God will make a way :)

song ; "God will make a way,
where there seems to be no way,
He works in way we cannot see,
He will make a way for me,
He will be my guide,
Hold me closely to His side......

A very old beautiful song that I use to sing so often but yet don`t really appreciatte it. That was until a few days ago where I knew that He is guilding me every second of the day. On Saturday, I woke up and was in a dilemma whether to accept the invitation from nick to go mid-valley tp watch moviet. I would usually agree but then he`s going with his gf and I don`t want to be a light bulb. However, for some strage reasons I went to ktm, and how luckly.. I found 2 of my ex-classmates going to watch movie also. You see... things did turn out well :).

Then at night, I got a sudden invitation to go to my cousin birthday party. Again I`m in a state of confusion because I thought of going out to play DotA with my friends.. I did`nt manage to reject the invitation as my friends already reach at my door step to pick me up. Without thinking much, I went with them. Closed to 9 at the party, one of my friends have to go home because he have to attend his uncle`s party, and I manage to tumpang his car home... and the nigtht went out well with me playihng dota with my friends and then went to Kian Liangs house to play pool.

The next morning, I went to church, taking the lord for everything and had a nice breakfast with my family. Then came another problem, how am I going to go back to Malacca. Hmmmmmm.... I have 3 options. Take a bus to pudu and from there take a bus to malacca. Or, take a train to seremban. Walk from the train station to bus terminal and take a bus to Malacca. Or last option, go wait by the bangi told and my friend from kl will pick me up on the way to malacca.

Hmmm... while thinking, I actually fell asleep. Then I was awakaen by a call. My friends call me to join them to go to an orchard in mantin to eat durians. Since Mantin is relatively near to Seremban, I agreed. My initial plan was to take a bus from mantin to seremban then from seremban to malacca. However, it was quite late when everything ends and my friend mom decided to send me there instead. No need take bus :P

However, I arrive at seremban 15 minutes too late.. the last bus had left at 7.30 pm.. ouch... but yet I knew everything will turn out well :) I went around and a counter called up to confirm for an extra bus service.. and luckly enough, the bus came. I arrive at malaccca late.. but still safe and sound... God will make a way.... lala~

I`m back!!!

Aloha everyone.. I`m back in Kajang.. not for long.. The only reason that I travel 180 km all the way from malacca to kajang is because my parents force me too.. They say I forget about home and etc etc etc.. sigh* so no choice.. I`ve to sacrifice my malacca tour (which I`ve already paid) and also my sketch practice. Anyway, I rather skip this and come back this week than come back next week because I have meeting next week which is way important than a tour. What to do :(

Anyway, since I`m at home d, I finally resolve the problem that have been running in my mind for the pass few days. I`ve decided to stay in MMU... hooray.. reason? loads of them. Lazy to name them all.. besides.. I love MMU-malacca.. it`s feels like home there. Enjoying a lot there.. Enjoy until no time to blog. hahahaha.. Probably this blog one day will come to an end.......

Happiness doesn`t last forever.

It`s been half a month since I`ve been to Malacca.. Life here is superb and fantastic.. I met a lot of new people.. attended tranning camps.. taking up responsibility.. bonding friendships in groups... hanging out a round malacca.. watching movies... praying together.... everything have just been great.. In fact.. I was so bz enjoying I don`t even have time to blog.. notice that I haven`t blog in a while...

Met great friends.. also found so not so friendly friends... all kind of ppl... humble and conceited... Learn a lot of things and experience a lot here... Felt like that is so much more to offer here in MMU... Then all of a sudden, a phone called from my family.. They told me that I`ve been accepted in UTM.. one of the leading technology uni in Malaysia.. Now I`m totally in dillemma.. Am I going to let go everything here? how can I possibly do that.. what should I do??

Yipee!! class starts..

After 7 long months of totaly classless environment, it`s back to school once again. I was quite excited at first but somehow, today was quite dissapointing. Woke up at 7.15 am and it was raining. Gosh, it was so nice to go back to sleep (which i did :P ). 7.24 am (9 minutes after cuz my alarm rang again.. rings every 9 minutes if i snoop it) , woke up and it was still raining. Went back to sleep and alarm rang for the 3rd time.. no choice but to wake up... It`s still raining. I quickly put on my windbreaker and walk out to campus cuz class starting at 8.

First class of the day, pre-calculus for engineering. We had one of the best teachers for pre-cal. Lessons were quite interesting even though it`s on a boring chapter where it explains what is whole number, rational numbers and so on.. Next, physics lab 1. Went to class.. got a terrible physics teacher.. ( don`t know how I`m going to survive thorougout this year) and he told us for physics lab there won`t be classes for the next 2 weeks. and he let us ooff after that.. class suppose to end at 1 pm but he lets us go at 11am.. I don`t know it`s a good thing or bad. The good side is I get to skip a boring lesson. The bad part is that we`re paying few hundreds bucks for nothing.

Then we have english class where it was another boring class. We elected our class represensitf who nick name is botak... lol.. funny guy and class ended in one hour (which is suppose to last for 2 hours). Proof that MMU teachers are all lazy and money making.... hmmmm... we`ll see how it goes later.

