Sleepy... yawn...

These last 2 day I didn`t sleep much.. yesterday i woke up 6 am to go jogging with my church friends. I think this is the first time I ever wake up so early to jog.. Never fancy jogging anyway...
Went to sg long and jog at a hill..... It was rather a tall hill.. Tried sprinting up but couldn`t even reach a quater and I`m half dead... A lesson to remember... never sprint uphill.. it fu**ing tiring...

Spent the rest of the afternoon resting my poor little legs and my eyes.. didn`t slept much.... During the night, I went to church and have a youth meeting in Elena`s house... (scarificed dota for these :'( ) Then we headed off to mines to watch Exocism of Emily Rose.. another movie!! yipee... and guess what.. it`s my first midnight movie.. hehehe. and it`s a horror movie.. creepy....

I was very very sleep after the movie was over.. but the rest decide to yam cha. sigh.. no choicec.. follow them.. Slept at 4 am this morning... and woke up at 9 something to go back to church.. Have to help out a christmas play and a wedding.... super tiring.. and as if that`s not enough.. JOn and Kl ask me to play badminton.. and there goes.. spend my afternoon playing badminton... I`m not half dead.. but yet..still online.. blogging....


hoiyin 11:13 PM  

i think tiz blog become ur diary^^
n it's the open diary for all of ur fre^^
10s for ur contribution to visit my blog..pretty 10s tat u take a look at it^^ seem i be the editorial haha^^
u also nt bad wat?edit ur life style^^
bt remember 2day moment become 2morow memory,so pls keep rolling up ur life^^keep in touch guys^^
miss the langkawi trip alot^^ur guys act as gal gal^^wow..ooOps..i break ur secret^^
haha miss so..

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