Happy Chinese New Year

Hmm.. I realised that happy chinese new year is only applied to greetings. This chinese new year seems to be everything but happy; for me. The very fact that I`m blogging at 12 am, while everyone else is enjoying somewhere somehow for this joyous occasion. True ; money can never buy happiness. My mom gave me extra 100 ringgit besides my ang pau, I have extra cash balance from my last month`s allowance.... a lot of extra cash to spend.... but yet, I couldn`t smile, but I cound`t be sad at the same time. It`s just so plain boring. I can only whine.

This new year is really lame. No fireworks cuz no one to play with, no new year shopping, no gambling, no playing cards, no adelene, no dotA (cuz computer at CC keeps on crashing, even today).... I`m really bored!! My last resort is the idiot box, and to my horror, they played the show that I`ve watch countless time in my vcd.

It`s a sad cny....

DotA match.

It`s been really long since I went into a cyber cafe with my DotA kaki and play a proper dotA match. I`ve been rotting at home ever since I came back from malacca (which is actually only yesterday). Then, Nick called me and ask me to play DotA, I suddenly feel like i`m alive again.

So, despite the distant, I rode my motorcycle to the end of Kajang town and meet my friend in a cyber cafe callled e-century. It`s not our usual place because it`s located too far out of town. However, we`re force to go there as there is no one playing in the cafe near town.. (cuz it`s a weekday). After this night, I came back more than just a gaming experience ; the disgusting truth of sore losers.

On my second game of the night, my team were losing pretty badly, cuz we unfortunately got a not so good hero combination which gives the enemy team an upper hand. So at the end of the game, one of the heroes who bear the nick name "dog_pawner" said that he pawn (kill) many dogs today. Well.. since we lost, we have nothing to say..... I understand the fact that there are a**holes around, hence this is one of them.

Then on my 3rd game, we played against their team again. This time, we have some good heroes, but the opponent had better. So for the first one hour, we were having being press and couldn`t advance. So we defended all the way. After some time, my team manage to work together so well, that we start killing even their strongest hero... (in dotA, teamwork rules!!). So the next hour, we build our heroes, and they became stronger and stronger..... Everything was fine.. until the leader of the opposite team frame us that we pump our hero. (pumping means buying item for another hero.. making that hero extremly strong and invicible, and it`s consider unetnical in DotA). Just because they can`t accept the fact that they are in the verge of losing after they have been on the upper hand for the first half of the game.

So.. the game goes on with them framing us and us trying to prove our innocents, until I overhead the leader shouted to his member " wei!! faster get me my booster leh". And now who`s pumping.... (they probably said it out loudly cuz they don`t know that their opponents (us) are just stting dirrectly opposite them). Then we told them that they are cheating, and guess what!! they deny it. Until I quote them the exact phase he spoke just now, he then defended himself that they cheat because we cheated first. Sigh.. they have to go till this extend just to win a game.. and it`s not even a competition.

Well, if the want to cheat, we can`t do anything.. they are the host anyway. We just join the game for the fun of it. Then after nearly 2 hours of defending, we manage to kill all their heroes at the same time, leaving their base defenceless.... this is the time when we`ll just push through thier towers and win the game.... and guess what happend!! an error happened. and all the applications is shut. We`re like wtf!!!! at this time? but then, all we do is just smile. Whether this accident happened intentionly or not, we know that we have won the game :)


I really really really hate worms. They are so creepy, the way they move and all... But above all, I really really really (x10000) hate computer worms. It replicates itself so many time that it infected my comp, the comp on my left, the comp on my right, the comp on the opposite...
The worm has now conquered my C drive which unfortunately holds some of my most important documents. All the sigma articles are inside, and my whole collection of 5 years pictures.... The loss of picture I still can compensate, but the lost of articles.. I`ll rather kill myself.. I really really hope I can solve this worm problem.. It keeps on replicating, eating up my memories and makes my comp lags. At times, the comp hangs.... this is disasterous.. and it all happen during cny, where all the technicians are celebrating cny.. ga!!!!1!

CNY`s coming

It`s seems that cny is only couple of days away. I`ve always love chinese new year. I mean who doesn`t! You get ang pau, lots of nice food, can gamble day and night :) it`s fun. I honestly looking forward to it. But at the same time, I can`t bring Adelene along. I`m not too sure I wanna go back to kajang to celebrate holidays or not.

