Don`t take the word literaly. DICE stands for Dive into your Imagination of Creative Entertainment. It`s a group under the english society which so call promotes the use of english using creative games.. But the truth is, dice is just a clubs for having pure fun... It only uses the `english` excuse to get the approval to exist. ONe of the main games are magic the gathering. A very long establish trading card game which existed aproximately one decade ago or more. So once again, I`m under the spell of Trading Card Game addiction. Last time it was pokemom... sigh*

Another one week of my academic semester pass. Most of my subjects have finish at least 1 chapther. Pre-cal finished 3 already. And despite everythimg, I`m still not studying, nor revising nor did my homework. I slept in class, in fact, not one class I haven`t slept :P. I wonder how will this affect my study.. hmmmm.. hopefully I still can catch up when the examination comes... I`m a last minute guy anyway :P

Alright, let`s see what interesting events that happened this week;

1) Woke up at 9am on teusday morning and realised that class started at 8. oops... went to class anyway.. teacher didn`t realised... did my work quietly and quicly and manage to finish it in time.. no penalty :P
2) I woke up on wednesday morning and found that I didn`t close my window. It rained heavily the night before and my computer, switch box and plugs are all located by the window... Everyhting there is drech with water including my lcd and monitor. Thanksfully my pc is still functioning.
3) Robotics agm on thursday night was better than my expectation. We are called to build a boat out of limited resources and the boat will have to support differents level of weight. My boat drowned the fisrt :( Reason ; 2 stuck up member in my team doesn`t want to follow to my idea...

More to come... to be continued

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

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