4 more days to go.

The long-never seems to end- holiday is finally in it`s final week. Another 96 hours I`ll back in malacca.. yipee :) can`t wait.. But I don`t anticipate the work and classes that comes after that. sigh... There is still tonnes of preparations and works awaits me.. Hmmm..speaking about preparations.. let me see what I have to do this few days before I leave malacca..

-pack my cloths.... duh
- reconnect my mom`s internet service
- pack my pc
-pack my cd, charger, cards, piano scores, documents, camera (just listing down everything in case i forget...
- fnish my guidelines for all 33 article for sigma
- prepare for sem 2... stationaries etc etc
- type out a christmas play script for the church.
- watch as many anime and movies I can. (just finish rurouni kenshin)
- cut my hair :(
- oh ya.. must remember to bring my racquet and skipping rope :) hee

Hmmm .. I guess that`s all gua... everyone need me to bring anything over to malacca? Can kindly tell me.. I wouldn`t mind being a transporter once in a while :)

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