And another factor is probably is I felt I`m a little too old. Serious! According to chinese tradision (or the tradision my mother`s side family believe), you have to add one year extra. Sincee I`ll be turning 19 this year, I have to add another one, thus making me 20... I feel so old!!! even 19 terifies me..... :( :( :( :( 18 is fun.. but 19!!

I don`t even feel nice taking ang pau.... sigh. *although i could really use the extra cash*

All about games

I initially wrote this article for the school year`s book. However they decided not to use it. So, I`m free to use it for my blog. It was writen by me for me anyway. Hahaha..Cuz this is really my side of the story.. probably doesn`t apply for the rest of the gaming society. (or maybe it does. I don`t know, you be the judge)

Every so often, I get some insults "advice" from non-gamers whenever they saw me playing games in front of a computer. Phrases like 'get a life', or ' games are for children, grow up!" are thrown; so much for my own 'good'. Now, I have been saying over and over again that games are not only for children. It’s a source of entertainment and it helps me to release stress, just like when you watch the television or read a book. However, over the times, the reasons cease to convince anyone anymore. Hence, I’ve decided to give whole new reasons on why gaming is good. (if you are a non-gamer and decided convert, no thanks are needed, just reload my next month’s subscription for World of Warcraft. Thanks in advance)

Reason no 1
- You can do stuff you can never do in real life.
"enter the matrix". Oh yeah. Enter into a world where there are endless possibilities, no physical limitations and of course, no liabities. Here are some situations where one can exploit the advantage of these systems.

a) When you "boh song" (in hokkein, meaning not happy) with your friend(s).
You can easily wack him up and end up in a jail for the next 10 years of my life. Or, you can bring your friend to the cyber cafe, play Doom 3, pick up the "Big Fxxxing Gun" and blast the hell out of him. Then you can laugh at how silly he looks without a head. What more, after a good game or two, you guys might be friends again. What a wonderful world it is :)

b) When you want to hit 200 miles per hour.
I love speed very much. The faster the better. Sadly, the only times I move at that speed is when I’m on air. Try it on the road, I would either land myself in court or in hell heaven. Heaven seems to be a nice place but for most of the youngster, they aren’t really ready to go yet. Same for me. Anyway, if you intend to stay here on earth but yet still want to hit the 200 miles per hour mark, Need For Speed: Most Wanted is here to save the day,. Not only you now owns a Porsche Carrera GT, you can drive it as fast as you want, knock down all the lamp post on the side of the road, hit every single car that comes on the opposite direction, and still survive in one piece. (yea, the car is virtually indestructible). And if by any chance you get caught by the cops, hit the restart button and you saved yourself a RM 350 summon ticket and your precious driving license. Talk about hit and run case....

Reason no 2
- its entertainment in any whether, any place and any time.

How irritating it was when you want to play basketball in the evening, and it rains. After all the hard work of sms-ing everyone, then confirming those for want to play, planned everything, and it didn’t work out in the end because God decides to water the clouds. And there times where you want to watch a movie and all the online and telephone bookings are full. You then have to queue for 2 hours at the cinema counter only to be told that the movie tickets are all sold out for 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm,11pm and the only seat available is on the first row at 1 am. These are times where I would rather sit in front of my computer comfortably with popcorns and coke, playing maple story. In addition, with so many cafes sprouting like mushroom nowadays, I can just drop by and play a game there and then. No queues, no worries about the weather, practically no hassle at all.

Reason no 3.
-Friends, friends and more friends.
The times where games are for nerds who only sit alone at home with the computer are long over. A lot of games are now build for multiplayer or even massive multiplayer; e.g. MMORPGs. These enable one to practically meet up with anyone, young or old, and anywhere, near or far. A random survey was done, and it stated that a lot of people play games to gain or maintain a social circle. It’s true in many ways. There are hundreds or even thousands of game clans all around the gaming society. MMU itself have a DotA clan; Clan Notorious. Besides, playing game is one of the best group activity, rather than just going to mamak and `yum cha`.

Reason no 4.
-to improve communication and leadership skill.
Believe it or not, games do improve one’s cooperation skill. Games like dotA, CS, Starcraft, RO and many more, carries a simple basic rule; no team work, no win. Here’s a sample scenario where teamwork goes wrong.

