yea.... independents day,This year, I have the lamest countdown.. it wasn`t even a countdown to be exact... Frankly I don`t really care.. I`m not that patriotic. Went to a concert call cries for independant organized by MMUmusic... It`s a total failure.. The event was delayed 1 and a half hour, even thing was sucky, last minutes... arrhh... it sux. There is only a few good bands that made keeps me from thinking I just made the biggest mistake in my life spending my merdeka eve in the main hall...

I`m assigned to be the photographer this time.. and of all the time, the camera`s battery holder broke while some one trying to change the battery.. sigh.. It`s all my fault, shouldn`t let anyone touch the cam.. I`m dead.. what am I going to do.. it`s SPB`s only cam.. without it.. the club is dead.. oh no!!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Yeap, I watch another movie.. again... It`s much a nicer movie compare to yesterday. Seriously. Super funny... Trust me, you won`t regret watching :) So another day at mid valley and I have to head back to malacca. Took me another 5 hours to arrive cuz some stupid bus got delayed... (not to mention they hype up the price like mad cuz there were no more tickets around)

So back in malacca, everything goes on normally.. me playing dota, sleeping in class.. but today, as of monday, quite a few things happened.... Woke up late as usual, went to precalculus class half an hour late... interestingly, pre-cal class ended early for the first time... all thanks to a faulty projector. The physics lab was a nightmare... we get unexpected results but who cares.. don`t really care. It`s bullshit anyway... Experimental results are crap.. they are never accurate... they are the values we want them to be.. ... just plain crap...

Went home afterwards.. Skip english class cuz it`s too tired.... slept till about 4 then go back to school to pass up my assignment. Night time, my eic say wanna talk to me... so he brought me to an isolated place and start speaking. He mentioned that the publisher and the secretary have kept an eye over me and adelene and are getting really annoyed cuz we were being to intimate in meetings and working hours... I nodded but the truth is, I`m damm annoyed with that statement.. For one thing, I and adelene are not in the same department, how in the world we can be together in meeting... and besides... can`t really don anything with ppl around... there are like 5-6 other couples in the room and I don`t think I`m doing anything worst than them. Then he mention another news. I was promoted to become head of content.. honestly... I`m not really looking forward to it.(partially because I have no mood today). Oh well.. since I`m already commited to this club.. might as well take it and do my best...

Yea... one reason why my mood is screwed up today is because of 2 academic subject.. One is physics lab and the other in english.. It seems that our physics lab report doesn`t have sufficient information and the teacher didn`t tell us about it... All he say is you report is complete.. so fast up.. but his defination of complete is passing marks.. which is 50%. I don`t want that damm 50%... I want at least 80%!! Stupid lecturer.. I would have put in extra information if he says it`s needed to score well... Next stupid subject, english. I scored an A- for it. A- may seems not bad but for the simple paper, I never expect I could get a -. It didn`t even contain an essay... Imagine finals..... I`m going to screwed up.. they goes my dream of getting 4 flat...

sigh... looks like academic goals are not impossible.. might as well relax and enjoy.... don`t want to study anymore...... life sux.

The maid

Went out with my ex school classmates.. It`s been so long since we went out together... pretty nice to catch up with them what`s going on.. especially from Aqtar.. He has so much to tell... about his college, about all his smart ass ppl.. (not suprising cuz his college mainly consist of scholarship students.) Judging by his standard, I find that my english is not up to par. Well, have to admit that I`m not that good with languages.... I`m constantly using improper gramer in my speech and essay especially... not to mention tonnes of spelling mistake.. how I wish there is spell check on my test paper.

Anyway, back to our outing. Went to mid valley and watch the maid. Pretty interesting story. I appreciatte movies with proper story line rather than plain spooky. Hate movies that leave the audience wondering what the hell happened. I`m not revealing any spoiler. Overrall it`s quite a good movie to watch, considering there is no better movies around this time.

