New lecturers.... for better or for worse?

Classes started on the first day it self. Calculus and Physics and english everyday of the week. Gosh.. calculus and phyisc together!!! 4 hours of overloading my brain trying to cramp in everything into my brains. It really tiring... especially at college level when things go very very fast. And it gets worst if you are sitting right at be the back (as a result of arriving late as all the good seats are taken up). You could hardly see and hear what the lecturer says or write.. really terrible.

For this sem, I have Mr Kang as my physics teacher, replacing Mr Azman Awang. Apart from Mr Kang`s bizzare way of pronouncing his language and his over stress 's', he teach quite ok. At least he knows his facts even though he makes a few mistake here and there.. Some said that he`s one of the best physics teacher in this University.. Sigh.. Suddenly I wished I had my secondary school physics teacher.

Then for Calculus, I had Miss Heng. She`s a ok teacher herself, but compare to my last lecturer Mr Chong. gosh. you can`t compare.. Miss Heng class are quite boring.... Nearly died of sleepiness a few times.. but then.. oh well. I can`t have the best lecturers everytime right :) or can I? (pray pray)

Then for english.. finally I had an interactive English teacher.. Her name is Siti Kadijah.. She`s always full of energy... making sarcastic statement and make funny jokes. And best of all she ends her class early but yet we learned what we`re suppose to learn. Superb :) Hope my english will improve with her around :)

Must do well for this semeseter... gambate alex.!!

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