Hmm... a world of silence

Well, this morning I woke up at 1.... feeling pretty giddy. Suddenly I felt a little uneasy on my right side of my ear. I have problem with my right ear for quite some time. Probably since last year. At high amplitude my right ear get jammed, high pictch sounds actually hurt my ear drum and recently, it just get block all the time. It`s like it`s being air block by a buble. And as of today, it`s pretty bad. My ear is completely air block and I`m feeling the pressure.

Let me tell you what`s the effect of it. First of all, I couldn`t hear anything with my right ear, which therefore make me half deaf. I can`t listen to a normal conversation unless it`s on my left side of the ear. I can`t listen to people if they wisper. However, that`s not the only problem. Due the unbalance pressure in both of my ear drums, I`m feeling giddy all the time and I get serious motion sickness ie; when i play cs, or travelling.

I really do hope all this effect i temporary. Haha. or not I`ll be completely deaf and can`t hear music anymore.. but beethovant compose music when he`s deaf.. hmmm.. maybe it`s not a bad thing after all.... I wonder.....

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