Typical dotA match;

" member a : 5 enemy heroes coming in the middle lane.. all go defend."
*all 5 member went to middle lane one*

One by one, each of the member died.

"member a : hey stupid la you guys... stun that lich first"
"member b : my manna ran out la"
"member c : why you guys walk so fast, I’m left behind"
"member d : huh what happened? I was busy pushing the right lane"
"member e : noob la all you... waste time only" (member e left the game)

The team continue to get pawned and eventually lost terribly.

A sample of a good teamwork.

"member a : 5 enemy heroes coming in the middle lane.. all wait together at the baseline."
"member b : kill which hero first?"
"member a : one of you stun lich, another one cyclone Naix, then we kill Scorpion King first"
"member c : ok, I’ll cyclone."
"member d : and I’ll stun."
"member e : I put sentry ward already, gang bang when they all reach the tower.
"member a : ok.. all move out together.. go go go..."

All members appeared suddenly. They caught the enemy off guarded.
Enemy is in a state of confusion, spells flying everywhere but at random heroes.
Lich is then stunned which Naix is seen flying up in the air due to cyclone. Every enemy on the ground died one by one, and then the poor Naix came back to the ground and died also.

Sentinels are owning.

Reason 5
-games are simply better than real life. Here’s why;

1) If someone annoys me in a game, I can wreak havoc on their butt.

In real life, I'd probably run away.
2) Playing a game can look just like working, depending on whether
my boss can see my screen.
3) If I don't like a game, I can play another one. In real life my
girlfriend/wife objects to this philosophy.
4) Computer games justify my need for a faster PC. In real life,
nobody types fast enough to require 3.0ghz.
5) In a computer game, I can beat Tiger Woods. In real life I need
to carry spare balls.

Is all of this true? No, of course not! You should get out into the sunshine.
Talk to your spouse. Play with the kids. Walk along an exotic foreign beach
at sunset. Anything really, just leave me here in peace. With my PC.

*credits to Greg Mcdonald for points on reason 5. Thanks.


Suprisingly, this suprise was really suprising. I mean what suprise can you expect when you open your msn. There are probably a few possibilities...

1) when u open your msn, 1000+ ppl added u as friend
2) when u open your msn, all your contacts were deleted.

Well, mine`s not that exagerated. It`s fairly simple.. 'that' person online. For those who doesn`t know who I`m talking about, eh, it`s for me to know and for you to find out. (or better if u don`t find out). Anyway, back to the story. So, 'that' person online after, probably half a year she didn`t appear 'online' on my msn. Sadly, the I never believe that one would not online for such a long period. So after the first week or two, I started to be curios, cuz this person used to be rather closed to me.. once upon a time.

With a few resources and 'research', I figure out that she did online, only I can`t see her. (ops.. did I used the word she?). This comes to two conclusio; either msn system have gone haywire (which is indeed very likely), or simply because I`m block. I would like to believe the first reason, but extinct tells me that it`s the latter. Was rather dissapointed when I first found the substantial prove of my conclusion (which is the later one). I mean, if one wouldn`t want to chat with me, you can simply tell it directly. It hurts ppl more if you don`t. Enough said, I do block ppl occasionly... (er.. actually quite often), but because I`m something don`t feel like chatting, and I can`t tell them directly that I don`t feel like chatting, cuz they will either get offended, or start questioning me why I don`t feel like chatting, am I ok, don`t be sad, and try to cheer me up, thus, prolonging into a perpertual consolation process which I really don`t want to be in at that point of time.

However, blocking ppl for permernantly, not unless that person is a girl for dono which state/county or a guy who suddenly goes like "hi, can i be your friend". Seriuosly, I can still tolerate a girl who say that, but a guy? err.... call me a gender bias person, I felt that my fear for sudden guy 'attraction' is pretty much justifiable. I use to love chatting very much. I used to chat with everyone who adds me. In fact, I used to say hi to everyone who comes online. But as time pass, with bad experience and memories, that habits fades away. For better or worse, I really don`t know. I`m not really exited into meeting new pp anymore. I felt that I already knew too much ppl and I haven`t even knew my current friends close enough. (or some too closed for my own good). Maybe it`s because of the fact that I have Adelene or maybe because I`ve totaly lost interest in knowing other ppl.

