a row... sigh)

*added scene

- it`s 20 more minutes b4 class ends but the whole class is restless and is ready to go back.

Lecturer trying to use the "alex says" technique again.

Lecturer : Alex say we have 2o more minutes, so we shall proceed to the next chapther...

A voice from the back suddenly yell..

unknown voice : "omg.. that`s so not Alex"

Finally.. the ultimate truth.... thanks whoever you are.....

Why I hate going back.

I really hate going back to Kajang. Not to meant that Kajang is not good whatsoever. I`ll stress more one the 'going' part. In fact, the journey from Malacca to Kajang often take me an average of 4 hours (that`s because I rely on public transport). And to think that the trouble ends after I arrive kajang, ur so wrong. I reallly have nothing much to do here.. Without my computer, I`m virtually confined to a prison called home, with no means of entertainment. Most of my friends here have thier own life. I watch all the vcd in my house at least 2-3 rounds. My only salvation, the piano.

Since I got pretty jealous after listening to Jia Tsing playing fantasy impromptu so well, I forced my self to crash course that song. The result? My fingers hurts like hell. With such price to pay, I don`t even manage to play the first quater of the song correctly. Sigh, it`s just so hard..... I probably need a constant practice of another month b4 I can at least here the melody coming out properly. Well, that`s settled.. constant practice for 1 month. The only little problem is I DON`T HAVE A PIANO IN MALACCA!!!!!!! I used to sneak into the main hall and play the piano in the middle of the night. However, the guard seems to lock the main hall everyday.. Really sad and depress :( now I can`t practice :(

Oh well, forget about piano for a momment. I now have to think how I`m going back to Malacca at the first place. Bus tickets on Sunday are usually fully booked. That leaves me no choice but to wake up 6 am in the morning tomorrow to go to Seremban and take the first bus that leaves for Malacca. Hope I`ll be back in time for class. (All this trouble just to get home and drink my mom`s homemade sup... sigh.. I hate going back to Kajang )


I was really anticipating for tonight. I have heard news and reviews that it`s really good. The publicity was big. The crowd were big. I manage to convince adelene to come. Everything`s good. Then, my badminton sport`s division head suddenly wants to have a meeting. at 7!!evil... Luckly for me, he manage to end the meeting just in time. Adelene saved a seat for me. So I don`t have to stand like the rest of the late comers. Hee..

Anyway, the show tonight, was really entertaining. I was a made a little bit unhappy that all the senior say it sucks ass and stuff. They been saying that last year were better and all those shits. Yea yea, last year was better and all.. but too bad I did`nt attend them. And, this is the one of my first theather performance, and every single effort those performers made to give their best and make all the audeince happy, is being a little wasted just because some seniors say that it sucks. I mean, i`m enjoying it man, and you goes like, no.. it sucks.. and this is why yada yada yada.... Whatever, at least they made the effort doing a performance, and you jsut discredit all their hardwork because u can`t keep ur mouth shut. (and 'u' does not mean a single person).

It`s really fine if you don`t enjoy it... but they are ppl who does, and does it really makes u happier by making the rest of the ppl (who does enjoy the movie) agrees with you that the whole show sucks. Anyway, I really want to congratulate everyone who play a part in those show. It wasn`t perfect, but it was sure entertaining, and the message did come through. everything ; birth, marriage, death, it`s just another chapter of life. Enjoy live to the fullest ::))

My first valentine.

It`s amazing you know... for the first 10 years in my life, I don`t know what valentine is. Then for the next 5 years, I don`t know when valentine is. The next two year I don`t knwo who`s my valentine, and for this year!! I don`t know what to do for valentine.

Not knowing what valentine is probably the most peacecful feb 14 in all my years of living. The first time I realised valentine b4 valentine was when i was form 5. And I actually did something. I called a girl and talk 40 minutes. She wasn`t my valentine to begin with. Just that I was a little bored, and couldn`t sleep, so I called her(just because is valentine) and yak yak yak.

Then last year, I guess I totaly forget about valentine. I was working for on that day.... business was extremely bad because everyone is spending money on flowers instead. Then comes this year. How do I put it into words. Tiring, headache, sacrifice - all said in one word ; torturous. Have this very harsh valentine prep time, with misunderstanding and a serias of unfortunate events. Stuff like arguments, buying dead flower, unsuprised suprise, wet cards, slow cooking, candle`s not bright enough... all this shouldn`t happen.

However, at the end of the day, it was the company that matters. Adelene and Me were really really happy and all that matters. She bought me a really cute pratric and it even matches with my bolster (in colour). Heee...She say that she`s really happy. I`m really happy that she`s happy.... and that`s what valentine`s about. A day to spend time with ur love ones, and make them happy :) Dear, be my valentine, forever :)

Tagged: Five Weird Habits

You know, blogging has always been peaceful... until I found out the word tag. lol. Pei Ling suddenly tell me that I`ve been tag to do something... I was like blur blur. Anyway, after some trouble of checking out what she meant, I finally resolve to make her a little happier person by blogging whatever I`m tag for. Hence, I present you, the all time unfavourite "Alex`s five weird habits".

