Badminton frenzy

Wee... I`m starting to get back into badminton. It`s been so long since I have the motivation to play badminton seriously... The sudden hype is probably due to the fact that I`ve witness a lot of good players around MMU.. I wish I could train up and be as good as them.. if possible, better.

Yesterday, I had a post morterm meeting for the last badminton tourney I organized. After settling all the issue, we went to eat steamboat.. foc. Sort of like an appreciattion dinner :) ate till bloated.. It`s really fun cuz the new friends (committee members) I`ve found are really nice :)

Then this afternoon, I called some of my SPB friends to play badminton.. everything seems to went quite wrong at first.It`s 2 pm and it rained heavily when we wanna leave. Then, we reach there, the court at the dewan is closed. I called and the person in charge say the court will be open at 3pm. That was another 45 minuntes away. We waited and waited till 3... still no one.. then at 3.30, we got fed up, and left to kipspot badminton hall. Went there and was told that there were no court left. However, the person in charge told me beforehand that the court is available. Ga, we have no choice but the leave. Then at 4, we went back to the dewan. It`s open this time, but the guard say we have to book at some other place. After negociating, the guard allow us to go in.... and we played till about 6... It was enjoyable even we have to tolerate with all the unwanted obstacles. However, I was expecting the players to be better than this... hmmm.. cuz I really want to improve and the only way too is to play with better players... hmmmm... need to double my effort..... gambate

The irony of skipping a day`s class

Bus tickets sold out, no cars availbale, no means of transport to get back to malacca. Suppose to be back on monday night. Since there`s no transport, I have no choice but to stay one more day at home and skippeds tuesday`s class.. Terrible terrible and horrible choice to make. On tuesday morning, I had calculus. And to top it all, I have quiz on that day. I skipped my quiz.My calculus marks was realeased.. it was horrible!!!!! 79/90..... 6 marks our of those is due to mis reading of the + and - sign... and she minus so much marks!!! It seems from the very beginnning all my mistake on maths are signs related..... when will I be relieved from this cursed!!!!!! I hate losing marks like this .. (and my quiz marks will be low cuz I skipped one of them) OH no... my calculus sub is doomed!!!!

All I want for christmas.. .is you

My christmas started rather late this year. Usually by 15 of december, I`ll be jumping for joy, decorating christmas tree.. singing carols.. going to church and practice choir for christmas... however this year, I couldn`t be in any part of those. I`m stuck in MMU until 23 of December. However, there is still chance to catch up for this year christmas.... Still have 2 days to go before 25th...

On friday night -23, I made it back home in time for the christmas musical play which my church`s youth ministry had plan and organized since a few months back. I`m really really happy it turned out well.. In fact, it was more than well... The cheer at the end of the shows confirmed it. Briliant and fresh ideas were put into this play. Stuff like converting biblical verse and sing it out in the melody of Phantom of the Operas soundtracks, putting dance in between plays, modifying the original nativity... it`s just wonderful.... Yet, what impress me the most is the when I see all number of children participated in this play. The children and parents are very supportive of it I guess that the secret recipe of the play`s sucess. A taste of the christmas`s joy. It`s sweet.

On 24th, christmas eve, started this beautiful morning with choir practice... been months since I last attend choir practice.. After that, I went ahead and do my christmas shopping... bought tonnes and tonnes of stuff..... 2 big plastic bag full in total... (the really huge kind of plactice bag... something like the size of a garbage bag). The only prob is I`m riding a bike.. aiks... Halfway shopping, my friend came and I joined them for movie... After that, I continue my shooping spree. Bought a wallet for my dad, a wooden house to keep keys for my mom, coffee for my grandma, jigsaw puzzle for my cousin sister, a cd game for my cousin brother, pringles for another cousin brother, a coin bottle for my brother... and lastly,, the best one of all... a cute dog (soft toy) for my sis.... It`s really really really really cute.... was so heart broken when I handed it to her... I want it for my self!! Then at night, I went to christmas vigil at church.... It was as usuall.. nice and joyful.. Nick and daniel came over to my house after the mass and stayed for a while b4 I send them home around 2am.

Christmas day is finally here. This year, my family decided to go back to hometown. Went there and read about 4 doraemon book and watch power ranger with all the little cousins... hee.. then came back at night and go to Nick`s christmas party. Like last year, food was apetizing, even though I had dinner at hometown, I still at a lot at Nick`s house. Can`t resist those lazanias, sheperd`s pie, grill lamb, bbq chicken.. yum yum..... Went dotA for a couple of hours after that. Had a whale of time tonight. Christmas is fun.... What I like about this Christmas is that I get to spend it with my family (very sad that Adelene didn`t spend it with me). Apart from that, the food never runs out..... yummy food every time of the day. Anyway, let us not forget why we celebrate christmas in the first place, to commemorate the birth of christ. So, in simple words, let us not wish merry christmas and instead sing Happy Birthday Jesus :)

The exams are (nearly) over!!!

