Slow internet conection. :(

Another week has past.... more homeworks but completed none. :P I seems to enjoy a lot here. Staying in the students publications room... doing press stuff.. pretty cool you know... you get to interview ppl who is running for the elections (MMU elections). Before I proceed futher, let me explain what the election is all about. Well, in MMU, there is one organization called the Student Representative Counsil. It`s like a students government thingy. Every year, an election will be held and representative gets chosen. It`s very similiar to the real elections. Candidates do their promotions and students vote on the voting day. And just like the real government,candidates makes empty promises and SRC is basically a hopeless organization that sucks MMU`s allowance of 40k a year. The only way a complain will be heard by the Big Guy up there, is when the press complains. That`s one reason why I`m in the Publication Board. (and the management hates us because our complains HAVE to be attended)

Anyway, I would like to know how often that you heard of a motor clashes head on with another motor. Well that what happens to me. On tuesday night, I was riding home happilly and when I almost reach my home, I knock into another motor from the opposite site. I`m not going to explain how it happened but it cost me 3oo bucks to get my motor repaired!! Wanna cry d... Now I have to live will 150 ringgit for the rest of the month.. How am I going to survive? Anybody can provide donation????

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