Things that I like and dislike :P

I know this seems to be a lame topic.. but somehow, loads of event happening everyday and I can`t seems to find the time to blog every events that had happened to me... Anyway, it seems pretty good to sit down and think what I like and dislike as of the end of July 2005

I like ais-cream.
I like chicken and any food that is associate with it :p
I like herbal tea (any kind of it)
I like western food
I like o2 jam
I like DotA
I like someone, (yes i do and I`m not telling who)
I like my computer. (duh.. anyone doesn`t noes that?)
I like my new bunch of friends.
I like to online
I like piano
I like singing
I like acting like a child
I like phylosophies
I like theories
I like world issues
I like sleeping like a pig
I like cold weather
I like beautiful things
I like soft toys or anything that is soft :P
I like speeding and do crazy stunts
I like smiling and laughing
I like sitting at the first row in every lecture
I like God very much
I like watching malcom in the middle
I like animes too :P
and I really like what I like.... hahahaha

I dislike cold water
I dislike waking up in the morning
I dislike getting injured by crashing my bike
I dislike people who get in the middle of someone`s argument and calling ppl to shut up without reason.
I dislike language classes.
I dislike when activities clashes.
I dislike one of my leader in the one of the clubs I`ve joined
I dislike people who boss around
I dislike having few sens in my pocket and have to survive my day with it.
I dislike writing.
I dislike lecturer who always makes simple thing complicated and confuses the people and at the end confused themself.
I dislike the world and how I couldn`t do much about it yet.
I dislike the fact that I`m lacking in so many factors.
and of course, I really dislike the stuff I dislike. :P


Leen 10:57 PM  

wow! u very free ar? still got time to online and blog so long about likes and dislikes.. :p hehe here i am also la. so much coming up yet i'm not moving an inch to do it. i think i won't pass coll with flying colours..

Sorceress 11:39 PM  

Since you hate writing, why keep a blog?

Anonymous 10:06 AM  

Best regards from NY!
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Anonymous 9:26 AM  

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Anonymous 3:26 PM  

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