HAha.. another movie again

Yeap.. it`s my third movie since last saturday..... This time it`s dark waters... A english horror movie dupped from the original version (japanese). It`s not really scary but it`s has a nice story plot and it`s pretty good too..

Today I woke up pretty late. 11.30 to be exact. I changed my cloth and went to meet up with the rest of my friend in the ktm station at 12.30. Then arrive in mid valley and had sushi. Their green tea is the best. Drank 7 cups.. hehehe as usual.. :P

Nth much else happen today, it`s been nice though to talk with my ex-secondary school friends. They`re just not replaceable no matter how many new friends I have in my university.... Miss them so much...


Anonymous 11:42 PM  

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