School time memories :)

I got this surver from friendster.. pretty funny when u get to read this survey posted by someone else.. hope u guys will enjoy too... and don`t ask who`s my crush is, i think most of u already know it and for those who doesn`t... i won`t bother answering.. so.. zipped it.

kindergarten (1)
What were you like: small, round and cute. :P
Who was your teacher: don`t care at that point of time.
Who was your best friend: don`t remember the name.. hahaha.. used to call him tai lo. that`s all i can remember.
Some random memory: got cheated by teacher by saying that who ever finish their work can go play ground. (teacher lied)

kindergarten (2)
What were you like: stil round.. probably squarer a bit
Who was your teacher: still doesn`t care. teacher always tipu budak kecil.
Who was your best friend: i think i became the tai lo. haha .so everybody`s my best friend. lol..
Some random memory: jumping inside one small swimming pull while tripping eveyone who`s in the pool with me. :P

Standard 1
What were you like: a boy with short pants and white shirt. eyeer*
Who was your teacher: ms chai
Who was your best friend: not in school. it`s my neighbour. named jason.
Who did you have a crush on: hello?? only standard 1!!
Some random memory: I got no 15 in class?? what the heck!! &*&%$*(%*($

Standard Two
What were you like: super playful.. can jump around the school nonstop.. lol
Who was your teacher: pn Aishah
Who was your best friend: still the same neighbour
Who did you have a crush on: didn`t noe the meaning of crush yet.
Some random memory: see who`s aeroplane flys longer. (i won :p )

> Standard 3
What were you like: young and wild.
Who was your teacher: pn tan! (sounds like pondan. wakaka)
Who was your best friend: still the same guy.
Who did you have a crush on: lazy to answer. no crush until form 3
Some random memory: asking the examiner for answers during pts exam. lol

Standard 4
What were you like: hyper active.
Who was your teacher: one malay guy teacher. super cool :
Who was your best friend: none. that guy shifted away. lol
Who did you have a crush on: i`ll skip this ques till form 3. haha :)
Some random memory: bully a trainee teacher until she cried and refuse to teach. aiks*

Standard 5
What were you like: growing sideways.
Who was your teacher: miss clara
Who was your best friend: no best friend ever since. so i`ll cancel this question too :)
Some random memory: trying to memorize the script 4
choral speaking.

Standard 6
What were you like: super fat. god knows why i eat so much.
Who was your teacher: pn norita. maths worst than the mine at that time.
Some random memory: jumping up and down when i got straight A s for upsr :)

Form 1
What were you like: short and fat. seriously.
What was your favorite class: maths. don`t like the teacher.. too strict.
Some random memory: heliping my friend to sort out his class cuz teacher miss placed him from the first classed to the 3rd.

Form 2
What were you like: stop growing sideways. a little bit taller.
What was your favorite class: hate all the classes.
Some random memory: fix other ppl`s kh project but can`t assemble mine. dono why it`s not working. :(

Form 3
What were you like: haha.. thin and tall (cuz felt sick on one occasion. lost 10kg)
What was your favorite class: geo. cuz no teacher at all.
Who did you have a crush on: one gal i met from ice skating class.
Some random memory: kacau everybody that studies for their pmr.. i.e : take away their books. etc etc.

Form 4
What were u like: much taller!! yipee! 170 at the age of 16!!
What was your favourite class: physics! fav sub.
Who did u have a crush on: hmmm.. dono can consider or not... better not say anything.
Random memories: puting all the weirdest answer for bio exam. example, makan berkhasiat- gula-gula, m&m. etc etc.

Form 5
What were u like: i`m still 170. what the! how come!!
Whats ur favourite class: none. i sleep in every class
Who do u have a crush on: someone from a school nearby.
Random memories : last year in school. loads of memories.. but the happiest would be the days i represented Selangor for the national science quiz in Sarawak.. everything`s free!! buffet every meal.. yum yum :)

-the end-


Leen 1:29 PM  

Memories? *wow* That's pretty long huh? Anyway, let me see, thinking back RIGHT now, the happiest times of my life back in school would be when i was in form 5, last year. So much of fun, from school, to excel to miss lee..even st john!

Anonymous 8:01 PM  

whos ur crush? whos it? whos it? :D

Alex 11:43 PM  

yea.. i miss form 5 a lot.. miss lee`s class especilly :) really felt like turning back the time back to form 5.. just the horror of spm.. sigh..

p:s. won`t say anything about my past :)

Leen 7:58 PM  

EHEHEHE. i know u miss sitting next to me. right? :Þ "our zi mui". ahahahaha~ aiyor everything was fun back in form 5 except studying and exams lah. even in excel.. talk talk talk until mr poon also fed up. ;)

Tracie 8:22 AM  

mwahaha..and i know you miss sitting opposite me right? :P you were so lost you know..
I kinda only remember myself dozing off while mr poon yaks and yaks.hehe..not to mention coffee and the ammount of sweets we consumed.:P

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