My best friend`s wedding.

I plagerize the tittle.. duh :P.. well.. Yesterday, I attended a wedding ceromany. What`s special about thie wedding compare to the rest is that this is the first wedding I`m attending where the bride and groom are my friend. (not my best friend.. I just plagerize the title... for fun :P ) Anyway... it was really really beautiful. I`m closer to the bride :). Knew her just about 3 quater of a year. Went through a serias of musical training and stuff on preparation for the big concert in May . She is quite active in church and now currently the choir mistress for my church`s choir. So for her wedding, the whole choir came and sang for her... and all the songs were happy and jolly.... hee.. for once... a wedding ceromany does seems meaningful rather than the usual I do you do procedure. I wonder who`s next to married :) hee.. can`t wait to attend another friend`s wedding :P


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