How to manage your expenses

This is the title for one of my essays given to me as a trial for the coming english test... Language subject is currently one of my weakeast subject. Since this title is very much related to my life, I shall blog this up (and as my homework) Killing two birds with one stone :P

If the planets revolve around the sun, then the world revolve around money. No doubt that the big M word plays a major part in our life. Money is never the root of all evil, only lack of it. Therefore, it`s very essential for everyone to know how to spend and manage their expenses wisely. It`s actually rather simple. All it takes is just 3 simple and pratical moves; save, plan and minimize.

A very wise choice in financial planning is to save at least 10% of one`s total income or allowance. This is of course flexible depending on situation. For example, if there is a particular month that requires higher expenditure, then one can save less and vice versa. 10% may not seem a lot but when the time comes where there is a sudden emergency that needs a lump sum of cash, that total of 10% acumalated might just be a life saver.

Next, would be planing. Always list down the item of what to buy or what to spend. Do so especially for expenses like water and electricity bills, household items, food and lounging. Be a little extra hardworking and jotted down what item to buy before shopping. This will avoid unessassary spending by buying unessassary items.

Apart from those two, one should minimize the expenses. This doesn`nt not mean that one have to be a cheapscake or avaricious. Minimize in the sense of don`t spend extra money when it`s not really needed. Simples things like making breakfast at home instead of having it outside can cut down one`s expenses. There are lots of other examples like car pooling to save petrol (and the environment too), wash own cloths instead of sending it to the laundry, and read news online rather than buying newspapers.

As a conclusion, it only takes a little sacrifice to save money, a little time to plan and a little effort minimize expenditure make a enjoy a good financial security. Managing one`s expenses wisely could just be a factor to one`s sucess as financial financial would no longer be a burden anymore and one could concentrate on their life achievement.

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