A friend in need is a friend indeed

Yea.. wished I had 'those' kinda friend. Today, I made an arrangement with my friend to go back to malacca. He said that it`s ok and I`ll get a place in his friends car to go back to malaca. Everything went well until 5pm, he sms me and tell me his friends car full.... Now, I`m stranded. I`m stuck at home having little or no means to go back to malacca. The last bus that leaves Seremban is at 7pm. If I hurry now I might make it but usually, the last bus`s ticket always sold out. I don`t wanna take the risk of going there and coming back home for nothing. Most of my other friends already left and went back to malacca already this afternoon. Only one of my friend left, but she stay in Klang and wouldn`t pass by kl. I guess the only thing I can do now is to sleep early and board the first train that leaves kajang and the earliest bus that leave serembam. Life sux....... especially if you have to get up at 5am just go back to school...

My best friend`s wedding.

I plagerize the tittle.. duh :P.. well.. Yesterday, I attended a wedding ceromany. What`s special about thie wedding compare to the rest is that this is the first wedding I`m attending where the bride and groom are my friend. (not my best friend.. I just plagerize the title... for fun :P ) Anyway... it was really really beautiful. I`m closer to the bride :). Knew her just about 3 quater of a year. Went through a serias of musical training and stuff on preparation for the big concert in May . She is quite active in church and now currently the choir mistress for my church`s choir. So for her wedding, the whole choir came and sang for her... and all the songs were happy and jolly.... hee.. for once... a wedding ceromany does seems meaningful rather than the usual I do you do procedure. I wonder who`s next to married :) hee.. can`t wait to attend another friend`s wedding :P

A very hectic week

It seems that it`s been donkey`s years since I last blog. I`m currently now handling 3 blogs and updating all of them is a very tiresom task. Well to sumarize this week`s journal, I`ll start from Sunday.

Sunday - I plan to go church then to mp with Adelene at 10am. Woke up late. It`s 12 pm already. Didnt manage to go church and didn`t manage to buy the tickets either as all the ticket sold out. Went back from mp empty handed and the spend the whole day watching other movies in the comp.

Monday - Class starts again. I did my first tutorial ever. It`s suprises everyone who saw me doing it. It suprised me too.. Well, the lecturer forces me to do or not I`ll lose marks for assignment. Sigh.. bloody physics lecturer. Nexus meeting`s on the night. I`m suppose to be in Sigma but some how dragged to do work for nexus.. wouldn`t mind though... :)

Tuesday - Class at 8. yuck.. so early.. and the whole day I couldn`t see Adelene because of a serias of unfortunate time table clashing. Had d&d session during the night. Didn`t even went cf. Had a sudden badminton meeting. Have to organized a event called smash master.. in 2 weeks!! Note* english teacher gave us some chocolate today.. hee.. she`s the best.

Wednesday - Had calculus quiz.. It was rather easy. Thought of having a d&d tonight after voices but didn`t manage to get all the players together. Voices was fun. However it was Suresh ( our 'trainer') last session with us. I wonder will voices still be the same without him.

Thursday - Discuss a shit load of badminton stuff. Apparently lot`s of logistic problems couldn`e be solve. Venue, time, players and the worst of all, no budget.. what the hell.. how am I to organized a tourny without cash in hand. Bugger. I`m suppose to make money from the tournamet with no budget at hand.. Rather do it outside and earn money for my self.
After that rough meeting, I had a terrible, in fact the worst physics quiz ever. Not to say I don`t know how to do at all.. I finish my paper first. but then lend it to others to copy. When I want back my paper, time`s up and I wanted to do a last minunte admentments. And suddenly, the lecturer decided to cut everyone marks that passed up late. 1 mark per second. I passed up at the 2nd second. There goes 2 marks.... oh btw, did I told you that the max marks is only 3 marks. Go figure.....

