Happy Halloween, Deepavali, and Hari Raya

You know.. I could really find something in common with this 3 celebration.. They all makes no difference to me. It`s like they don`t really exist... It`s a very very individual stament. First of all, non of my friends celebrate halloween, I don`t have much indian friends, and most of the Malays are bz balik kampung which I never see them around for Hari Raya for as long as I remember.So you see, these celebrration contribute nothing to me except for the extra traffic jam around town (as if kajang is not jam enough). It`s a really havoc.. congestion from sun rise till sun down..

On the other hand, my taman have been really quiet nowadays. It`s so different from 10 years ago. No more childrens playing around, no more open house where people from all over the place park their cars by the road and go house to house.... everyone have grown and left.. every children are now adults. I pity some of the remaining kids. They are not able to go out and play every evening. There are no one around. Only lories and busses passing through the deserted neighbourhood.

What will this place become? will I still get to see children`s playing galah panjang? will I still get to see children trying to cycle for the first time. All this memories, of me 10 years ago... I wish the next generation will still able to live the life I`ve enjoyed in my childhood :)


Anonymous 11:19 PM  

Hey interesting blog! i remembered playing badminton at my old home but by d time i grew up, lotsa n lotsa cars parked outside n we cud barely play nimore. tc - i was blog hopping - hope u dun mind

Alex 12:15 AM  

wouldn`t mind of cuz :)

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