#1 I sleeps!! anytime,anywhere.
To be exact, I sleep whenever I hear some one lecture, or whenever I feel bored. It`s a terrible habit. I just can`t help myself from yawning away in every classes. It`s terrible!! just terrible......

#2 I can`t remember names, faces and birthdays.
In fact, I can`t remember most of the things. Only events that happens. Please forgive me if I don`t remember your birthday, I have extremly bad memories. Real bad. I even forgot Adelene`s birthday for the first few months I know her.. ( pull ears). One of my greatest weakness is the inability to recognize faces, even celebrities. There was once when I was watching a concert. It was Britney`s concert (but at that time, I don`t know yet). So, on the screen, there is one girl wearing a white dress and I couldn`t recognize who she is. I then ask my friend and was told it was britney. Britney then went off stage and after a few momment, another girl with red outfit appear. And again I couldn`t recognize who she is. This happen 3 times and amazingly, they are all the same girl ; Britney Spears. My friend got quite irittated and said " of cuz all of them are the same person. It`s her concert idiot". Sigh... wouldn`t have embaress myself if I knew that sooner :P

#3 I`m seasonal.
Oh yes I am :) I can be happy in a momment, sad in another. My emotion changes like the wind. Even my abilities are. I sometimes can be this super good player in a sports or game, and at other time, a plain beginner. Hmmmm.. it`s weird.. I thought only girls have mood swings.....

#4 I like to window shop.
It all begin when I was small. I just love looking at stuff, (not cloths though) comparing prices, whine how exp/ or praise how value-buy it is... but in the end, I don`t buy them. lol...... It does help me though. At least I don`t risk of buying overprice items if I really need to by something. Besides, it improves your bargining skills, having wider knowledge of prices that is :)

#5 I`m addicted to collectables.
I can`t seems to run away from it. I just love to collect stuff. First, it was erasers, then botlle caps, then stamps, then tamiya, and then it was key chains... yoyos ...etc etc. I collect so so many stuff. I don`t know why. I just love to collect stuff. And that`s how I got stuck to trading card games. First it was pokemon, I collect all the pokemon (cuz they`re adorable)... I wouldn`t say that collections are waste of money. Something your collection can be pretty valuble (in the future). Even if it`s not, it`s still rich (with your memories of cuz). And I never regret that I`ve been a collecter. I love my priceless set of key chains and pokemon cards :)

Wee.. actually, those aren`t my only weird habits. There probably zillions more... Just have to know me more and I`m sure you`re bound to find out :) Anyway pei ling.. who should I tag? I blur blur now.. hehee.. maybe I shall be evil.... people!! watch out... I shall reveal the list....

no1 Ei leen!!!!
Duh, one of my only few readers :) heee, don`t think you can escape :P

no2 Eolanda
Hmmm, I don`t know wheter you read the blog or not, but i know you update ur blog often hee :)

no3 Sujatha
Hee.. just being evil :P mwahahahaha

no 4 Adelene!!
lol.. dear, must know ur dark..err. i mean weird habits :P

no 5 hmmm no idea
Maybe kennysia.com..... lol.. if i ever get his attention that is :P

A pain in the a$$

I`ve manage to survive the first week. (this is mainly due to the cancelation of all tutorial and labs on the first week). Even then, I nearly died. Lessons are so heavy this time. Look at my subjects!! Applied Maths, Statistic and Probability, Physics, Chemistry, Physics Lab, English. Gosh!! On certain days, I have physics, maths and probability lessons one after another. I really don`t know how long I can survive this sem.

And to top it all, I have this very, extremely, iritating teacher for Applied Maths. Had arguments with him on the very first day itself. He made up a certain set of rule ; No hand phones, no sleeping, no looking left and right, eyes always on his mouth and no listening to music. Is he crazy or what? Being me, I ignored whatever rule he sets and continue sms Adelene. Besides, his class are so fxxxing boring and monotonous. I was dying to keep myself awake. Anyway, he caught me smsing and even threaten to take away my hand phone. I gave him the "come-take-if-you-dare look". He then ended with a warning ; "you don`t know me when I get angry". Yes, I don`t know, but guess what? I don`t care. Do anything stupid such as taking my hp, I`ll just walk out of the class and go to the Dean`s room which is just upstairs, and make sure he will have a hard time in his teaching career.

At the end of the class, both me and kelvin was really really loathed him so much that we will almost definitly give him a 1 for evaluation 3 months later. Yea, revenge. Hey mr lecturer, you just got the worst evaluation from the only two 4 flatter student in your class. You ought to repent. Somehow you just have to convince us to change our mind. Well, if you teach good enough (and not so monotonous), we might consider to abide your rule. Until then, leave us alone. With our handphones.