Orientation :)

Orientation was pretty fun and boring at the same time.. I mean during the speechs were quite boring but the activities was fun.. The peak of the orientation is the orientation night.. It was a blast seriously... teams cheering, defending and attacking other teams... it was a war of voices... everyone in the main hall were filled with fire as performers from each group (yellow, red, blue and green) give it their best shot with their teams showing off thier group cheer. The orientation night ended at 12.00 am but the students wouldn`t want to go home. It was until 12.30 am the orientation commitee (OC) plead the students to go home and the party ended.

Tonight I went to the beach in Malacca to have dinner with the seniors... One whole group went. Had a superd dinner and we went walking by the beach. Evryone was nicely chating until the seniors become crazy and start bullying each other. First they hide Marks slipers and burried under the sand. But the problem is.. they don`t know where they burried it and requested for everyone to find that missing sliper.. hahahaha.... Eventually I found it and start throwing the slipers to other seniors... Then a few of us start grabing some `not so big size` seniors to the sea.. lol..... I`m the only first year that is crazy enough to join the seniors to play along... it was until then when i heard the seniors says let`s throw the alpha student (first years) to the sea and i began to run away.. lol....

Anyway.. We head back to our home at around midnight. I reach my apartment and found out my phone is missing.. shit!! I might have left it on the beach when playing like crazy just now.... I made more than 10 calls to my phone but no one pick it up.. was worried sick... However, I manage to get the seniors number and he check his car and found it there... what a relieve.. can sleep in peace :)

Aloha Malacca!! Alex is here!!

After a long wait.. I`m finally here at malaca... It`s been 3 days since I last get to online... Loads of things happens.. I`ll start from Saturday, which was the day before I leave for my Uni.
I woke up at 7 am and went to market to get the food for the class reunion party that night. Grace joined me and we shop at 3 places. Kajang market, CCK and sg chua`s market. After that I went home and manage to online for like 15 minutes b4 I went for time square. I went there with Jamie and her sis and her sis`s friends (cuz that`s the only means of transport). Anyway.. went to ts and we were like 1 hour late. However upon reaching there.. only Tyng was early.. He reach there at 11.45 while we reach at 1 pm and our `leader` reach at 2.30 pm.. badly hell.. anyway.. we just walk around TS, Sg wang, and low yat plaza and then I`ve to get back to Kajang to organize the class reunion party. The party went smoothly with most of the active member in the class present. It was a nice reunion.. classmates catching up which each other... It was sad though that many of those quiet ones couldn`t make it for some reasons. After the class party, I went to Inferno witht the rest of the ppl to play Dota. And I`m suppose to meet leen cuz she`ve to pass me something. I was like waiting for her to call me and I didn`t hear my ring tone.. then at 12 am I wanted to call her and when I try to take out my phone from pockect but it wasn`t there. I ran back to my car and found my phone here with 21 miss call from her.. OMG damm.. she was there but she didn`t go in and find me cuz her parents don`t allow i think.. So she waitied for me outside for like 30 minutes and she went back. Gosh.. felt so guilty... I should have waited outside the cafe for her....

That was a very bad ending for the last day in Kajang. So on Sunday morning, I went to church at met up with the rest of my church friends.. say good bye and off to MMU for registration. I arrive there pretty late... There were no queue and only one facilatator left. Hahaha.. the whole uni looks so empty.. I think I`m one of the last few who register that day. I met up with Aaron there and after that we head on to our apartment. We got a unit located at the 7th floor. cooling and not facing the sun :) However when we first open the door.. the room was filthy. My mom quickly mop the apartment and clean it while I set up my pc (hahahaha.. obviously). I couldn`t connect to the internet cuz haven`t register with the main server. And god knows how I survive the day without internet.

Anyway, I was still alive as of Monday. I slept to the max as there is nth I can do. I woke up at 12 pm. Then cook maggee mee and eat. After that I settle my connection and manage to get online but the firewalled my O2jam game.. So I spend the rest of the day complaining to the main server comittee b4 going to MMU at 3pm for my orientation program.. Orientation sux to the max and it was so bored.. what a waste of time.. Hope it will be better tomorrow.... At night.. the last member of my aparment arrive.. We have 6 in total... and all from different states. I`m from Selangor, Aaron from Sarawak, Chin from Penang, David from Pahang, kin ho from Johor, and Kevin from err I forget.. hehehehehe... Cheers for the new life in MMU (food suxs.)

Been a bz week :)

These few days have been extremly bz. Having problem dividing my time between spending time with my family, friends, packing up, getting my new pc, organize my class reunion and helping my sis to be independant enough to handle simple operations on the pc. On wednesday, I went out with my church friends including Father Julian to watch Madagascar... quite funny la.. but not my type of movie.. hehehe

On thursday, I spend the whole day at home doing nth... but manage to pack my cloths and went to pub at night with my father and my uncle who came back from singapore. Played pool with my father for the first time... he was the champion in brother`s pub back in the 2001 and was the runners-up for the cheras competition.

I can only win him if he give me handicap by playing one hand.. hahaha. so funny.... well. i`ll train hard and make sure I win him after I come back from Malacca.. then go and take over his throne of pool champion.. wakkakakaka (day dreaming).

Anyway.. as of friday, I went to my aunts place at sj to eat lunch. Then drop my uncle at sentral, say bye bye and then off to low yat to get my new pc!.. have a few problem crop up there which I`m too lazy to elaborate.. let`s just say it`s all fine in the end even though it took us 4 hours to settle it.. Phews.. been a bz week.. but yet it`s been great :)

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