The Witness!!

Finally after months of effort on the choir and the time spend.. it`s the time of performance.... The night is finaaly here... The highlight of the golden jubilee youth`s festival, THE YOUTH CONCERT!!!! *crowd cheers. Do you believe that God have a plan for everyone.. I seriously do.

6 months ago, when SPM has over, everybody was bz thinking which college to go. I myself have a few offers from colleges who had offered me scholarships. But somehow, I`ve declined them all... Some people say i`m stupid etc etc.. However, I believe that there is something more in the months to come :)

True enough, 2 months ago, I got introduce the be a participant in the witness, one of the main event in the youth concert. Then from a participant, I became the pianist and then caught up with the main comiitee events meeting. All the sudden I`m become part of the golden jubilee. And my life revolve in it.

After much planning, the day arrive and the concert was a blast..... The Witness have been sucessfully and welled performs. Not perfect.... yes I have to admit that, but it was well done. There is a few bloopers though that I can mention with can provide you all with a good laugh.

Blooper #1 - for the song *make me like you* - The leads singer accidentally lose control of his voice and eventually sang a higher tone than the girls!! And the pianist (which happens to be me) got too caught up with his playing until he forget where he is and he was stun for 2 bars before countinuing ( luckly i was told that no much ppl notice that.. :P )

Blooper # 2 - for the song *life giver* - The pianist (yes me again) got a wrong cue wrong the conductor and started the song before everyone got on stage.... The conductor nearly fainted but eventually thinks work out well some how......*praise the lord.

Blooper # 3 - for the song cruxifiction dirge* - the lead actor who is playing Jesus, made a U-turn before the lights went out. It`s like he suddenly become strong again after being whip and crucified.. lol... and, the person who is using 2 hammers to make the sounds of nails being nailed to jesus hands misses the knock and nearly got into the cymbals of the drum. Imagine Jesus being wack by a cymbal....

All these silly mistake are not really noticible unless you are part of the crew. A meeting was held right after the performance to evaluate the quality of it. And all the elders gave 2 thumbs up! Well done guys!!!


Leen 12:27 PM  

Ooohh the concert. hehe no wonder on saturday i drove past ur church i saw so many people.. got guards all. Then i was wondering, what occasion la so many people. *hehe* Nvm, at least u r done with it now. Hey when u leaving har? And congrats for the concert even though there were bloopers. No one's perfect yeah. :)

Sparks 1:11 PM  

A performance is never perfect without its errs.

Still it was funny getting to know about the bloops at the concert :)
(the story bout the choir master is quite funny,I must say)

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