Exam blues.

Once again, it`s exam season again. The fact that Malaysian`s education system is too exam oriented had never give a big impact on me until I came here. *here refers to MMU melaka, or practicly any college or university. Everytime after one week or two, it`s exam. Then another week of studying, it`s exam again. What`s with so many exam??????? I`m a person who hate studying and don`t study. The only problem is when everyone else start to study, I feel guilty. Besides, there is one person who`ll constantly wish me bad luck if I don`t study... sigh... as a result, I have no choice but to go through the tortures process of reading and answering questions.

My exam schedule is pretty tight. While a lot of other students will have 5 subjects spread out in two weeks time, I had mine in one week. Which only means I`ll have to sit for exam everyday. On Monday, I`ll have english, Tuesday computer applications, Wednesday, human development, Thursday, Physics and Saturday Pre-calculus.

I`m particularly worried about english. I already had an A- for my mid term. It`s pretty hard for me to get back to A. I alway thought of the happy days where language subjects will stop hurting my academic achievement. This will be the last year I hope... please let me score an A... I don`t know where is my mistake. Is my grammar that terrible? or I`m not gifted with the ability to write? or maybe for the simple reason that my handwritting is horrible. Thousands and one reasons but no solutions. Some one please help me.. I don`t wanna score A- or B for my english!!

Then it`s physics. Everyone who knew me knows I adored physics. I love physics and anything related to it. THe only quiz I love to participate is quizes related to physics... and proudly I would say I`m pretty good at it last time.. winning quiz that brought me to national level.... But some how, college physics sucks. I dono whether it`s due to the fact that I have sucky lecturer or because I just suck. I never had problem in physics in my sec. school thanks to two great teachers of mine. With them, books are no longer necessary. Frankly, I did any exercise for physics in my sec. school years and I still manage to score one of the highest in school. Now, I couldn`t understand the question even if I refer to the book. One reason is because I never refer to the book before for physics. All of a sudden, I have to use it... it`s like a total stranger to me.. providing little or no help at all... I need a tutor.... and it better be good.

Enough of whinning, it`s back to studying... before that some one wish me bad luck for my exams.... (and for this exam... I need all the luck I can get)


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