Tired Tired!!

This weekend is definitely tiring but yet fun :) Friday night I was grumbling and whining cuz I can`t join the rest to play dota due to choir practice.. It`s musicians night. sigh* However, after choir practice, I and a few of the musicians went out at play instead. hahaha.. at 2am. I felt guilty though cues I didn`t fetch sophia back. I made her call her fiancee to fetch her instead... Thousands apologies Sophia. Anyway, we went playing and it`s pretty cool even though I lost the match. Finish everything at 5am and eventually reach home at 5.30.. lol.. and guess what.. my sis is awake... wait.. more appropriately, just woke up. hahaha :) She have exams. pity pity.. I kinda forget how it feels like to be stress out by exams.. sigh. I just miss those times :

Well.. Saturday was quite peaceful... went out to play game in the afternoon and stay at home at night.. for once I`m at home during night time :). Slept at 2am and woke up at 7am to go to church.
Gosh.. I was dead sleepy.. and my pimple all sprouting like mushroom... damm... anyway.. still went ahead and go to church.. thought of sleeping after church. Then when I reach church, I realized that I have committee meeting for the youth camp at 12... The meeting was stressful cues we`re facing a crisis.. the cost is too expensive.( I can`t disclose the amount.. p&c). we have no idea how to cut down the cost d... probably we`ll change a venue.. see how then.

After that pathetic meeting, I reach home and though of sleeping, that was until I have to leave to St Anthony`s church at pudu for my concert rehearsal.. sigh*. And worst of all.. they don`t have a piano there.. I played using a keyboard.. Terrible.. try experience it yourself.. play a classical song on a keyboard. The choir finally done after 4 hours. With so much of repeating and errors. and it`s supposed to be the last practice d... performance in exactly 1 week!!!..

So, imediately after I finish this choir, I rush back to kajang church to attend my church choir.. gosh. I got to be crazy... Well.. it was must relaxing there. cues I`m not the pianist.. no stress.. hahaha. just sing.. it was cool.. I really enjoy singing.. rather sing than play instruments. And now.. I`m dead tired... zzzzzzzzzzzz *Alex fell asleep.


Anonymous 12:44 AM  

so evilllll!...u didnt send sophia home? was nite sumore?

Leen 7:59 PM  

go sleep la then! :Þ aiyoh ur life so busy. always singing. my life...so busy, always driving up down and "studying". *blehhhhh*

Tracie 8:25 AM  

And mine..tsk tsk..always walking.hahaha..

Anonymous 6:14 PM  

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