When the moon looks like a cake.

I never understand what mooncake festival is all about. Probably I never will. Every year around these time, there is some nice and sweet cakes call mooncake and cute little lanterns. Well, hiprocrasy or not, I still celebrate mooncake festival even though I don`t know what it really meant. (extra food and mooncake doesn`t kill). Yesterday, Lene and me went to Malacca High School to attend their mooncake celebration.

It`s not as grand as I`ve expected however it was fun. Had some little silly games that brings back memories of childhood. Then of course, we had food. That`s always the best part of any celebration. For RM 2, I would say they serve superb delicasy. Really. Imagine, fried mee, fried mee hoon, sausages, curry chicken, jelly, watermelon, drinks and even mooncake too.. All for RM2 :)

Then, Adelene bug her friend to go to satay celup... food again. Gosh, she can eat.. she ate more than 3 persons food... Scary...... It was a wonderful night. Wish can have another outing like that. :)

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