Everything was fine up until now. Things become so crop up that I don`t feel like explaining. Arrhh.. just feels like whinning. Wish I could have someone to talk too......

Dota frenzy

Yesterday and today, I`m been dotaing... spend 15 bucks on cafe just on dota.. spooky.... but it`s been really nice though :) hehehe. Apart from dotaing, I`m actually sick.. in fact, half the ppl I know is sick... I could hardly count!!! I dono what happen, maybe there is some super virus spreading around. One by one is getting sick with flu, fever, sore throat etc etc...

Pls pls : may everybody heal fast.. I got exam next week.. sob sob


It`s finally here. Malacca`s o2jam first gathering.... and since I`m studying at Malacca, no way I`m missing it out.... the only problem is I dono where the hell is the location... It` s located in some place called Jalan Semabuk. According to sources, Semabuk is a very kampung place... and it`s quite a distant. Lene came over and brought her car along. I drove there with her to Semabuk. Super kampung type of place... bricks building are like rare!!! And after 15 minutes finding in Semabuk, I can`t find one Cyber Cafe... hmmmmm..

So we decided to go on Jalan Semabuk hoping we`ll come across the cafe somewhere somehow. After 15 minutes drive, we nearly reach town center and realised that we`re still in Jalan Semabuk.... damm freaking long road!! From a kampung to town... the same road all the way.. and right before Jalan Semabuk ends, walah!! the cafe appears..

Had a pathetic lunch of lo mai kai and a few siew mai... cuz there were no food stall along.. Thankfullly in the fiesta, there is loads of nice karipaps :) yum yum. I played all the songs which I have play b4 because on that gathering, organizers allow us to play all the songs for free.. cool :)

Hmmm..good news or bad..

Upon stepping in SPR, (a room which I usually hang out in school) I was super realieve.. Yes.. the aircon is back. Finallly!! after 2 weeks... half a month without aircon.. However, my pc network is still down.... damm. So after a major testing and fixing... the 'technician' ( ppl around spr) concluded that my pc card screwed up. So I boought a new pc card and install it.. but upon installing, another friends said, eh I think I know what`s ur old problem, and he fix it in a few clicks.... after 1 week!!!!! and I wasted my new pc card... arrhhH!!!!!

A happy and sad day.

Yes it is. It`s been long since I blog and finally I`m able to do so. Tuesday been a great day and Wednesday have been the totaly opposite. Tuesday I manage to study in the morning. An one hour physics.. First time since ever!! Physics!!! Then lene secretly buy me secret recipe chesscake.... something that supirse me cuz she herself hate cheesecake. After sigma meeting at night, I went dota until 2 am :) It`s been rewarding cuz I coach 10 ppl at one time.. not really coaching but giving pointers. I`m happy even though my team lost cuz my oppenant team manage work together as a team.

As of wednesday, everything doesnt went the way it use to be. I started of my day waking up at 7.30 where I`ve already decided to skip that 8 o clock class.. but since I can`t get back to sleep even though I`m dead tired cuz I slept at 3am, I decided to go :) To my suprise, I reach to school and found out that class was postpond because my teacher is sick. !! arh... I`m not even suppose to be there. The next tradegy that happen to me was during the voices trainning. I offer myself to go on a debate for some reasons that I can`t figure out. As a result, I screwed up pretty badly cuz my heart doesn`t personally support the motion. I`m out of words and being nervous without me realising it. Wei Chein then ask me to go for supper. I initially decline it because I want to revise my physics, but at the same time I`m dead thirsty. So if they are going to 'surau' , a store with excelent fruit juice, I`ll sacrifice my studies and go. And coincidentally, they decided to go there. However I ordered my drink and it didn`t came for 1 hour despite my complains for a few time. Arhhh... I quickly go home and sleep to cool myself down...

