Hols, hols!! it`s holidays

Well well... the end of the first mid term of Sem 1. A few exam has pass. Screwed up most of it. It`s relieving to know that we have a one week break from the hectic 8-4 classes. However, given the fact that I`ve loads of assignment to do and I won`t get to see Lene for more than 1 week, some how holidays just doesn`t sounds nice.

To make things worst, I`m sick today. Sore throat, fever. flu, cough... and also terrible stomach ache.. dono why.. Currently stuck in Malacca Sentral`s cybercafe cuz all the bus ticket has sold out.. the nearest time is 8 pm.. so I`ve to wait for 3 hours.. sob sob.... not really that long. but still dislike waiting alone... Can`t wait to sleep on my bed at home!!. yipee :P


Anonymous 11:09 PM  

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