Maybe I should ponder about it for a while. At this very point, I still haven`t chat to 'that' person. I don`t know if I want to. What makes me hesitate, I seriously have no idea. But the very that I`m unblock (for whatever reason), makes me a little happier than b4 I click log in for my msn a couple of hours ago.

Interview with the Prof.

I was playing diablo until about 7am, consience began to make noise that I have awfully over play that game. Then it try to give me a lot of reasons such as I`ve been ignoring Adelene because of that game, never had enough sleep.. yada yada, forgeting sigma work. Speaking about sigma work, I`m suppose to interview the President of MMU today, around 10.30. Shite. I only have about 2-3 hours to sleep. Die die... I grumble till I feel asleep at about 7.30 am.

Wake up!! huh?? I was as blur as a panda.. I wash my face and get ready to meet the Prof. I almost slept while walking and I definetly slept while waiting in the waiting room. Thankfully, I regain just enough strength to stay awake through the interview. I was expecting an interview like this ;

Alex : Good morning Mr.........
Prof : morning.
Alex : can you tell us about ..........
Prof : k.... that`s about it.
Alex : thanks..

A short simple interview so I can go back and enjoy my beauty sleep.

Things however, were far from what I thought it would be. Me and my mates began questioning about everything there is about the univerisity. The financial condition, the direction it`s heading, it`s future, what`s install for us... to even money, love, girlfriend, god........ It`s like talking to a friend.. and believe me... he`s a very very friendly man. He`s really nice to talk too.. and funny :) Without us realising, one and a half hour have pass... We really had bother him too long... he even left his lunch untouch.. felt a little guilty.

Seriously, I never expect an interview will be this fun. Hee.. now that the prof know my name, life will be so much smoother.. hahahaa....

Typical scenario

Alex : I need a to book the main hall for a function for the next weekend.
Facilatator : Err... cannot la... the main hall maybe got some other function.. some more it`s going to holiday already.... have it next semester la.
Alex : but but but...
Facilatator : Cuts me off.. but at the same time the prof pass by

Prof : Hi Alex..... (and he walks away)
Facilatator : (shows a shock facial expression).. err.. u need the hall from what time to what time
Alex : (smiles evily) heeee...

Well... maybe it will happen to me, maybe it won`t.. but this scenario is actually taken from a real life experience of my friend.... so, I`ll just keep my finger`s cross. :)

Sigma working weak.Lazy but.....

It has begin. The critical period that will decide whether the uni's year book will reach the hands of the students or just rot in our computer. All our graphics, content, picture, have to be finalized and put together. It`s now or never. Seriously, it`s giving me pressure.. more than the exams. I really hope I will not let the team down and I`ll fulfil my duties with all my abilities that I possess. Sigma must get publish this year.. and that`s a promise.

-you`ll probably find a few storm outside the window because alex just said he`s going to be hardworking.- right.....

Invited only?

I always seems to have problem with these words. Probably it have become a taboo to me. Doesn`t like it when I hear it. Now, you might see me as a sour grape or something but as a matter of fact, I really am. I hate it whenever I felt left our or isolated. I`ve been left out in so many occasions, that I couldn`t even count them anymore. I remember when I was 7 years old, where my best friend will leave me and pretend he don`t know me whenever his cousins comes around. Then, when I`m primary 5, my group of friends will plan a night stay at a friends house, and once again, I`m left out. Then when I was form 2, I was left out again when one of my friends have a birthday party... (I was then told later that he forget to invite me.... so as a revenge.. I purposely forget to invite him my birthday party.. mwahhaha. I`m so evil). Then I grew up a little older and learn not to mind all these things because my church mates always plan outing and I`m always left out. I`ve learn to control my emotions and don`t really mind it anymore... until today.

A chain of incidents, (bad ones especially) does break down a person no matter how emotionly strong there are. (and to top it all, I`m emotionly weak). I practically screwed up my exams, so I`m looking forward for ppl to help me take my mind off things. So, I always persuad ppl to play game with me, try to find Adelene to go for a movie or something. It might seems to be a mere coincidence, but everyone seems to leave me out today. Adelene left me to be with her family cuz her bro got home, the rest left spr because it`s holidays already, then some of them left to have a bbq party of their own (and they invite a almost everyone in the room, except me.... even my housemate is invite, but I don`t.... I wonder how you would feel if you were in my shoe) . So everyone left..... on the times where I need them most.