Week 8 of academic year

Week 8 already.. so fast. Teacher announce the percentage of abseentess. Standard ruling for most uni and colleges are if you miss more than 25% of the total academic hours, you`re barred from exam. In other words, you mustr achieve a minimum of 75% attendance. I`m suprise that there is some one who actually miss 75 % of the class.. hahahahaha... super barred!!.... oh well.. not too late.. if they start attending every single class from now onwards.. they can still make it for the exam.

Mid term paper for english sucks. After that paper on saturday, I rushed to kl to attend o2 gathering at Caveline`s house in bukit permai. Super nice house. Not relatively big but it`s really nice. Had bbq and steamboat. Ofcuz the food is nth compare to the all-you-can-eat steamboat which I had on friday night (which cost me rm16..cry..cry), but the company of friends is nice. Met a lot of new friends. Guild members which I haven`t met before.

Went to yamcha with them after the bbq. Finally decided to go home at 3am. Mom was suprise that I came knocking at the door so early in the morning. Hahaha.. i never told them I`m coming home. :P :P. Oh well... suprise suprise :)

Convo Nite 05

MMU convocation year 05 ends on Sunday night. Highlight of the event? Convo night. I would say that today is one happy day that I never enjoyed for a very very long time. Everything went well, everthing is done, it`s just perfect :)

The day started of with me waking up around 9.30. Prepare to go to church but went to Uni first and met Lene there. Then later on went to church till 12 pm then head back to uni and help a little in my school`s year book sales (again). Then went for lunch at Shakeys. Never ate pizza for so long. Yum Yum.. Nice :) Spend the afternoon with Lene then night time went to convo night after a superb dinner at wind mill. Tasted ostrict meat for the first time. :P

Convo nite was so-so but it was enjoyable since I get to spend the night with Lene. :) duh!! Then after I wrote a report for the convo night because the reporter covering the event didn`t show up. So I`ve to take over. Took me one over hour to write and I think the report sucks.. oh well.. I`m a lousy writer anyway......... (but yet.. ppl still read my blog.. wakakakaka)

Malacca is so much fun

Went back malacca on Thursday, with a stupid bus from seremban. I took me 9 hours to get back to kajang and another 4 hour to get back to malacca which by right kajang-malacca is just 1 hour journey.. damm I hate public transport. Met up with Ann, Adelene and Dae Ren upon arriving. They pick me up in the bus station... so good :) I just can`t stand going on another bus ride. Went to mp next met up with loads of Adelene`s friend. Then we went ahead and watch Stealth. Hmmm the movie was so-so. Story line was better than expected but the movie still quite average. Some how I become very picky in movies nowadays. Just found that nice movie is hard to find :)

The next day, I help out in my Uni year book sale.. (manage to sell up to rm 2700). Still below my personal expectation. Though can reach 5k.. haahha.. maybe that`s too much. Compare to today, it`s heaven because this morning, another team only manage to sell rm 135.. Well, not to blame them, there is some sad factors involve because most of the ppl are in convo session in Dewan Seri Negeri and today`s crowd are all from Cyber. Nothing to do with Malacca`s year book. :(

Hope tomorrow sales will be better.. still got 100+ more books to sell :(

A worthwhile trip back to Kajang

For once, I`m thankful that I came back to Kajang for such a long time. Not so much as I miss my family (hey, I miss them ok, but just a little :P ) But there is a lot of things to do. I have to help my mother to clear up a room for her busuiness. She`s planning to open some sort of chain store for liqua health company. I never trust her ability and luck in business... but since she so eager to try, I might as well support her. She`s been pretty unlucky with her carreer... maybe things will change.. (for the better). My sis is curently bugging me for money for he stupid jogathan.. sigh.. 10 bucks!! no money d :( super poor... Some mroe I bought wires for my house for the telephone lines since my mom wanna use the computer. So I have to relocate my pc from my room and pull another line to my new location for my streamyx modem. Phew.. tiring. Good at least I settle everything before I leave. Everything is done.. I`m free to leave. malacca.. here i come!

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