Once in a blue moon.

You know what family day meant? To me, it meant 8 years of waiting and I`ve finally had a enjoyable family day since 1997. My family decided to visit me here in Malacca. One of the reasons is because they`re worried that I might still be injured due to that freak accident. Secondly, they wanted to bring my little brother to zoo.. poor guy.. never step into the zoo b4... hehe.. killing two birds in one stone.

Since I`m considered local (been here for like a month), I brought them to eat what I consider the famous food in Malacca. In the afternoon, we had our lunch in the famous chicken rice shop where they serve fantastic chicken rice.. yummy... Then, it rained. Shucks... gone were the zoo trip. So they returned to my apartment and my mom doesn some cleaning and laundry for me.. hehehe.. how fortunate.

After an hour or so, the rain stop and we confidently head to the zoo until it rained again.. damm... However, despite the rain, my family (for the first time) brave agaisnt the odds and went into the zoo. It`s kinda fun looking at animals that I`ve never seen b4 such as weird lemurs that looks like a hybrid of monkey and racoon.

As for dinner, I took them to eat Satay Celup. The dinner was quite satisfying :) It wasn`t exactly exelent but at least it`s something new for them to try... And I`m sure all of them enjoyed it.. *i certainly do :P

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