A new sem, a new life, a new aim

I`m back in malacca d!! yipee...! after 6 weeks of hols.. I survive the nightmare!! not exactly that horrible as it sounds.. but the last holidays are a little too long.Woke up at 8 am today. Claire came in the morning to give me my very belated bday present.. guess what? it`s a pink pig.. and i thought i survived 5 years of pink`s syndrom. I was feeling very sleepy and tire... To add oil\ to the fire.. I need to shift my stuff back to malacca. Shifting house is tiring. To bring back only my stuff.. (that also not everything i owned) I need a couple of ppl. Have to bring 2 bags of cloths, two box of pc stuff, my files, my cards, and etc etc.. pening man... My mom help me clean the house today.. All the dust seem to have collected in my house as if for ages. And apart from that, I`m too tired to clean.. feel very very sick and sleepy... yawn... There is so much stuff to be done.. iron my cloths, unpack my cloths, clean the house, clean the bath room, set up my comp, fix the motor bike... gosh.. this`s a tiring day.

Well.. all set for my up coming sem.. I do hope I can maintain my result this sem.. really really hope.. Hmmm.. maybe I should set up a guildlines for my self.. Here goes.. ; Alex`s top 10 need to do list for semester 2 ;

1) Keep awake in class.. ( this is probably the hardest one to do)
2) Read at least 2 novels. (must read memoirs of geisha and da vinci code)
3) Save enough money to buy a new motherboard.
4) Fulfil my job as Content Head.
5) Watch Harry Potter and Narnia
6) Help my church mates to prepare thier christmas activity.. (even though i`m at malacca)
7) Study (or at least try studying) for physics... *never been able to study for physics..
8) Clean my apartment every now and then.. at least once in 2 weeks
9) Go back every 2 weeks... *if that`s possible
10) Lastly... go to church every sunday... *yea.. i skipped once or twice while in Malacca... the church`s too far!!


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