Home again!

Yea.. it seems that I`m coming back pretty often this month.. I`m got use that the fact that there won`t be a smooth journey back to kajang.. And today is no exception. To avoid the risk of all the tickets being sold out, Aaron and I bought the tickets a day earlier.... However due to certain circumstances we`re late for the bus and we misses it by a mere minutes.. We saw the bus left right in front of our eyes. Talk about agony. So we went back in the station to buy ticket for the next bus. Guess what? ticket is sold out. Arrhhh..

We manage to find our way back by tumpang-ing a friends car but troubled he and his mom a lot. He`s send us all the way from his house in kesuma lake (beranang, negeri sembilan) Thank god for such a kind soul.. or not I`m probably stuck at Malacca *which of cuz is not really a bad thing because I heard my friends there are going Pantai Kundur...

Anyway.... since my parents wants me home.. I guess I couldn`t do say much... I`m back home and I rest my case.

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