Perhaps, the only light admist all my darkness is when Adelene showed up for a few minutes to pass me my road tax... I hug her for as long as I could before letting her go back. Unwillingly, tears filled my eyes for a moment... And then she left.... I then spend the rest of my days alone watching star trek in front of my dear comp.

My exam is over!!!!..

It`s over.. not really over.. but it`s over.... My exam`s over the minute I screwed up my calculus paper. Yesterday english.. no calculus.. damm I`m not going to study for tomorrow. Totaly no mood, no motivation, no reason.... ok, I`m not going to whine anymore. Play half life... mwahahahaha.... or dotA.. mwhahahahaaha...

*hence, Alex whining-bout-exam days are over...

noooo!!!! not again!!!!!

I have succesfully unable to finish my essay for the 3rd exam in a row. I don`t even feel like blogging..... just don`t understand why I couldn`t complete my essays... life is miserable... I`m screwed up my english... sob sob

The day I though it`ll never come.

I have always been confident of my maths and physics..... always. I never though that I`ll resort to being blur and feeling unsecure that I might not get an A for this exam. Yes, it`s scary. I was doing some pass year question. The situation goes like this.

Question 1
*self praising* aha.. question 1.. should be easy... hmmm.. struggle struggle.. ok I manage to do question 1...

Question 2
*ultimate confidencec* should be as easy as question 1... struggle struggle.... eh, how come i didn`t see this b4... *refers to note*.. aha. there is it.... question 2 done.

Question 3
*starting to lose confidence* this question better be easy..... struggle struggle... aiks.. only manage to do 1 sub question.. nvm... *refers to note*... but it`s not in the notes... nvm.. ask lecturer tomororw.

Question 4
*feeling frustrate due to question 3* .. what`s this.... never seen it b4... *refers to notes. it goes like this "please refer to ur text book for this particular topic." But i don`t even have a text book... all the text book are sold out for this sem.... bugger!!!

Question 5
*totaly no mood to do anything*.. looks at question... realised that the lecturer haven`t finish the syllabus... .. close the book... play dotA.

Conclusion : It`s totaly the lecturer`s fault... blame her.... and continue playing dotA

Mmmmonster kill!!!!!!
*Miss Heng (my cal`s lecturer) is killed by alex.

Superbly overprice!!

In Malaysia, you can get a plate of rice with 3 different dishes for Rm 2-3 at a food court. At the same time you can also get a bowl of rice with just one piece of fist for 5 times the price. Welcome to Sushi King - where black hole (that sucks money instead of gravity) travels on a conveyor belt. A tiny meat on a rice ball will cost you from 2-7 ringgit; the same price you can eat a plate of chicken rice (RM2.50) or a chicken chop (Rm7), and I haven`t even go to the deserts yet. Imagining how sushi king justified their pricing is just torturous.

Usually, I have my own way of dealing with these over price sort of stuff. I`ll go into sushi king with a full stomach. Then I`ll just ignored all the food on the menu and on any other coloured plate but blue. (blue plate cost you rm 2 and that`s the cheapest item there). I`ll probably take a plate or 2, just to prove I`m patronizing the store. Then comes the money-worth part. I`m exploit the fact that sushi king provide free green tea, which thankfully, taste pretty good. So, I take 2 blue plate of sushi, and drink 8 cups of tea. Putting those into figures, I`ll roughly price them like this,

acceptable sushi price - rm 1
acceptable green tea price - rm 0.5

Bill that I suppose to pay ; 2 x sushi (rm 1) and 8 x green tea (rm 0.5) = rm 6
Actual bill that I paid : 2 x sushi (rm 2) and 8x green tea (free!!) = rm 4

Mwahaha. I actually earn rm 2 bucks...Aren`t I smart?

However, even 'wise' man made mistake. I step into sushi king today, once again a full stomach. (gain 1 point for a correct move). Brought a gf (minus 100 point for this move.. totally wrong), took a red plate (minus another 100 point cuz the only colour I should take is blue). Ordered from the menu ( minus 1000 points... superbly grave mistake.. menu items cost a lot).

End result? I`m poorer by Rm 35.... Rm 35 for a curry mee, fish with rice, and 1 egg. Well, at least I enjoyed the food.... sigh....

