Pasta fiesta

Cooking can be messy, especially when you don`t know how. Lene and me was planning to cook spagetti today. She came early in the morning. Around 11.30 to be exact. Here are the problem arises during the cooking process

1) doesn`t have the indgredient - at first we wanna go jusco and buy, but luckly, the mini mart below my apartment sell every of the ingredient needed to make a spagetti. HOwever, we decided to cook macaroni instead... and we over bought.... turns out the portion we bought is enough for 5 people.

2) forget to buy garlic and onions- we realised that after we boiled the macaroni. Ran downstairs and bought onions.. Didn`t buy garlic though cuz it comes in bulk.. and we only need 1.

3) No idea how to make the paste - we dump everything that looks red. Pasta sources, tomato paste, tomato sourcecs.

4) Main ingredient - yeap.. we prepared everything then we remembered.. the meat... that`s the main ingredient of the paste, and we forget to defrost it.. aiks.......

After very much delay, lunch was finally ready. Interestingly, it was edible.... in fact.. it taste quite nice... (probably due to hunger) or just to make myself happy... it`s a sucess hehehe :P one way or another, it was done and I`m proud to say that I can cook pasta.... hehehehe

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