Mid sem break coming soon.

Had my Human development and Pre-calculus has pass.. I didn`t get full marks for pre-cal.. had 14.63/15.00 sigh.. must have done a mistake somewhere... Computer application exam is this wednesday.. Suprisingly, I`m not tense up... I still can go to mp and watch movie, go to beach and take a nice walk.... life is nice actually

Dota and O2 jam have beginning to popularize in the room I`m working in.. hahaha.. super cool... most of them are new to this game, so I`m spending time teaching them.. Become si fu d.. I wonder how`s everyone back there.... I miss playing dota with all my old friends... And this weekend will be my mid sem break.. going to have 1 week.. hehehe.. Watch out kajang!! alex`s back :P

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