Should I, or should I not?

It`s been a couple of year since this thought first reach my mind. Should I, or should I not. I`m talking about giving tuitions. To be more exact, giving free tuition. Now I sound a little out of my mind, don`t I. My mom will probably go like : " you sot d ah? so free nothing to do, go teach your brother la". Sigh, I just knew it. Anyway, back to me. One may ask why I want to give tuition, and why free? Here`s my humble answer. I`m not pretending and if anyone have anything negetif to comment about this, pls shut up and I don`t wanna listen. My intentions are pure nth more than helping others.

I believe that everyone should do their part in this society. I sincerly want to do my part. However, me with all my inabilities, couldn`t help much. I want to banish poverty, and hunger. I want the world to be peaceful, without murder, without genocides, withiout terrorism. But, I`m a 18 years old with no experience and I sincerly do not know how I can be of any help. Some ppl say that I have not try hard enough. So I examining myself (pls no dirty thoughts), why advantage and disadvantage.


Lazy, hopeless, unpatient, selfish, stuck up, narrow minded, stubborn, and the list goes on.

Ok.. what could anyone with those qualities do. Ok. Maybe if i look into myself deeper, I do have a little above average inteligence in math and science subject. So, hence, came the option giving tuition. Since God have decided to give me a little brains, might as well I ultilize it and help others instead of letting it rot... since I`m not really using it much nowadays with me sleeping in class everyday.

Despite having the ability to grasp most of the maths and sciences subjects, I dono how well am I at teaching. Understanding and passing the knowledge is a whole lot different story. People are having problems understanding what I`m trying to say, am I then capable to teach. Can I bring my self down to my students level and teach them effectively. I don`t want to be a uncompetant teacher because a teacher`s role is so vital, it sets a path to the student`s life. The reason why I`m studying engineering now may be likely due to my having a teacher to teach me maths when I`m 6 years old for few months. With an advantage, I progress faster than most of my classmates, and therefore, partilaly contributed to my ability to grasp a maths and sciences subject. I`m sure in one way or another a teacher makes u like or dislike a certain subject.

In a nut shell, I`m still having this problem, should I teach or not..... I`m afraid, but yet, I`m wanna try, because if I don`t, I`ll never know. I manage to teach a couple of friends who always ask me question, but they usually understands because they have the basic knowledge and they are already quite smart. If I get a really erm.. "sad case" student... can I still be able to surpress my frustration and continue to teach with a smile. I can`t imagine if a boy start crying when he don`t understand what 1+2 is.....And if he really don`t understand what 1+2 is, I will literally cry myself. (happens to me when I teach my standard 1 brother.. nearly killed myself.)

I`ve roughly figure out a solution for all the problems above. These is what I`ve come up after a intensive brainstorm.

-Teach only maths and sciece subject.
-Teach only form 1 student - form 5 student.
-Teach only those who really want to study (since they are not paying, I get the power to choose)

-If their parents insist and can afford a private tutor, I `ll charge and force convince the child to study (since their parents pays me)

So, what do you guys think? If you have constructive comments, pls pls drop one... I desperately want them :) If you have nothing more than insults saying that I`m a hypocryte, you can drop it too.. I`ll just delete them and pretend i never read them. Thanks too all who care in advance.

*due to not so obvious reasons, my readers for this blog have decline... I didn`t get comments for the past 10 entries... is really all who use to care for me don`t care anymore? If so, pls tell me why ok? maybe I`ve done something wrong? or maybe time have just seperate all of us apart. :( I want my friends back!!!

A visit from the north.

Actually not so much north... Nick and Kian Liang came over to check this place out. For those who don`t know them, they are my hometowm buddies. Kian Liang is most likely to study here next sem for his degree, so he decided to find out the residential area and settle down for the next 4 years. Both of them arrive at malacca when I was still sound asleep. Felt really unmotivated and lazy, but yet, I borrowed my housemate`s car and pick them up from the bus station. Spend the whole day accompanying them playing dotA, walking nearly every street in my area to look for house, and of cuz, brought them to eat. We went satay celup that night because my adelene manage to sneak out from her house.. with a car! yipee :) Continued playing dotA with the during the night till about 3am. Gosh, it`s really tiring. That Kian Liang never seems to ever need a rest. He only slept 2 hours b4 he came, and he stay awake the whole day till 4am. And the on the next morn, he went out as early as 8am to look for houses again... crazy....

