A game of risk

A game of risk. A game I never played and never want to play because it involve too much of verbal cooperation and alliance. Everything you do, you`ll either help someone and piss someone off. And I`ve been very lucky to have been avoiding that game...until today. I was feeling pretty bored and just see a game with a group of spb`ians as a watcher. I just watch. Then one of the player felt lame and quit and the rest asked me to play. So I play, involunteerly. I don`t really know how to play and what` the strategy involve. I just attack with whatever I have. And a player which I attack is making a very big fuss about why I attack him and keep grumbling that I attack him and blame that the whole game is ruin because of me attacking him. I got so fed up I quit... after only 1 round of playing. I only move one fu******* time and all the fuss. I don`t see a point of playing anymore and I walk off the game. I see him smiling after me leaving but I don`t care. I`m blogging this while they still playing.. and walah.. another comotion appear blaming who didn`t attack and who attack....

P:s I still think risk is a very interactive and nice game... however it just suck when the people playing it sucks.

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