All the way :)

Hearing that Amran, QJ, and Kelvin going back to malacca to draft for magic (a tranding card game), I join in the club and follow them back. Went back to the gang I belong.. It`s kinda weird though.. I don`t really fit in that well but yet I feel quite happy. I mean, they are all a few years older than me and different courses and stuff...Probably it`s the game that bring us together.

I have other reasons though to come back. Starting up my motor is quite my piority. Apparently, motorbike`s battery dies if you don`t start them for a couple of weeks or so. I have to start my motor by hook or by crook if I don`t wanna spend my limited energy pushing it to workshop on the first week of sem 2. Then another reason was of cuz to visit you know who...

Everything went pretty well except that my motor looks yellow instead of white blue. It was then I realised that I didn`t was my motor for the past 4 months.. amazing. Then things turn bad when my hand phone battery went off and I forget to bring charger. To top it all, my phone wasn`t a nokia!! so imagine, there is no one around who have that charger too... No means of communications at all!!! Gee.. this is probably the darkest period of my communication life (just exaggerating) No hp for 2 days!.. imagine... (grumbles.) ... I felt like living in a stone age......... arhh!!

I`m back to a place I don`t belong anymore.

I met back with my church friends whom I use to be very comfortable with them. All of a sudden, it seems that I don`t belong with them anymore. Their jokes are no more funny, their silly arguements are just pure irritating, their topic of discussion doesn`t suit me. One reason to be blame is that I`ve been away for so long and there is so many things I`m left behind. I dono what`s going, what changes that happen or what is their plans etc etc.

Besides, the sudden existance of another alex in our group is not helping. I knew Alex for sometime already but he was never very close with our group. Then all of a sudden, he replace my position with my friends. NOTE : I`m not pointing fingers and there is no hate nor jealousy factor in it. Everytime they mention alex, it would refer to him... I somehow felt uncomfortable with it.

Yesterday, they invite me to go to watch Bakat ASAYO, a competition of drama, choir and dance together. Well, I thought it`s time to catch up with them but it seems that I`ve been rather out of place. So as soon as I reach there, I take the oppoturnity to leave them and find my other friends. (yes, I do have other friends for kl and etc etc). Felt much much happier there. Things sure have change after I was gone for 3 months. I wonder what`s next......

Pangkor Pangkor :)

Finally back to civilization. I was on a vacation to Pangkor Island for the pass few days. What a blast.. It was one nice vacation :) at a very cheap pricec too :) Anyway, this entry I`ll dedicate entirely on the vacation. Here`s the chronology on the trip ;

Day 1 (day of departure) - Friday / 14-10-05

1200 - Woke up feeling lazy but yet excited. Pack up all the important items such as charger and cammera and etc

1500 - Adelene came by and pick Jon, Aaron, Wei Chein and Me to tesco to buy snacks. We all bought Rm70 worths of snacks including pringles, cottage friends, jack and jills. Yum Yum

1700 - Realised that some of us haven`t taken lunch. Went to kfc to eat lunch-cum- dinner. We`re practically used to screwed up meal time.

1900 - Departure time. Went to Melaka Sentral by taxi. Wait for everyone to arrive there. At 9 pm the bus came and we head off for lumut.

2300 - Bus stop at Seremban. Damm it. It`s not a direct bus. Waited there for some time

Day 2 - Saturday / 15-10-05

0030 - Stop in USJ. Was puzzling why we stop in the middle of a bus junk yard. We were then told to get down and change bus. Ughh.. and the new bus sux.

0200 - Stop at dono what the hell place is that... Bought a burger and it sux too. Wasted 3 bucks

0300 - Arrive at Ipoh. To tired to go down, continue sleeping in bus

0400 - Finally we reach Lumut. It`s so dark and empty. And it`s rainning!!! Feeling cold and tired because of the long journey.

0500 - Sahur ( the meal before puasa) at a shop. That stupid shop doesn`t know how to take orders. Every roti we ordered came in weird pairs such as roti telur and roti planta in one plate where we order only one of them. Everyone had to eat double as the person is too dumb to reorder.

0700 - Took a boat from Lumut to pangkor. Saw the sunrise. It`s beautiful. (and May got seasick.. pity)

0800 - Reach our destination after a nearly 12 hours of travel. Pangkor Island. We head for our place to stay which is Coral Bay Resort. It`s a pretty neat apartment hotel. Slept for the rest of the morning.

1200 - Went out to have lunch with our nearly rented vehicle. 2 cars and 2 motor (obviously, I had to take the motor.. sigh). Then went back and slept again. Everyone was dead tired.

1500 - Went to town for a while and head off the Nipah bay. Every vehicle was seperated and 3 of them took the wrong way. I took one of the longest rood and went to the other side of pangkor instead.

1600 - Arrive nipah bay. Jon already got drench with sea water. Kites are up and mat are ready. The beach was very nice and empty. :) The whole beach is our!! The interesting element of this beach is that the way are really high :) about 1 meter - 2 meter. It`s really cool.

1800 - Decided to go home. Aaron lost his bike keys. Have to wait for the man to bring extra keys. Adelene and me decidied to accompany them while the rest took their cars and go home to take bath first to avoid waiting later. The man who brought the key lost his keys also and ended up taking every single key he got and try start the motor. Strangely, it work. One of another motor keys manage to start up the motor... hmmmmmm.. talk about security eh.

1900 - Aaron finally get his keys. Adelene and me found that another side of the beach have cross wawe. And the water actualy seperates when the tide is low. Cool right :)

2000- Took our bath and went for a seafood cruisine. Got crap, prawn, sotong, fish.. yum yum....