My last midterms for this tri semester is over.. I can now at least relax abit and enjoy my christmas. But let`s talk a little about the paper shall we. On thursday, I spend my time doing my assignments.... it`s really amazing.. u know.. me, studying.. It`s bizzare....anyway, I`m glad I did, becasue I slept too much in class for calculus. As a result, I`m really confused about the solving methods and questions.. The paper that night was indeed tough.. I`m pretty much sure it`s going to be hard to score for everyone.. as for me... I somehow manage to find the answer after I tried very very hard.. At first when I saw the question, I was really clueless... then I look and tried and tried, it suddenly came to my mind.. and I manage to answer all the ques.. I believe it`s a small miracle for me.... It was indeed, the toughest maths paper I ever solve.. but yet, I finish it in half the time.... It`s really a miracle.

Then on friday, my 2nd physics exam. This paper only test chap 3 and 4.. which is the most easy chapter this sem... But yet, after takling the terrible calculus paper, I was expecting something of this standard... Then at 3.30, the paper stands right in front of me.. I opened it and like.. wtf $%*($&%$*(%&$*( IT`s NOT A FU**ING PRE-U paper... I swear that a form 4 can take this paper and pass or maybe even score a full marks if given one extra formula.. It`s reallyt form 4 physics.. in fact.. it`s easier than form 4 physics... gosh.. to tricky question, all direct and 1 mark questions.. just multiply to quantity to make it 20... arrH!!! this is stupid... Degrading the standard of physics...

*i bet the lecturer purposely set this paper easy as nearly half the student failed their first midterm.

enough said.. mid terms is over.. and finals is up in 2 weeks.. gambate!!

Smash Master 05/06

Oh yeah... it`s finally over.. 2 days of non stop hardwork, running up and down, umpiring and line judging... gosh.. it`s crazy... but it, I pulled it through. It`s been a great experience.. directing event.. heee. Sort of enjoy using my power as a director. mwahahaha.. calling ppl to go here and there.. wee!! it`s fun even though I`m not playing for the tournament. Speaknig about playing, I`m glad I didn`t join.. The players there are inhuman.. (exaggaration as usual). Seriously, there is a number of national, state and distric player. The smash are scary. The shuttle shoots out faster than my eyes could see... I wonder how they can keep up with those speed....

Then there is one guy, Tan Ying Zhong, who`s like this super gifted badminton player.. He joined all the events he could, Men singles, doubles and mix doubles... and win.!! Throughtout the 2 days, he`ve been playing almost non stop... total madness.... I wonder how a person can have that much of energy... wish I could play like him.

The tournament ended with a two tumbs up from the presidentof badminton cup and my division head... only a couple of minor errors such as the roof leaks, the schedule got reschedule, the prize is missing.. (eh doesn`t sound that minor anymore huh).. anyway.. it`s ended.. and everyone`s happy.. I`m happy for sure.. Now, I can finally rest in piece.... zzzzzzz

Last prep for the big day

Yea, tomorrow will be the first time I`m directing an event at a university level. The tournaments preparation has finally come to an end. The pairings are set, the players are confirmed, everything is ready to go..... Just went everything seems to be working out well, I had a little disagrement with one of my committee. All the while, he has this very angry attitude which I`m still able to tolerate. Today, he gives his usual pointless statement and I ignored him and told that we will not listen to that point. He got really angry and ask me to shut up and fuck off. I then ask him what`s his problem. Do he has something towards me. Is there anything you want to say... he then threathen to wack me. I try to clarify with him what`s the problem... He still maintain his anger. Then the president of the club ask me to leave first. I walk off quietly. Angry and dissapointed at my self for able to settle this matter. How am I going to to lead tomorrow with this kind of member... some one tell me.. am I a lousy leader? maybe I shouldn`t be the director after all.......

My first intervarsity debate.

I really can`t believe I`m doing this... I`m going for my first intervasity debate... it`ll be my first time debating after many many years, and I dare say that my performance will be as bad as how malaysia`s football did in the olympics. My debate club president encourage us all, (mostly noobs) to go for this debate to get some experience... that`s what (iv)s are for. Noobies go and get trash, and learn debating the hard way, just like everyone else. So here goes, after a couple of debate preparation, I finally able to speak without losing my heard out and search my messy paper where I misplace my points. However, I still have one major problem, I can`t elaborate my points well which always cause me to end my speach before 5 minutes. I`m suppose to speak at least 6 minutes plus and ideally, use all 7 minutes.