While having friend visiting you is... somthine you don`t experience everyday, but it`s really the wrong time mate. I have finals in a couple of days you know, and I haven`t study!! (which I doubt I ever will), but then again, it`s the thought that matters, right? Gah, someone save me from the curse of laziness!!! I felt stupid and lame and depress and hopeless.....

*alex whines....again

Assignments? Exams? Revisions? .... not again????

You know, it just seems like yesterday when I took my finals exam for semester 1. Within a blink of an eye, it`s going to be finals for semester 2. What more, there are assignments to hand in, tutorials to be done, not to mention the preparition that I have to make for the upcoming exam..... Being me, I obviously didn`t do any of those. Not to say I didn`t try. I did study !!!!!

for a momment...... then my mind wander of;

and i can`t concentrate. I need my "back up"!!!. Hence,

McD to the rescue!!!! Then I get back to studying...

or more like "studying"... gah... numbers, numbers, more numbers.... and a hang man

Decided later on that curly fries is just more interesting than physics.. I mean, it`s so much more useful.... you can use it as ear rings :)

and of cuz, it`s too delicious to be kept as ear ring.. so I ate my "earing" instead;

mmm.. Mcdonalds.. I`m loving it.. :)

* I actually bought the drink and the curly fries and two different trips... went to mcD twice. Once at 12 am another time at 2.30 am.. The drive trought opens 24 hours.... super cool :)

Light Crystal Display Avatar

It sounds technical, but trust me, it`s totaly not. Light crystal display avatar, aka LCD avatar, is simply a term I come up with due to my craze for cute cute stuff (especially soft toys). Anyway, I haven`t really blog about the place I spend most of my time in my uni life, the Student Press Room, (SPR). This room mainly consist on computers/laptops (to do graphics, database and publishing works), meeting boards and tables, bolsters (ever heard of egronomics) and of cuz, some cute cute items which usually surounds my comp. It`s been half a year i`m here d... I have to adapt to the people, the environment and lifestyle which will be mine for the next 5 years.

Well, apart from the humans living in the room, a drama unfold.Witness the first, untrue, and totaly unoriginal, the lifes of LCD avatars;

The first of its kind to ever inhibit the room, is no other than Mew Chan, the cat. Now we all know that cat`s are evil. According to the ending of the movie entitle "Cat`s & Dogs" the white cat is at last being so called torture by the two fat lady. But then, classified information shows that the cat manage to escape and have change it`s name. Therefore, it`s very likely that this very cat is no other than Mew Chan itself. Poor Edo is being monopolised by Mew Chan and the cat have already taken over his`s lcd screen. He`s pretending to be asleep most of the time, but we know that deep inside his mind, a worl ddomination plan is building.

Then, it was Master Yoda who manage to trace the dark side (evil cat) . Master Yoda is now establishing a base at Razzman`s Lcd and already begin recruiting new Jedi. Razzman being his faithful follower, offered up his Lcd which is located just across a valley (a laptop actually) from Mew Chan`s secret hide out (Edo`s lcd). But yet, another classificed information has confirmed that the force is no match for the evil mind of Mew Chan.

Yoda have come to sense that the force is no longer effective, he switch to nature instead. He search and search and finally found the two brave heroes in the galaxie. Hence came the pupies, Fifi and "The Dog" (the dog`s name is "the dog" literally.. the tags says so). Located directly opposite the hideout of Mew Chan, on the hill (My Lcd) where all of the cats activity are being monitor. The balance of power is achieved. And so, the room regain it`s stability and peace is assured. May the force be with you always.

Disclamer : The names and the avatars are true, but the story line is sure pure crap; if you can`t differentshade fiction and fact, go drown yourself or join the dark side. I`m sure the cat welcomes you. Mew Chan is not evil, in fact, it`s really cute. Just like my puppies :) heee.... Just adorable. Hence this comes to the end of our drama today.. Hope you`re trilled.

