The poorest week!!

Every year about this time, I`m dead poor. You know why, first of all, it`s first of the months... means bills to settle, tuition fees to pay (but that`s last year.. hehehe). And the thingy is... 3 persons birthday all in a week... So I`ll wish all of you happy birthday today and just scrap of all the presents.. haha ( i wish )

First of all, It`s Rueban`s bday on the 3rd, Nick`s on the 4th and Jon`s on the 5th. Oh ya, mother`s day this year is on the 8th. Then it`s Sophia`s bday on the 12th, my grandma`s bday on the 18th , then I noe of 3 persons birthday on the 22nd!!!! What`s so nice with May.. all must born at this time.. lol

By the way, I need some help on what I should get for my mom on mother`s day and wht presents formy grandmother.. it`s so hard buying presents.. headache headache.... wish I`m Malaka d. hahaha.. can escape everything.. :P


Leen 6:00 PM  

i bought my mum a blouse with my spm money. :) see how nice i am! :Þ anyway my mum bought my granda, aka her monster mum in law, almond cookies from m&s. bagi pihak lar.. hehe. maybe u can buy ur grandma something musical? anyway it's the thoughts that count.

Alex 10:43 PM  

haha.. musical? she`s a full time mahjong player la... no more hands on piano keys d... well. i just hav to figure out a way... thanks for the advice though

Tracie 3:54 PM  

wahh...all bought stuff ar? i just sent a card.aahaha..thought that counts.:P
get her a mah jong tile pendant la! she can carry her "love" around..her love for mah jong that is.;)

Alex 8:01 PM  

lol... funny idea you got there

蓝玫瑰Emily 12:55 PM  

"What`s so nice with May.. all must born at this time.. lol"

i just couldn't stop laughing when i read this sentence..wahahhaah ;p

wish all the mummies Happy Mother's day!! ^_^

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