Another mid valley trip

Woke up around 9.30. Seriously, it`s a little early for me.. I`m struggling to get up. Went to ktm at 11 sharp to meet up with my ex classmates to go kai kai, watch movie. Everyone arrive later as usual.. with some late for 3 hours and some ffk. We left as soon as grace and pig arrive, and left the rest of the guys who`s bz playing dotA in the cafe.... without me!!

Reach there and queue up for movie tickets. Lines were long as usual. The best thing about going anywhere on Hari Raya is that there is no malays.. That supose to mean half the population are gone. but i don`t see in any way that there is any less people at the cinema. :) After hours (figure of speech) of waiting, I finally bought 14 tickets for corpse bride. Then the girls decide to go shopping... Knew that would happened.. I ran and hide in mph to avoid shopping witht them... suprisingly, Hui Hsien followed... hmmm.. looks like I do not need to hide alone.. Found a few books for dummies in mph... look around novels.... something i never did b4.. I usually just read the magazine or comic section :P

Then at 3 join back the rest of the gang and the late comers finally arrive.. went to watch movie together after that... Movie was ok.. not giving any reviews here... Then left after that... it`s another average mid valley trip..... unti next time...

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