A new year celebration

Enough of resolutions, I`m now in a dead lock figuring how I`m going to celebrate my NYE (new year`s eve) .I have 4 choice actually. 1st to go back kajang and celebrate in church, or have a party at home with all my ex-classmates. But then again, I have to go trought the hassle of buying tickets and suffer the risk of not able to get back to class on tuesday morning like this week. So in the end, I decided to stay at malacca... which then brings me to the same question; how should I ;celebrate my NYE. Some of my friends plan to 'commit' a sin this new year.... they are going to eat up as many chicks as possible (chicks and in chickens). Buy all the kfc and pizzas they can eat. I personally don`t like the idea of eating to death on this new year... not on this special night where Adelene actually have the chance to stay out late with me.

After thinking so hard.. I decided that I`ll.... watch naruto the whole day until night fall.. then only I`ll think what to do next. Weeee... However, procrastination is not an escape.. By 7am, it`s already getting dark and I have to decide on something before Adelene knocks my head. 1 hour later, I landed myself in Ong Kim Wee eating satay celup.. oh well... It`s nice food anyway.. at my heart away. Decide to have a litle desert after that, so we went to MP to get some baskin robin`s ice cream (since it`s 31% discount on the 31st). But then, there were far too many ice cream lovers surrounding it.. Waited for 31 mintues and decided that It`s just not worth the wait (and the price of cuz). Went to mcdonalds and ate mcflurry instead.

Left Mp and went to MBMb to attend the countdown. This will mark my first time attending a massive countdown in a public place.. At first, I kinda regret it... right and left lane filled with cars, motorcycles, bicycles and badly malays. Now I look racist, but I just can`t stand it when they start whistling and start calling my gf.. wish I could just ram them with my bike.... And guess what, those thugs are actually in their early teens.. I wonder what the society will be with all of them being the so called "leader of tomorrow"

Anyway, with sucky performancecs, overcrowded, a little rain, it`s a miracle that I decided to carry on with the plan and waited patiently for the countdown. The only thing that kept me there is Adelene. We actually got so bored that we roam around and start hunting for the traders who sell balloons which all the little kids seems to have one. So off we go and we bought ourself a cute little blue helium ballon.. Adelenee was quite overjoyed cuz she never had one of those ballons b4. Hahaha.. who needs flowers when you can have hellium filled balloons... Then, without realising it, they have begin the countdown d. 5... 4...3...2...1...0... happy new year. Fireworks then begin to light up the skies. Probably the most beautiful thing I saw in years..... This is indeed the best fireworks display I`ve ever witness. Arh, at least the trip here is worth it after all..... and with those beautiful lighst, I really hope that this year will indeed be brighter than the last... Happy new year everyone :) God bless

*and for some who missed the fireworks, here`s some consolation;

(pictures taken from my phone`s cam. hee)

Yipee, I finally decided to put some pictures to flavour my blog... A new style for a new year :) How`s that for a change :)

Another year have pass....

You know, all of a sudden, it year 2006 d. This year doesn`t seems to long compare to last year... I wonder is enstein`s theory of relativity have anything to do with it. Nothing much seems to happens this year, or maybe, this year the ups and downs aren`t that apparent. Well, let reflect and sum up what I went through this year.

- started working for the first time, as a property sales agent.
- got my depressing SPM result.
- performed in the Golden Jubilee Celebration at Bukit Jalil.
- went to university.
- found someone special...again (yea, this time, I`m not going to lose her)
- scoring perfect score for the first time (4 flat)

hmmmm, look... nothing much happened this year after all. The few things I like this year compare to last year is that there were lest heartaches, less pressure and stress, and gain really a lot a lot of new friends. I don`t know if they`re better than my old ones.. but having new contacts and meeting new people is pretty fun. I gained a circle of friends from the archiocecesen choir, o2jam clan, university class mates, friends from SPB and friends from badminton clubs.

Well, after all this, I still haven`t make my new year resolution..(most of them are my past resolution which I haven`t fufill yet),. so here goes

1- improve my handwriting (failed for the 12 year in a row)
2- be really hardworking, do my homeworks and assignents and do not sleep in class.
3- keep everyone around me happy
4 - learn not to talk without thinking
5 - do NOT try to prove the teacher wrong... it`s not worth the glory. (especially if the teacher marks your paper)
6 - meet all my closed friends at least once a year.
7 - train my badminton skills to tournament level.
8 - understand myself more and figure out my strengths and weaknesses.
9 - widen my knowledge so I won`t be called naiv and a frog under a coconut shell
10 - learn to debate properly.. :)

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.