Friday - I bloging this stupid blog whinning who screwed up my life is.. I`m going to mp to try to watch harry potter.. again.. and if this time I don`t get the ticket... i`m going to.. i`m going to... I don`t knwo what i`m going to do but it`s definetly not something good.... *horns appear on alex`s head*

New lecturers.... for better or for worse?

Classes started on the first day it self. Calculus and Physics and english everyday of the week. Gosh.. calculus and phyisc together!!! 4 hours of overloading my brain trying to cramp in everything into my brains. It really tiring... especially at college level when things go very very fast. And it gets worst if you are sitting right at be the back (as a result of arriving late as all the good seats are taken up). You could hardly see and hear what the lecturer says or write.. really terrible.

For this sem, I have Mr Kang as my physics teacher, replacing Mr Azman Awang. Apart from Mr Kang`s bizzare way of pronouncing his language and his over stress 's', he teach quite ok. At least he knows his facts even though he makes a few mistake here and there.. Some said that he`s one of the best physics teacher in this University.. Sigh.. Suddenly I wished I had my secondary school physics teacher.

Then for Calculus, I had Miss Heng. She`s a ok teacher herself, but compare to my last lecturer Mr Chong. gosh. you can`t compare.. Miss Heng class are quite boring.... Nearly died of sleepiness a few times.. but then.. oh well. I can`t have the best lecturers everytime right :) or can I? (pray pray)

Then for english.. finally I had an interactive English teacher.. Her name is Siti Kadijah.. She`s always full of energy... making sarcastic statement and make funny jokes. And best of all she ends her class early but yet we learned what we`re suppose to learn. Superb :) Hope my english will improve with her around :)

Must do well for this semeseter... gambate alex.!!

A new sem, a new life, a new aim

I`m back in malacca d!! yipee...! after 6 weeks of hols.. I survive the nightmare!! not exactly that horrible as it sounds.. but the last holidays are a little too long.Woke up at 8 am today. Claire came in the morning to give me my very belated bday present.. guess what? it`s a pink pig.. and i thought i survived 5 years of pink`s syndrom. I was feeling very sleepy and tire... To add oil\ to the fire.. I need to shift my stuff back to malacca. Shifting house is tiring. To bring back only my stuff.. (that also not everything i owned) I need a couple of ppl. Have to bring 2 bags of cloths, two box of pc stuff, my files, my cards, and etc etc.. pening man... My mom help me clean the house today.. All the dust seem to have collected in my house as if for ages. And apart from that, I`m too tired to clean.. feel very very sick and sleepy... yawn... There is so much stuff to be done.. iron my cloths, unpack my cloths, clean the house, clean the bath room, set up my comp, fix the motor bike... gosh.. this`s a tiring day.

Well.. all set for my up coming sem.. I do hope I can maintain my result this sem.. really really hope.. Hmmm.. maybe I should set up a guildlines for my self.. Here goes.. ; Alex`s top 10 need to do list for semester 2 ;

1) Keep awake in class.. ( this is probably the hardest one to do)
2) Read at least 2 novels. (must read memoirs of geisha and da vinci code)
3) Save enough money to buy a new motherboard.
4) Fulfil my job as Content Head.
5) Watch Harry Potter and Narnia
6) Help my church mates to prepare thier christmas activity.. (even though i`m at malacca)
7) Study (or at least try studying) for physics... *never been able to study for physics..
8) Clean my apartment every now and then.. at least once in 2 weeks
9) Go back every 2 weeks... *if that`s possible
10) Lastly... go to church every sunday... *yea.. i skipped once or twice while in Malacca... the church`s too far!!

4 more days to go.

The long-never seems to end- holiday is finally in it`s final week. Another 96 hours I`ll back in malacca.. yipee :) can`t wait.. But I don`t anticipate the work and classes that comes after that. sigh... There is still tonnes of preparations and works awaits me.. Hmmm..speaking about preparations.. let me see what I have to do this few days before I leave malacca..

