Time Machine!!

Have you ever wonder what`s time is all about. How it can be so untoucheble and unchangeble. Time is something that facinates all of us. It`s always too much when you don`t need it, and it`s never enough when you need it. What is time? Does it comes across ur mind that instead time is tickling away, it is you who instead goes throught time.

Am I confusing all of you? I hope I don`t.. wait till you hear all the teory related to time from how gravitiy and electromagnetic wawes manage to influences time. Well i`m not going to yack all of them here. cuz i don`t fully understand my self.. It have always been a dream for me to engineer time.. yeah.. time engineering.... I want to manipulate time. Not so much to change the past, but to infact understand more about how it might help the mankind.. imagine saving the world from a major castrophy... giving alarms days before earthquakes and tsunami happens.. etc etc...

Anyway, speaking of the pass, recently I`m really miss last year.. I don`t know why year 2004 was so significant to me.. but everytime i close my eyes i began to think back bout the pass... well.. guess I`ve to move on!! time`s tickling, or rather, we`re walking throught time. *even though we`re sitting down.. wakakaka)

speacial note to leen & tracie : yes i do miss sitting beside and opposite both of you.. hahahaa. always get loads of sweets and chocs from you all!!!


Tracie 7:40 PM  
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Tracie 7:43 PM  

Awww...tear.hahaha..don't la.start talking about last year only I get all teary-eyed.I miss last year so much..it was a significant year wasn't it?I want to go back to last yearrr..*wails*

p/s> talk somemore la alex..miss lee will make you sit on the stairs..mwahaha..

pp/s> don't even get started on electromagnetic thingies crap..ugh..bad memories.hehe

Leen 10:14 PM  

:) Ehehe see how good we treat you huh? got free sweets and choc. remember the time u always eat our m & m's? the mini ones.. and our horlicks! :Þ Anyway, been such a memorable year, perhaps the best time in my school life ok! *sigh* Miss it soo much but then i hated the exams and stuff.. Aiyoh like in miss lee we used to make so much of noise back there.. The time i banged my head on her staircase. Got concussion i tell you!! Hehe anyway i got mid year exam starting tmrw. Sucks! And... physics/science=sucks. *yay*

ps:note to trace. my email please!

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