2300 - Reach home after that long long dinner. Nothing much to do at night. Drank some volka and slept around 12 something.. zzzzzzz

Day 3 - Sunday / 16-10-05

9000 - Jon and Yi Chong pulled my blanket away and force me to wake up. Everyone is ready to go snorkling. Rush the the beach nearby and the boat is there waiting for us :)

1000 - The boat took us to a few place to see rock that resembles turtle, seal, whale and other sea creatures. Then he took us to a snorkling spot. The snorkling spot is not that nice compare to Redang but on well. :) they have lots of fish though :) heehehe :)

1100 - The boat drop us off at monkey beach. That beach at first seems to have more dogs than monkeys. We never get it why it was called monkey beach until later, monkey try to steal our food and the dog are chasing them away while trying to take our food too. Hehehe.. it really reflects on the police and robber situation. The police protect us from the robbers but at the same time we have to pay them.

1400 - The boat pick us back. Head back to hotel. Didn`t went out to lunch because everyone was tired. Had maggee mee instead and dozed off after bath.

1900 - Woke up and it`s night already. Went to dinner at some stalls. Ate lots and lots of food.

2200 - Watch smallvile. Lol...

2300 - Went aroumd to scout for alcohol. Bought some bears... yuck.. I hate beers.. Only like wine.

0000 - Went to bed again... zzzzz

Day 4 / Monday 17-10-05

0900 - Woke up and brush up. So sad cuz have to leave today

1100 - Went to town and do some shopping. Bought some really silly cloths for my family and loads of sotongs.

1200 - Check out the hotel and headed back to Jeti

1300 - I ran back to town cuz forget to buy shirt for my parents....

1400 - Left pangkor :(

1500 - Arrive at lumut.. The next train to Malacca is at 1100 pm. Scary.. Took a bus to Ipoh instead

1700 - The bus droped us at a petrol station in Ipoh. Have no idea what to do next. And it`s raining.. grrr

1800 - A bus drop by at the station and offer us seats to wheerever we wanna go. A few of us decided to drop at Pudu while the rest head back to malacca.

1900 - Had dinner at Tapah rest house. It`s a very very nice rest house. The best i`ve since so far. Even the toilet`s have fan. Cool :) Nice scenary. Have lots of food stores, and even francais outlets like baskin robins and dunkin donuts.

2100 - Arrive at Pudu. Took a train home back to Kajang.

2300 - The trip finally ends. I arrive safetly at kajang.. Phew :)

With this, my pangkor trip ended.. Really hope that I`ll have another trip like this next sem..

House cleaning

One could never imagine how messy and dirty my apartment is until he/she start cleaning it . Aaron, Adelene and I decided to do a 'little' house cleaning before we leave for pangkor tomorrow. We started of with the dishes. It seems that my macroni which I cooked a few weeks ago (refer to my blog entries for precise date) it still on the table. I wouldn`t call it a macaroni anymore. It doesn`t like it both physicaly and chemically. It turned totaly black with a little orange powder on top of it. I somehow think that there were maggots but it seems that they`ve rotten too.... hmmmm... oh well. Still couldn`t figure out what it was but I sure don`t dare to touch it. Aaron did the dished in the end. I went around and pick up old box, rubbishes and papers scattered all over the house. Everytime I pick up a piece of paper or a book from the table, I saw fungus growing all over the other side of the paper and book. At the very least this fungus look like fungus.. It`s green instead of black. Meanwhile, Adelene iron all my cloths pile up for the past 1 month. Phew after an hour, the house looks neat once again. How I wish mom was here, hehe.. she`ll definetly mop for the whole house without me asking. hee

The real work begins

Sigma working week officially ended. But yet, none of my articles have been completed. Thank god everything is finalised and now, the real work starts. Countless of sleepless night everything have been real tiring. I didn`t went home for 4 days... sleeping on chairs being put together. It`s so uncomfortable and not to mention super cold under the freezing air con. My sleeping and eating habit have been totaly screwed up. Before this, I never manage to have breaksfast cuz when I woke up it`s already lunch. Now, I couldn`t even eat lunch cuz the time I woke up is way pass time. I actually sahur with the Malays around 4am... Pretty new experience in a way... I really long for the day where my book will be publish.. omg.. until then... I`m so stressed~!!!!

Sigma working week

It`s the holidays and I`m back in malacca. It seems that our uni`s year book is falling behind schedule. Hence, sigma working week (the year book is called sigma). It happens every year, and the good thing is, it`s tradition that the Editor in Chief to treat the rest US pizza. yum yum. Lots of work to be done but yet, don`t know who`s going to do it. Most of my members are missing and the work load requires a lot of information that we`re are still lacking of. Hope in this week, we can complete our goals and the year book will be publish on time this year... or not I`m so dead....

Holiday season

Exam`s over, no studies, no work, no stress..... Life become totaly still. This is how I would describe the holidays. Everytime I come back home, I couldn`t find anything to do. The only thing I do most of the time is eat. Eat eat and eat. Due to that extravagant intake of food, I was rewarded with a stomach ache. Ouch. I don`t know whether the stomach ache is cause by to much food or eating something unclean. Anyway, I really wish I`m back in Malacca. I`m too bored here. The current computer at home is too stupid to do anything. It can`t play any game, and not mention it was spoiled. Have to take it to shop and repair it. Sigh, I some how hate the holidays......

(p;s : maybe harry potter ain`t the only one who hate the holidays)

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