A very hectic week

It seems that it`s been donkey`s years since I last blog. I`m currently now handling 3 blogs and updating all of them is a very tiresom task. Well to sumarize this week`s journal, I`ll start from Sunday.

Sunday - I plan to go church then to mp with Adelene at 10am. Woke up late. It`s 12 pm already. Didnt manage to go church and didn`t manage to buy the tickets either as all the ticket sold out. Went back from mp empty handed and the spend the whole day watching other movies in the comp.

Monday - Class starts again. I did my first tutorial ever. It`s suprises everyone who saw me doing it. It suprised me too.. Well, the lecturer forces me to do or not I`ll lose marks for assignment. Sigh.. bloody physics lecturer. Nexus meeting`s on the night. I`m suppose to be in Sigma but some how dragged to do work for nexus.. wouldn`t mind though... :)

Tuesday - Class at 8. yuck.. so early.. and the whole day I couldn`t see Adelene because of a serias of unfortunate time table clashing. Had d&d session during the night. Didn`t even went cf. Had a sudden badminton meeting. Have to organized a event called smash master.. in 2 weeks!! Note* english teacher gave us some chocolate today.. hee.. she`s the best.

Wednesday - Had calculus quiz.. It was rather easy. Thought of having a d&d tonight after voices but didn`t manage to get all the players together. Voices was fun. However it was Suresh ( our 'trainer') last session with us. I wonder will voices still be the same without him.

Thursday - Discuss a shit load of badminton stuff. Apparently lot`s of logistic problems couldn`e be solve. Venue, time, players and the worst of all, no budget.. what the hell.. how am I to organized a tourny without cash in hand. Bugger. I`m suppose to make money from the tournamet with no budget at hand.. Rather do it outside and earn money for my self.
After that rough meeting, I had a terrible, in fact the worst physics quiz ever. Not to say I don`t know how to do at all.. I finish my paper first. but then lend it to others to copy. When I want back my paper, time`s up and I wanted to do a last minunte admentments. And suddenly, the lecturer decided to cut everyone marks that passed up late. 1 mark per second. I passed up at the 2nd second. There goes 2 marks.... oh btw, did I told you that the max marks is only 3 marks. Go figure.....

Friday - I bloging this stupid blog whinning who screwed up my life is.. I`m going to mp to try to watch harry potter.. again.. and if this time I don`t get the ticket... i`m going to.. i`m going to... I don`t knwo what i`m going to do but it`s definetly not something good.... *horns appear on alex`s head*

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