Kinda weird having exams only 6 week after we started our first classes. It`s like we barely learn anything. I`m not really in a studying mood yet... oh well.. pray hard that I`ll survive. This weekend.

There is quite a lot of activitiesn going on around MMU this weekend. One of them, tech time.(a kind of pc fair that held in MMU). Pretty grand though even though it`s not a large scale event. And suprisingly, the price are fairly compatitive in relatif to those in low yat. I`ve finally gotten myself a digital camera. It cost around 400 bucks. Pretty cheap though for a cam that have 6.3 mp, sd memory sloth abd also video recording function. But the best part of it, it`s super slim.. love it so much

In study terms, I`ve burden my self with loads of work. Assignments, presentations, lab reports, and I haven`t finish any tutorials.... someone help me!!


Leen 9:21 PM  

Hey alex...sorry for not blogging lately and for not dropping comments. :) Busy, as usual. Haha now u know college-uni life huh? I've been thru it 7 months la.. by the way, it seems as thou mmu very active only? everytime got so many activities!! That day i opened one of my drawers..and i found all the stuff i still meant to give you lying there. haha.

Anonymous 8:04 PM  

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Anonymous 1:08 PM  

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