It`s my birthday :P :P :P

Yeap, another year have pass and I`m one year older. I`m officially 18.. yipee.. It means that I can get a credit card. :P :P :P Oh well.. It`s been the best birthday I ever had... Let write the cronology of the event :

11.59pm (4th of September) - Kian Liang sms me to wish me birthday- 1 minute too early :P
0000 am (5th Sept) - Adelene sms and gave a miss call and my battery died soon after than...
0100 - Check my phone and discover tonnes of birthday smses.
0130 - Joanne called to wish me happy birthday... soon after Claired called.
0200 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
0745 - Woke up ( early for the first time on monday)
0800 - Arrive class on time.... nearly never happened before except for the first day of uni.
1000- Receive a few more smses during class and went to plaza siswa to buy breakfast even though it`s lecture hours
12.00- Went to check my Pre-calculus marks... I drop 0.11% compare to the last test... damm.
1215 - Met up with Adelene and had lunch with my classmates.
1300 - Did english homework for the first time since form 3. (thought of being good on my birthday and Lene gave be my birthday present.. I don`t know what is it :P )
1400 - English classes started and have trial run for our speaking test. It`s damm hard.
1600- Came back to spr and lepak around
1700 - Watch phantom of the opera with Adelene
1900 - Adelene treated me dinner in secret recipe. Lamb Stew and Lazania is super delicious
2000- Walk around tesco and bought a boaster.. hehehe
2100 - Went back to my apartment and took my bath
21.15- Finish my bath and went back to my room.. it`s all dark... then I saw candles, It`s a birthday cake!!! how the hell did it get there???????
2200 - Went to spr to share the cakes.. finish in less than 15 minutes.. damm.. secret recipe`s blueberry chees cake is highly sought after I guess :
2359 - My birthday is finaaly ending... thank god for giving me such a wonderful day :)


Anonymous 10:18 AM  

Lasagne dude :) Not Lazania. And I agree - the Lamb Stew is just crazy delicious. Heh :)

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

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