Perfect Weekend

Woke up at 8.00am on sat morning (yawns). Got to rush to kl and reach mid valley by 9 to meet the EX clan and go to the O2jam gathering together.(won`t decribe what happened there cuz most of the people I know never even heard of O2jam. Spend the whole day there and only back at kajang at 8. Then kian liang called me to go dota at 8.30 :) Played 2 hours at the cafe and reach home at 12.

This morning woke up at 8.00 again.. *yawns.. again lol. Went to church, then went to yu hua for some carnival held by persatuan kanak-kanak i think... dono la.. it`s just some donation carnival where the food sux and freaking expensive.... rm7 for one nasi lemak, rm 3 for one cup of drinks, rm 15 for one simple photo frame.. etc etc...

After that stupid carnival, Xavier, Rueban, Angelina and Claire came to my house to play monopoly.. lol... It`s been years since I played that game..I really love the game.. hehehehee.. (with that laugh you can assume that I won today`s game.. heheheehe...) And at night, I went back to church for choir practice (last choir practice.. sad sad ) and I kena bully by a few girls for keep on pulling my hair and kick my slipers away.. Well.. that`s it for this weekend.. let`s see what will happen for the rest of my last week here in Kajang. :)

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