Well, there is so many stuff I would like to blog about this time. Couldn`t find the time to blog as I was really really bz. It`s good to be busy. At least I have something to do then wasting my time rotting away my precious youth. Anyway, I would like to start from where I left off the last entry.

When I came back on saturday and nearly everything went horribly wrong. Then on Sunday, I decided to push my motorbike to the workshop to repair it. The sun seems to enjoy torturing me. It was I-can`t-stand-it hot and shinny. But nevertheless, I have no choice or not I`ll have to walk to uni. (and the sun will have more chances of torturing me). I push and push halfway, where I almost died, a malay guy in a motor stop by. Now, if anyone would encounter this situation, you might think that u`ll probably get rob or wack or yada yada. This time however, this malay guy turns out to be a kind samaritan. He offers to push my motor all the way to the work shop. I was wondering like how? I mean he has a motor, how does a motor going to tow a motor? He then put one leg on my motor, and start going slowly. A thought hit me suddenly, I always thought those ppl who put aone leg on another people`s bike are just morons who have nothing better to do but to put their life in danger. Never though that this 'stunt' are used to help people.

My thought on the world seems to be a little more positive now. There are kind souls every where. They could be anyone, helping in anyway. I felt so cheerful that I don`t even mind the sun anymore.... (sun, ur forgiven for torturing me). In fact, that incident had so much impact on me, I went home and clean the whole apartment by myself!! instead of waiting for others to do it together. Took me 2 freaking hours to clean the apartment... I clean the toilet, sweep the floor, mop a little, pack up all the rubbish (3 bags of rubbish in totol), arrange the tables and chairs, wipe all the tables, wash all the dishes, wash my cloths, change my bedsheets and even fold my cloths!!! I think I have never done so much house work b4 in my life... I`m really happy in the end that my apartment is now squeeky clean :)

Haa! Alex finaly learn how to do housework..... (didn`t change the fact that he`s still lazy)...


Keeping MuM.

At last, I`m back to malacca. Amazingly, apart from my apartment is freaking dirty, my motor can`t start, i can`t eat dinner with Adelene, my computer still crashes, the worms have infected all the comps in my network, I lost in my dotA match, I have to walk home 2 am in the morning, and I can`t go to church tomorrow, nothing went else went wrong. Smirks.

I arrive in malacca pretty early. About 10 like that. Came here and straight away finish up one of my article (but it sucks so badly I won`t pass it up to be edited yet). Then I wait for Kian Liang to settle his house stuff b4 we went to MP for lunch and dinner. It`s been so long since I went out with Adelene. Therefore, I treasure this outing very much.

Guess what I had for lunch? Sushi King!!! again... This time, I ate something cheaper.. black pepper fried udon. The price to pay for ordering cheap dishes? No meat, all vegetables. Gah.. the only thing I taste in that mee is Udon and cabbage. Felt like a herbivor. Nothing too bad ; I still can live with it....

Went on walking around mp, aimlessly. It`s called window shopping. Found some really overpriced items ; all in The World of Feng Shui. I`m amaze how prosper that shop have become, and even more amaze how people are willing to spend so much on crystal, fountains and those little statues, cat, dog, pig, guang gong, what also got. Not to offend anyone, but I really think that you should it`s waste of money. Pls, with so many ppl dying out there... find better way of using your valueble cash. Lilian is rich enough. Stop feeding her... maybe she needs diet too :)

Later, I went to watch movie. This time, Rowan Arkinson is back. Was a little dissapointed that he wasn`t so funny as I expect him to be. However, he`s still the usuall silly guy, manage to make the audience laugh their ass out. The movie is pretty funny and crappy thorough out. It started with a murder scence :) ended with a murder scene :) but nothing gory at all :) In fact all the murder was done the mr bean way, where you can laugh. Weird. Watch the movie to see it for yourself. Not giving spoilers anymore..

Hope you all had a wonderful holidays. It`s back to school now.. :( boo hoo hoo :'(

Start of a new sem.

B4 anything else, I would like to apoligize if you are one of those for check my blog and found it un-updated. Cny - no matter how lame it is this year, I`m still very much busy. (visiting my aunty la, uncle la, cousin la, grand aunt la and even great grandmother). Well I guess it`s appropriatte la. They wont be living very much longer also... (eh touch wood).

Anyway, new year comes and gone. I barely begin to enjoy my holidays but my new semester is going to start. Sigh.. another semester... another strrugle trying to wake up in the morning.. another load of assignments... Hmmmm.. no matter how lazy, I must not sleep in class.. (Alex! you must not sleep!!!) Yes yes.. I must not sleep.. I must nottt.. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Alex went to slumber land. ( it`s because he only slept for 6 hours yesterday. Pig needs at least 10 hours of sleep ok?)

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