So, the day finally arrive. Day 1. Shedule for 3 rounds of debate today. Woke up late at 6.45 am (45 minutes late) whereby my alarm snooze aproximately 5 times. Was really really tired due to lack of sleep. First round start around 11am. Since the format is British Parlimentary, 4 teams, each teams consist of 2 people, I face mmu cyber, IIU and a swing team in round one. The motion was, "this house will ban violent game. My team were the opening opposition. I manage to speak for 6 minutes plus... was really happpy. Even though we got whoop in by MMU cyber, I`m still happy. The people in MMU cyber are really really good... they are rank among the best teams of debating in the country and around Asean. We got 3rd this round. What really made me happy is that the adjuricator say that he had hard time placing us 2nd and 3rd. Wow, never though could have achieve this in anyway on my frist round. It really brought my spirit up... I later was told that the MMU cyber team, who got first this round, was the team who won first place in Aseans. Meaning they are the best team in the whole Asean. No wonder we got trash.

Round 2 was disasterous .The motion was " This house believe that environment should be a precondition for develpoment aid. Ouch, debating about politics policy, not my cup of tea. However, I prepare a couple of points and hope that the debate will go well. However things went way different from expected. We got closing goverment, and our goverment team screwed up the motion. Since both me and my team mate are noobs, we can`t readjust to the new sudden motion and I totaly screwed up. We got last this round. I think we did so badly that if there is a 5th place, I`ll galdy accept it. I was totaly depressed after that. Another debate like this, I wouldn`t want to debate anymore. Stupid opening gov... make our life miserable. Hate hate them.....

Round 3. I finally cheered myself up after Jon reassure me that these cases happens all the time. I wash my face and get ready for the next round. The motion was released and everyone cheered. It`s a humour round... (at that point.. i was like huuh??) What`s a humour round? Took me quite a while to realised that humour round is a round where you have to sparks jokes and debate over a funny topic. The motion for this round was "THis house will free santa`s elves". I mean? santa... lol... so, there were lots of laughter this round with baseless arguments that involve, harry potter`s house elves, oompa loompas from charlie and the choc. factory.. yada yada... and the outrages statement of Santa are sexually deprived and the elves couldn`t satisfy him. (gosh... ) We didn`t know what position we secure this round cuz it was a silent round (meaning the result is hidden) but I knew I did well. I actually manage to speak with full confidence and this time, not just crapping.

Round 4. I shouted with joy as I learn that the team that screwed up the motion in the 2nd round was facing us again, and this time, I`m ops and they`re gov.e`re going head on.....Then, we saw our adjuricator. The rest gave a pity look on us because that adjuricator is known to give MMU malacca a very hard time and he suck to the max. He doesn`t know how to judge for nuts. Didn`t take their word seriously though cuz we`re too happy that we get a chance to trash that stupid team. W The motion was " This house believe in using drugs on children that have behavior problems." I manage to rebut every single point and everything went out fine.... The result was out. We got 3rd this round. WTF? Worst to worst we could have got 2nd... but 3rd? omg.. that`s totaly ridiculous. The adjuricator told us that we present a hung point which I later ask every other ppl who says that it`s not hung. gosh.. he gave the team we hated 1st where they did badly... omg!!!!!!!!!! I went back and tell the rest of my mates.. They say that this is not the frist time and that stupid adjuricator should really eat his shit. Super bias just because he`s from mmu cyber and he gave mmu cyber first where they really really sux... i don`t care... we deserve first!!!! sigh....

With that... ends my first iv debate. I would like to debate just one more round, with the title : this house believe that Wiper (that stupid`s adjuricator) should be tortured to death. I as the goverment will come out with these points. He doesn`t know how to judge, he doesn`t know the rules, he suck ass and he`s fat!!! ( i dono why fat is included in this.. but yea... he sux so much that every attribute he has is a major negetif point). And with all that, I`m proud to propose. Tq.

The week everything went wrong

I had lots of issues going on recently. That`s why I haven`t blogged in a while. Currently under going a lot of stress and nearly had my second emotional breakdown. (luckly Adelene is there to support me). I had more stupid quizes, I couldn`t stay awake at classes, I overslept and miss clases, I don`t understand my subjects anymore, I lost my calculator, I hand in late my application for facilities which then resulted in lack of it...... As the weeks went more hectic, my emotional tolerance went down. Last week, I practicly shouted and piss everyone off with little or no reason at all. Then one of my friend came and told me to evaluate myself. I haven`t done this a long long time. Not since form 4. I guess it`s time to shy away and think what a jerk I have become over these few months in university.... Alex is now lost... until the time he finds himself again..

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.