-pack my cloths.... duh
- reconnect my mom`s internet service
- pack my pc
-pack my cd, charger, cards, piano scores, documents, camera (just listing down everything in case i forget...
- fnish my guidelines for all 33 article for sigma
- prepare for sem 2... stationaries etc etc
- type out a christmas play script for the church.
- watch as many anime and movies I can. (just finish rurouni kenshin)
- cut my hair :(
- oh ya.. must remember to bring my racquet and skipping rope :) hee

Hmmm .. I guess that`s all gua... everyone need me to bring anything over to malacca? Can kindly tell me.. I wouldn`t mind being a transporter once in a while :)

Sleepy... yawn...

These last 2 day I didn`t sleep much.. yesterday i woke up 6 am to go jogging with my church friends. I think this is the first time I ever wake up so early to jog.. Never fancy jogging anyway...
Went to sg long and jog at a hill..... It was rather a tall hill.. Tried sprinting up but couldn`t even reach a quater and I`m half dead... A lesson to remember... never sprint uphill.. it fu**ing tiring...

Spent the rest of the afternoon resting my poor little legs and my eyes.. didn`t slept much.... During the night, I went to church and have a youth meeting in Elena`s house... (scarificed dota for these :'( ) Then we headed off to mines to watch Exocism of Emily Rose.. another movie!! yipee... and guess what.. it`s my first midnight movie.. hehehe. and it`s a horror movie.. creepy....

I was very very sleep after the movie was over.. but the rest decide to yam cha. sigh.. no choicec.. follow them.. Slept at 4 am this morning... and woke up at 9 something to go back to church.. Have to help out a christmas play and a wedding.... super tiring.. and as if that`s not enough.. JOn and Kl ask me to play badminton.. and there goes.. spend my afternoon playing badminton... I`m not half dead.. but yet..still online.. blogging....

Another mid valley trip

Woke up around 9.30. Seriously, it`s a little early for me.. I`m struggling to get up. Went to ktm at 11 sharp to meet up with my ex classmates to go kai kai, watch movie. Everyone arrive later as usual.. with some late for 3 hours and some ffk. We left as soon as grace and pig arrive, and left the rest of the guys who`s bz playing dotA in the cafe.... without me!!

Reach there and queue up for movie tickets. Lines were long as usual. The best thing about going anywhere on Hari Raya is that there is no malays.. That supose to mean half the population are gone. but i don`t see in any way that there is any less people at the cinema. :) After hours (figure of speech) of waiting, I finally bought 14 tickets for corpse bride. Then the girls decide to go shopping... Knew that would happened.. I ran and hide in mph to avoid shopping witht them... suprisingly, Hui Hsien followed... hmmm.. looks like I do not need to hide alone.. Found a few books for dummies in mph... look around novels.... something i never did b4.. I usually just read the magazine or comic section :P

Then at 3 join back the rest of the gang and the late comers finally arrive.. went to watch movie together after that... Movie was ok.. not giving any reviews here... Then left after that... it`s another average mid valley trip..... unti next time...

Happy Halloween, Deepavali, and Hari Raya

You know.. I could really find something in common with this 3 celebration.. They all makes no difference to me. It`s like they don`t really exist... It`s a very very individual stament. First of all, non of my friends celebrate halloween, I don`t have much indian friends, and most of the Malays are bz balik kampung which I never see them around for Hari Raya for as long as I remember.So you see, these celebrration contribute nothing to me except for the extra traffic jam around town (as if kajang is not jam enough). It`s a really havoc.. congestion from sun rise till sun down..

On the other hand, my taman have been really quiet nowadays. It`s so different from 10 years ago. No more childrens playing around, no more open house where people from all over the place park their cars by the road and go house to house.... everyone have grown and left.. every children are now adults. I pity some of the remaining kids. They are not able to go out and play every evening. There are no one around. Only lories and busses passing through the deserted neighbourhood.

What will this place become? will I still get to see children`s playing galah panjang? will I still get to see children trying to cycle for the first time. All this memories, of me 10 years ago... I wish the next generation will still able to live the life I`ve enjoyed in my childhood :)

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